Chapter 212:

Chapter 212: Semifinal Round - Team Heaven’s Destiny vs Team Curbstomp. A Full Group Battle Commences!

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 212: Semifinal Round - Team Heaven’s Destiny vs Team Curbstomp. A Full Group Battle Commences!

Narrator: Team “Heaven’s Destiny” meets the opposing team in the arena. That team is Team “Curbstomp”.

*The two teams face each other. The other team only has four members left on it. All of them are wearing green military uniforms*

Narrator: Captain of Team “Curbstomp” – Scar. Magic Rank – Low A-Rank.

*Scar is a light-skinned demon with a buzz cut and has scars all over his face and arms*

Narrator: Team “Curbstomp” – Glow. Magic Rank – High B-Rank.

*Glow is a bald, gray-skinned demon with glowing magic of different colors that travels around the inside of his skin*

Narrator: Team “Curbstomp” – Stomp. Magic Rank – Low A-Rank.

Stomp is a woman that is a gray-skinned demon with dark green hair in a ponytail. She wears large black boots.

Narrator: Team “Curbstomp” – Pound. Magic Rank – High B-Rank.

*Pound is a gray-skinned demon with flat medium-length brown hair. He wears large gloves*

Joe: They only have four members?

Scar: You may call me Scar. We lost two of our other members. One was lost to that chaos dungeon and another was lost in our last match. You are very fortunate to still have all of yours.

Zeth: Well, Scar, don’t think we will hold out some of our team just because of that.

Scar: I don’t expect you to. However, I would like to request we make this a match where everyone fights at once. It will be a full group battle.

*The heroes look at each other*

Zeth: Can we do that?

Zonbi: Absolutely!

Zeth: Then we accept. I see no reason for us to not accept a 6 vs 4 when we have the six.

Scar: Excellent.

Zonbi: Now to set up the battle arena!

*The arena begins to change as it now looks like a large laboratory with traps everywhere and the zombie pit is still a threat*

Zonbi: You may begin!

Zeth: Spread out!

Scar: Glow, Stomp, Pound, go after them.

*The heroes split up and so do the opponents*


*Kurt encounters Glow at an area with electricity that shoots down from the ceiling and spreads out*

Glow: It’s your unlucky day.

Kurt: Maybe it’s actually your unlucky day.

*Glow runs towards Kurt*

Glow: We’ll see!

*Kurt forms his aura into multiple hands and he tries to punch Glow. Glow dodges and then he does his own punch which is blocked by Kurt*

*Glow smiles*

Glow: This will be fun!

*From below, at the floor, different colored ropes of magic launch up at Kurt and stab him. Glow then kicks him back*

Kurt: What was that!?

Glow: I use Conduction Magic! My magic usually just travels through my body but I released it into the electricity traveling along the floor. Then it launched at you.


Narrator: Elsewhere.

*Zeth and Keith run into Scar. Keith goes into his demon form and both of them rush towards Scar*

*Zeth and Keith try to punch Scar from both sides but Scar uses his arms to block. His scars start to glow and then a blast of magic is released from them and it knocks Zeth and Keith back*


Narrator: Elsewhere.

*Sasha runs into Stomp. Around them are falling ceiling traps*

Stomp: These traps are nice.

*Sasha sadistically smiles*

Sasha: Maybe you should give them a try.

*They start running around in circles and dodge the falling ceilings. Stomp then jumps and lunges towards Sasha with her foot. Sasha dodges and Stomp lands on the floor. Her foot is so powerful that it cracks the floor*

*Stomp then shows speed and immediately transitions to a new attack and kicks Sasha. It causes Sasha a lot of pain*

Stomp: It looks like that hurt you a fair bit! I got more of that for you!

Sasha: I will admit that you are stronger than I thought.

*A ceiling trap then starts to fall on Sasha and she barely fights through the pain enough to raise her arms and keep the trap from crushing her Sasha puts in a lot of her strength just trying to keep it up*

Sasha: Damn it…

*Stomp smirks*

Stomp: You really look like you’re struggling there. Maybe I should help?

*The ceiling trap has a part where just a support beam that allows it to come back up is exposed and Stomp jumps on it and starts pushing down on the ceiling trap*

Sasha: That’s… cer…tainly… not helping…!

Stomp: By help, I mean helping the ceiling trap.


Narrator: Elsewhere.

*Emily and Joe encounter Pound. Around them are various buttons and doors along with the zombie pit*

Joe: It’s two on one! We got this, Emily!

Pound: It won’t be so easy!

*Joe shoots razor hail from his hand. Pound quickly punches all of them which destroys them*

Joe: What!?

Emily: Don’t worry! I’ll get him!

*Emily rushes in with her Ability Sword and tries to slash him but he ducks and then punches her multiple times in the face before doing a punch that knocks her back*

*Joe throws a lightning bolt at Pound and the lightning bolt breaks off into many smaller lightning bolts but Pound is able to dodge and rolls towards Joe*

Joe: Come on!

Pound: Sorry, but you will have to do better than that!

*Pound punches Joe and it knocks him back*


*All four members of Team Curbstomp all say something to their struggling opponents*

Pound: It’s useless…

Glow: Because the training we have been through…

Stomp: Has allowed us to crush you…

Scar: And clearly yours doesn’t compete.

Narrator: Despite outnumbering their opponents, the heroes are getting beat in a one-sided fight so far. How will they come back?

Chapter 212 END

To be Continued in Chapter 213: Combine and Comeback