Chapter 210:

Chapter 210: Zaydra in Pursuit of Korobu

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 210: Zaydra in Pursuit of Korobu

Narrator: Zaydra is near the central part of Harmone. She is in an abandoned town just southwest of the capital city.

Zaydra: Korobu, are you here?

*She continues looking as she walks through the town*

Zaydra: (Thinking) I know I felt some unsettling presence in this area. I can’t think it would be anyone else besides Korobu.

*As Zaydra looks around the town, there is the silhouette of a person looking at her from the background*

Zaydra: Don’t hide, Korobu. I know I felt your dark presence here! …Wait, I feel the dark presence in that bar.

*Zaydra goes in the bar and looks around*

Zaydra: There is nobody here.

*A hand touches Zaydra’s shoulder. Zaydra is spooked and turns around to see nobody there*

Zaydra: (Thinking) Whoever it is, my presence is known!

*Zaydra starts looking around in all directions and does not see anyone*

Zaydra: Come on out!

*Zaydra hears a laugh*

Zaydra: A woman’s laugh!?

*The woman comes into view. She is Sasha’s older sister, Hamura, and she is holding a beer*

Zaydra: Hamura!?

Hamura: Long time, no see, Zaydra.

Zaydra: What are you doing here!?

Hamura: Well, other than the fact that I like hanging out around here, I love stalking people. I’ve enjoyed stalking you on your search for Korobu.

Zaydra: You have no business here on Earth! Go back to Hell!

Hamura: I can be here if I want to. Besides, I have information that you might be interested in.

Zaydra: Why should I believe you have information that I care about?

Hamura: It’s about Poleon.

*Zaydra hesitates*

Zaydra: …Go on.

Hamura: That’s good. You want him dead, right?

Zaydra: Tell me where he is!

Hamura: You really don’t even have to worry about it. Korobu has already gone to kill Poleon. Sit down. Have a beer. Relax a little.

Zaydra: I don’t care! Tell me where Poleon is!

Hamura: Not that I know where Poleon is but if you must know, Korobu is currently in the Swamp Underworld.

Zaydra: The Swamp Underworld!?

Hamura: Yep. Not sure if that means Poleon is there too though.

Zaydra: I’m going there right away!

*Zaydra starts running for the exit*

Hamura: Not so fast.

*A dark barrier covers the exit. Zaydra turns around and Hamura drinks some of her beer*

Hamura: I never said I would let you out so easily.

Zaydra: Damn you, Hamura!

Hamura: There is one being of light that I have a lot of interest in and want to keep alive. You are not the one so as I said, stick around. Have a beer. We have plenty to talk about.

*Hamura tosses her a beer*

Zaydra: Drinking old beer. You’re gross.

Hamura: Ah don’t be like that. I think it tastes fine. Go on, give it a try.

*Zaydra throws the beer can down on the floor and bursts open, spilling it all over the floor*

Zaydra: I don’t have time for this!

*Hamura powers up*

Hamura: So are you going to sit and enjoy yourself or do you want me to kill you now? I don’t really want to kill you but I would have no issue with doing so.

*Zaydra enters Raging Star Mode*

Zaydra: Neither! I’m going to bust out of here!

Hamura: You think you can beat me? I’m over 100,000 years old. You are just 537 years old. You have nothing on me.

Zaydra: I know I can beat you! Raging Star Explosion!

*Zaydra’s Raging Star aura creates a massive explosion. The explosion destroys the bar as well as many surrounding buildings*

*With Hamura’s barrier destroyed, Zaydra takes the chance and runs away*

Zaydra: (Thinking) I have to get to the Swamp Underworld and find Korobu!

*Hamura pulls herself out of the rubble. She took little to no damage from the attack*

Hamura: What a shame. We could have had fun. Maybe I would have even told her that Zeth is the light being I want to keep alive. I’m sure that would have been an interesting discussion.

Narrator: Zaydra is off to find Korobu! Will she find him and ultimately, Poleon?

Chapter 210 END

To be Continued in Chapter 211: Preparing for the Semifinals