Chapter 204:

Chapter 204: Second Round. Match Two - Keith vs Medusa

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 204: Second Round. Match Two - Keith vs Medusa

Narrator: Keith is about to begin his battle against Medusa!

Zonbi: With this being a new match, that means there will be new chaos too! What will it be? You will just have to find out!

Keith: Here I go!

*Keith runs towards Medusa. Medusa opens her eyes wide and they glow. Suddenly, Keith stops in his tracks*

Keith: What!?

Medusa: I have the ability to make anybody freeze in their tracks if they look at my eyes.

*Medusa walks over to Keith*

Keith: I will figure a way out of this.

Medusa: Oh will you?

*Medusa’s index finger glows with magic and she flicks Keith’s forehead. The power leaves a wound*

Keith: So are you just going to toy with me?

Medusa: If you want me to.

Keith: No thanks. You know, we still don’t know what chaos is about to happen during this fight. Maybe you shouldn’t play around.

*Medusa punches Keith in the face*

Medusa: Is that more to your liking?

Keith: Sure. Just give me a drink with it.

*Medusa proceeds to punch Keith in the face continuously. Keith’s face is left with bruises after the continuous attacks*

Medusa: You could just surrender.

*Keith smiles*

Keith: Not a chance. Your ability must have a weakness.

*Suddenly, the floor begins to rumble*

Keith: This should be fun!

*Most of the floor titles become bouncy and both Keith and Medusa begin bouncing upwards every time they touch the floor*

Medusa: If bouncy floors are what the chaos is for this match, it won’t help you at all.

*Medusa bounces towards Keith and punches him in the gut, causing him a lot of pain*

Keith: (Thinking) It’s an ability that can be activated when one looks into the user’s eyes. What would be the weakness? Maybe avoiding her eyes and then using my own magic to overpower hers? That might be the only way.

*As Keith bounces again, he closes his eyes and powers up his magic. Medusa bounces up towards him and tries a magic-powered punch at Keith but he grabs her arm and punches her in the face with his other arm*

*Medusa is knocked back onto a bouncy floor tile and bounces back into the zombie pit. While that happens, Keith transforms into his red demon appearance*

Keith: Your ability’s weakness is not that hard to figure out. Now that I know it, you’re finished.

*Zombies attempt to attack Medusa but her hair strands extend and hit all of the zombies around her. She then jumps back onto the arena and lands on a tile that isn’t bouncy*

Medusa: Did you really think that was my only strategy?

*Medusa begins to power up her magic and the black strands of hair with eyes begin to be more active*

Medusa: Witness my power! You saw a taste of it when I used it on those zombies but now I’ve given my hair even more power!

*At a very fast speed, one of Medusa’s hair strands launches towards Keith and pierce him in the chest*

Keith: Err!

Medusa: Did I get your heart? Are you going to die now?

*Keith looks at the hair strand and then looks at Medusa and smirks*

Keith: Looks like my demon skin was too tough for it to pierce all the way through. Too bad.

Medusa: No matter, I will just continuously pierce you until you bleed out.

*The first hair strand pulls out and then another one launches towards Keith but he is able to dodge this time and begins bouncing around on the bouncy floor tiles*

Keith: I admit, your power is damn good, but it can’t beat me!

*Keith bounces towards Medusa and she launches more hair strands at him but he dodges them by bouncing between different tiles. Keith bounces towards Medusa and, at point-blank range, he punches her in the face but he is also pierced in the leg by a hair strand*

*Medusa is knocked back but Keith falls down from the injury onto a tile that is not bouncy. Keith gets up on his knees. Medusa begins bouncing around*

Medusa: You landed a powerful punch but was it worth it?

*Keith’s hand glows for a few seconds and then stops glowing*

Keith: Of course it was! Every hit brings me one step closer to victory!

*Medusa spits out blood from the punch and starts bouncing towards Keith*

Medusa: I disagree. You can probably only move while limping now.

Keith: (Thinking) Just a bit longer.

*Medusa bounces above Keith and launches all of her hair strands down towards Keith at once*

Medusa: You are going to die now!

Keith: Not quite.

*Keith goes through a portal and out of the same portal launches a very powerful magic energy ball*

Medusa: My hair strands can handle that!!

*As Medusa falls downward from her last bounce, Keith appears out of a portal above her that he secretly made during one of his bounces*

Keith: Surprise!

Medusa: What!?

*Keith kicks Medusa down towards the magic energy ball. The ball hits Medusa in the stomach hard and pushes Medusa upward while Keith falls down at an angle to avoid being hit too*

Medusa: Nooo!!!

*The power of the ball blows a hole in Medusa’s stomach and then dissipates. Medusa falls down and lands on a tile that is not bouncy. Medusa is on the verge of death*

Keith: This is my victory!

*Medusa holds her arm out*

Medusa: I had so much… to live for…

*Medusa succumbs to her injuries and dies*

Zonbi: Amazing! Keith takes advantage of the bouncy tiles and delivers a killing blow to Medusa! Keith wins the match and gives his team a second victory in this round of the tournament!

*The crowd cheers at the awesome finish. The bouncy tiles return to normal and then Keith reverts back to his human appearance. He starts to limp back to his team. Before he can, a member of the other team charges towards Keith with a sword. That member is a purple demon that has four arms. Keith looks back in horror*

Keith: What the hell is your problem!

*The member swings at Keith but the sword is blocked by Emily’s own sword*

Emily: What’s the rush? Are you that eager to die?

Keith: Thanks, Emily.

Emily: No problem.

*The other heroes help Keith back to their side*

Narrator: Team “Mind Bogglers” – Papen. Magic Rank – Low C-Rank.

Papen: Nobody said I needed to wait to begin the next match.

Emily: It’s called being fair.

Papen: We are demons. We don’t need to be fair. I, Papen, will destroy you.

Emily: Bring it on! I’m ready!

Narrator: Keith was able to defeat Medusa and Emily must face Papen!

Chapter 204 END

To be Continued in Chapter 205: Second Round. Match Three - Emily vs Papen