Chapter 205:

Chapter 205: Second Round. Match Three - Emily vs Papen

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 205: Second Round. Match Three - Emily vs Papen

Narrator: Emily takes on Papen!

Zonbi: Now before you start fighting, the arena will now change to bring in a new form of chaos!

*Some of the tiles on the arena open up and under them are spike traps*

Zonbi: Step on these and a spike will thrust upward! This will make your sword fighting far more interesting!

Papen: No bother to me.

Emily: It will only make it easier to defeat you.

Zonbi: The arena is set so you may now begin!

*Emily and Papen start slashing their swords at each other but they just keep clashing with neither able to get past the other’s defense*

*Papen pulls out a second sword and Emily jumps back to avoid being slashed*

Emily: Sword. Black.

*Emily’s Ability Sword turns black. Emily charges at Papen and does a diagonal slash. Papen dodges it but a black line of black energy just floats in place where Emily swung her sword*

Emily: That floating energy is just as strong as the slash of my sword.

*Papen pulls out two more swords and now all four of his hands have swords*

Papen: I’ll make this quick.

*They charge at each other while avoiding the spike traps*

*They start slashing at each other but Emily has to block mostly because Papen has four swords*

Emily: (Thinking) If he had just one sword, this would be over quickly! He is efficient with four swords and that is making this fight much more difficult! There must be something I can do to get the upper hand! Perhaps I can confuse him! I could try using my Enigmus leg…

*In a pause between slashing, Emily raises up her right leg*

Papen: What the…!?

*Papen is confused by this but he slashes off her leg. Emily takes advantage of the confusion and slashes off one of Papen’s arms*

Papen: Gahh!! You’d sacrifice an entire leg just to cut off one of my arms!?

*Emily smirks*

Emily: Who says I sacrificed it?

*Emily then pushes Papen into the lingering black energy to do more damage and she then kicks him into a spike trap*

*The spike thrusts upwards and stabs Papen*

Papen: Gahh!!!

*The spike retracts and Papen stands up. He has a significant wound from the spike trap. Emily starts hopping over to her leg*

Papen: I don’t see how you can say that is anything but sacrificing your leg! Truly a stupid decision! Now you’re defenseless!

*Papen charges at Emily as she falls over and barely avoids a spike trap*

Papen: You’re dead!!

*Papen slashes all of his swords at once and Emily blocks with her sword*

Emily: Your slashes don’t have much power to them.

Papen: What did you say!?

*Emily smirks*

Emily: At least compared to mine.

*Emily tries to push Papen’s arms to the side and succeeds as a spike trap raises and cuts off one of Papen’s arms, leaving him with two arms left*

Papen: Damn it!!

*Emily then kicks Papen off of her. She grabs her leg and reattaches it*

Emily: I told you I wasn’t sacrificing my leg. My Enigmus leg can be easily reattached.

*Emily stands up*

Emily: You are weak and now you are down to two arms. You know just how weak you are so you attack others while they are down. I will finish you quickly.

Papen: Shut up!!

*They rush towards each other and then start slashing at each other. Papen is not getting in any hits as Emily easily blocks his attacks*

Papen: (Thinking) I can’t hit her!! Even worse, she is getting closer and closer to getting another hit on me!!

*Papen becomes furious*

Papen: Damn you!!!

Emily: Sword! Red!

*Emily’s sword turns red*

Emily: Say goodbye to another arm!

*Emily’s sword breaks through one of Papen’s swords and cuts off another arm*

*Emily drops her sword and dodges a swing from Papen’s last sword. She then continuously punches Papen in the face*

Emily: See the thing is that you’re just not good enough for this tournament!

*She head-butts Papen as she says that*

Emily: You lack any sort of honor or respect!

*She elbows Papen in the gut as she says that*

Emily: I don’t even know how you got through the first round alive!

*Emily uppercuts Papen to the chin as she says that*

Emily: And now you will die!

*Emily thrusts Papen down on a spike trap and the spike thrusts right through his face and out through the back of his head, causing his immediate death*

Zonbi: Emily wins the fight and she did not disappoint by delivering a fantastically gruesome death to Papen!

*The crowd cheers*

Demon: What an amazing finisher!

Zonbi: Papen only had one arm left but that still makes for a perfectly good zombie!

*Zonbi turns Papen into a zombie*

*Emily walks back to her team*

Emily: I had to let out that frustration.

Keith: Well, I was certainly happy. That guy was a major asshole and not someone I would want to drink with.

Zeth: Good job!

Sasha: Now I will fight two of them at the same time.

*Sasha walks towards the arena*

Narrator: Sasha will face two opponents at once. Will she be able to handle it?

Chapter 205 END

To be Continued in Chapter 206: Second Round. Match Four - Sasha vs Dira and Nemuri