Chapter 206:

Chapter 206: Second Round. Match Four - Sasha vs Dira and Nemuri

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 206: Second Round. Match Four - Sasha vs Dira and Nemuri

Narrator: Sasha has decided to take on two opponents at once!

*Sasha walks to the middle of the arena*

Sasha: As I have requested. I want to fight two of you at the same time.

*Maskodon looks at his two remaining teammates and nods. They both go towards the arena. They meet Sasha in the arena. One is a man who has short brown hair and wears brown ragged clothes. His eyes are bloodshot*

Narrator: Team “Mind Bogglers” – Nemuri. Magic Rank – High B-Rank.

*The other one is a man who is a bit short at about 5 feet tall. He has slightly long black hair and has a creepy smile with wide-open eyes. He wears gray pants and a black jacket*

Narrator: Team “Mind Bogglers” – Dira. Magic Rank – High B-Rank.

Nemuri: You made a bad mistake fighting us 2 on 1.

Dira: Yes, we fight well together. Hehe.

Sasha: I don’t care. My power is beyond yours.

*Sasha smiles sadistically*

Sasha: Watch yourself or I might end up carving out your insides and then feeding them to my Hellhounds.

Dira: Oh look, we are being underestimated again, aren’t we, Nemuri? Hehe.

Nemuri: Indeed, we are, Dira.

Zonbi: Let’s mix things up!

*Upward winds blow from the titles of the arena, some open up and small bombs flow upwards*

Zonbi: Your fight might feel a little light weight! And it looks like the bombs are back so certainly watch for those! You may begin!

*Sasha charges her dark magic. Dira puts a pill in his mouth and swallows. Nemuri opens his bloodshot eyes wide and his power charges up. They all jump up to the point where they are floating from the upward winds*

*Nemuri launches himself toward Sasha. Sasha dodges and then she kicks him away*

*Dira approaches from behind and grabs her by the neck*

Dira: I got you!

*He forms a magic knife on one of his hands*

Dira: Time to die!

*He is about to stab Sasha but he is pulled down by a large black demonic eel coming out of the titles that Sasha had secretly summoned*

*Nemuri flies in quickly and punches Sasha in the face. He then kicks her into a bomb floating upwards which causes it to explode. The explosion does some damage to Sasha*

*Nemuri is behind her and puts his hands together and slams them into Sasha’s back which sends her down into the arena*

Nemuri: That’s just the beginning!

*Dira breaks free of the eel and the eel then vanishes. Dira then swallows another pill*

Dira: How about this!?

*He flies down towards Sasha*

Dira: Fire Whirl!

*Dira thrusts his arms forward and a wave of spinning fire is released*

*Sasha stands up and looks at the fire with a very angry face and holds out her hands with a lot of magic charged in them*

Sasha: This is nothing!

*She puts her hands against the fire and stops it*

Dira: What!?

*Nemuri starts flying towards Sasha from the side and Sasha turns one eye towards him and her Dark Divine Eye shows murderous intent*

Sasha: Don’t think I forgot about you.

*Sasha gains control of the fire and throws it and some of her own dark magic towards Nemuri. He is unable to avoid it and gets caught in it which gives him a lot of burns*

Dira: How dare she control my fire!

*Dira swallows another pill and both of his arms glow red*

Dira: Feel the power, baby!!

*Suddenly, small red lights on the bombs light up and start locking onto the fighters*

*All three of the fighters fly up again and resume their attacks. Sasha dodges Dira’s punch and then she punches Nemuri*

Nemuri: Damn, that’s one painful punch! …Huh!? The bombs are heading right for us!

*They then start having to dodge the bombs flying at them. After dodging some bombs, Dira punches Sasha in the shoulder which knocks her back. She looks back and sees a bomb flying towards her. Sasha leans her head back and the bomb goes over her and hits Dira directly which blows him back*

Sasha: I’m not worried about these bombs at all. I can dodge them easily. I will admit though, that you landed a good hit on my shoulder.

*Sasha rubs her right shoulder as Nemuri comes in. Sasha notices him but suddenly, Nemuri vanishes and then reappears behind her and kicks her down into the arena*

*Nemuri and Dira dodge the last remaining bombs but it’s only a matter of time before more show up*

*Dira is starting to look crazier than he already did before*

Dira: Ehe! Aheha! Haahahaha! You can’t handle us!

Nemuri: The longer I go without sleep, the more interesting my strength becomes. I haven’t slept for days and what you saw probably looked like I vanished! Our powers are overwhelming!

Sasha: (Thinking) Dira seems to become more mentally unstable for every drug pill he takes. Then there is Nemuri who gains more power for not sleeping. I can’t risk them becoming strong enough to reach my level of strength. I think it’s time I use the Power of the Dead.

Narrator: Sasha is fighting two powerful foes at once. She has resorted to using the Power of the Dead again! Will it be Deathly Nightmares again? Or will it be something else?

Chapter 206 END

To be Continued in Chapter 207: Sasha the Reaper