Chapter 209:

Chapter 209: Crashing Down

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 209: Crashing Down

Narrator: Maskodon unveils his favorite mask, the Zotun Demon Mask!

*Zeth stands up*

Zeth: And what does the mask do?

Maskodon: It increases my stamina and adrenaline. It also gives me some projectile attacks.

*They both power up and Zeth grins*

Zeth: Sounds interesting! Let’s see if it lives up to the hype!

*They both run towards each other and engage in a punching battle. They both get a fair number of blows*

*Zeth grabs Maskodon’s arm and throws him. As Maskodon flies back, he shoots a handful of needles out of the mask’s mouth. Zeth barely notices and is hit in the shoulder by two of them*

Zeth: Damn!

*Zeth pulls the needles out but doesn’t notice Maskodon is now behind him. Maskodon wraps his arms around Zeth*

Zeth: How did you…!?

*Maskodon leans back and punches Zeth upwards. Maskodon puts his hands together and then thrusts them upwards with black energy balls being released. They hit Zeth repeatedly and knock him across the room*

Maskodon: Would you say that my mask lives up to the hype yet?

*Zeth lands on the floor*

Zeth: We’re getting there…

*Zeth looks at a mirror close to him and then he stands by it as Maskodon arrives*

Maskodon: That won’t work again.

*He charges at Zeth*

Zeth: Who said it was the same trick?

Maskodon: Huh?

*Zeth grabs the mirror and swings it at Maskodon. The mirror hits Maskodon and it shatters, leaving Maskodon stunned a little bit*

*Zeth takes the opportunity and rapidly punches Maskodon with magic-powered punches. While being punched, Maskodon does a gut punch to Zeth which stops Zeth’s punches*

Zeth: How!?

Maskodon: As I said, my stamina and adrenaline are increased. You can stun me but it won’t last long and I can hustle to you quickly. That is why you did not notice me get behind you earlier.

Zeth: Then let me get on equal terms.

*Zeth enters Raging Star Mode. His body turns a dark red tint and so does his aura which also becomes fierce*

Zeth: Let’s see how you handle my Raging Star Mode!

*Zeth punches Maskodon hard which sends him flying into a mirror. Like with Zeth, the mirror hits back at Maskodon, damaging him further*

*Zeth comes rushing in and punches Maskodon so hard that the mirror behind Maskodon shatters*

*The eyes on Maskodon’s mask shoot out powerful yellow lasers and damage Zeth on his chest. It causes Zeth to step back*

Zeth: Damn that hurts! Your mask really does live up to the hype…

Maskodon: I’m glad to see that you acknowledge it!

*Maskodon punches Zeth hard in the face which knocks him back onto the floor. Zeth’s vision is blurry as he had the wind knocked out of him*

*Zeth gets hit by more needles and, as the blurriness goes away, he sees Maskodon about to smash him so he rolls out of the way and then stands up*

Zeth: This place is going to come crashing down now. It’s time for a new Raging Star Mode technique!

*Zeth’s Raging Star Aura starts to expand*

Maskodon: Whatever it is you are about to do, I won’t let you.

*Maskodon charges up a powerful gray aura and then releases a large and powerful energy beam at Zeth*

*Zeth’s Raging Star aura focuses on where the beam is going to hit and makes contact with it. The beam doesn’t hit Zeth but it starts to push him back as his aura tries to contain it*

Zeth: Come on!!

*Soon his aura destroys the beam*

Zeth: Yes! Raging Star Destruction!

*Zeth’s aura expands outwards into blades and starts spinning like a propeller. The aura starts to destroy anything it hits and it hits Maskodon multiple times*

Maskodon: Aaaaahh!!

*Soon the whole room comes crashing down*

*After all the destruction, it goes back to looking like the arena. Maskodon lies on the floor and Zeth walks up to him*

Maskodon: That was one powerful attack you used. I surrender.

*Zeth smiles*

Zeth: I accept your surrender.

Zonbi: Well, there was no satisfying gruesome death at the end but Zeth is the winner!

*The crowd has a mixed reaction as they wanted to see a death*

Zonbi: Team “Heaven’s Destiny” moves on to the semifinals!

Zeth: That was a fun match. I hope we get to fight again sometime.

*Maskodon gets up and is very injured*

Maskodon: Same here.

*Maskodon takes off the demon mask and under it is the plain black mask that he started with. He starts walking back to his side of the stadium*

Maskodon: I have a feeling this won’t be the last time we see each other.

Zeth: Why do you wear a mask even when not fighting?

Maskodon: It’s best that you don’t see my face…

*Maskodon continues walking and Zeth just stares*

Narrator: Zeth has defeated the mask user Maskodon. What will await the heroes in the semifinals?

Chapter 209 END

To be Continued in Chapter 210: Zaydra in Pursuit of Korobu