Chapter 211:

Chapter 211: Preparing for the Semifinals

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 211: Preparing for the Semifinals

Narrator: In the medical room that Kurt has been resting in.

*The heroes are back in the medical room to see Kurt*

Kurt: I saw your fights on the TV. Pretty impressive.

Zeth: See, you had nothing to worry about.

Kurt: Yeah. But don’t expect me to sit out another round.

*A woman enters the room as he talks*

*The woman is a demon nurse. She has light blue skin. She looks super happy and that is by her personality*

Nurse: You won’t have to. You will be ready to get out of here by tomorrow. Hehe.

Emily: That’s great!

Kurt: I can’t wait to get back out there!

Nurse: Yep! His bones have recovered nicely. Much faster than it would be for an ordinary human.

Zeth: Well, we will be leaving now that we know that. See ya, Kurt!

Kurt: See you guys later! I’ll definitely be ready!

*The heroes leave the room and find Maskodon leaning back against the hallway wall with his arms crossed*

Zeth: Maskodon?

Maskodon: I wanted to talk to your team. Don’t worry. I’m not here to get back at your team for killing my teammates. Those were just a bunch of people that I assembled for the tournament. I have no personal connections to any of them.

Joe: What did you want to talk about?

Maskodon: It’s about the situation that your team is in.

Zeth: What situation? We haven’t had any problems come up during this tournament.

Maskodon: It has come to my attention that you have a friend that has been taken by Zonbi.

Zeth: Oh, that situation. Well, that is correct.

Maskodon: I think it’s unfair that your team is forced to participate in this tournament while every other team chose to participate of their own free will. I have a lot of experience investigating criminal activity so I want to help free this friend of yours. You don’t need to do anything. I will go it alone.

Zeth: How would you do that?

Maskodon: I know this place well. I will search and I will find him.

Zeth: Well, if you think you can. Go for it. We would appreciate the help.

*Maskodon starts walking away*

Maskodon: I’m on it.


Narrator: The next day.

*Zeth goes outside and stretches*

Zeth: What a great day! Time to prepare for tomorrow’s semifinals!

*Zeth starts walking away from the buildings. He reaches a field with some plants and trees*

Zeth: Now to get started!

*Zeth goes into a battle stance and starts to power up his magic. His arm begins to glow a whitish-yellow color. The aura on his arm starts to spin in a circle. His arm now looks like a galaxy*

*Zeth starts to sweat and breath heavily*

Zeth: Galaxy Blast!

*Zeth runs towards a tree and punches it with his galaxy arm and the tree is completely destroyed. He looks at other trees and raises his arm in the air. Orange beams release from the ground and destroy the trees*

*Emily shows up and has a shocked face*

Emily: Whoa…

*Zeth turns around looks absolutely exhausted. His arm returns to normal and now it is bloody*

Emily: Zeth! What was that!?

Zeth: *huff huff* An attack I have been trying to perfect.

*He looks at his bloody arm*

Zeth: And clearly, I’m not close to doing so.

*Zeth falls to his knees*

Emily: Why does it damage you?

Zeth: In all likeliness, nobody outside of those with Light Divine blood can use this attack and with me not having my divineness right now means I can’t use it without hurting myself.

Emily: That sucks. You absolutely destroyed those trees.

Zeth: Why did you come here?

Emily: Just wanted to take a walk. Then I saw you.

Zeth: What are the others doing?

Emily: Probably getting ready. Just like you.

Zeth: Okay. I need to go back to my room and get this arm wrapped up. It doesn’t look like I will be using this attack until I consume Crimson.


Narrator: A little bit later at the team room.

*Zeth goes back to his room and enters. Zeth starts wrapping bandages around his right arm*

Zeth: Just looking at this arm and seeing that I can’t do that attack just makes my body’s desire to consume Crimson grow even more!\

*Zeth pounds his fist on the desk and his eyes are glowing*

Zeth: Damn it! The desire is becoming almost uncontrollable!

*His magic aura starts to form around his body and he starts to look crazy*

Zeth: I want to consume him so badly!

*Sasha enters the room*

Sasha: Zeth?

*Zeth snaps back to normal*

Zeth: Oh, Sasha.

Sasha: What were you doing?

Zeth: Consumption needs to happen soon. Every time I think about it, my mind goes crazy now. Crimson and I can’t continue to live as separate beings.

Sasha: We just need to make it to the finals to do that.

Zeth: Yeah.


Narrator: The next day. The semifinals have started. Team “Heaven’s Destiny” is up next.

*The heroes start walking through the tunnel. As the heroes go through the tunnel towards the arena, they cross paths with Team “Crimson Heart” which just finished their round. The two teams look at each other as they walk and Team “Crimson Heart” laughs at them*

Crimson: Don’t die, Zeth. You will be consumed by me.

*Zeth’s team continues walking as his desire grows again*

Zeth: (Thinking) My desire nearly took over again! Now I’m worried I might lose control and just leave the arena to go attack Crimson if he is watching the battle from the stands!

Narrator: Zeth’s team heads towards their semifinals match. Will Zeth be able to keep his desire in check until he faces Crimson?

Chapter 211 END

To be Continued in Chapter 212: Semifinal Round - Team Heaven’s Destiny vs Team Curbstomp. A Full Group Battle Commences!