Chapter 213:

Chapter 213: Combine and Comeback

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 213: Combine and Comeback

Narrator: The full team battle between “Heaven’s Destiny” and “Curbstomp” continues!

*Zeth and Keith continue their battle with Scar. Zeth releases a Star Shine Blast at Scar and from behind Scar, Keith exits a portal and prepares a punch. Magic from Scar’s scars grabs onto Zeth’s SSB and Scar turns around and slams the SSB into Keith which blows him back*

Zeth: You can’t do that!

Scar: Oh, but I can.

*Zeth forms two Star Shards and then throws them into the ground. Immediately after that, Zeth runs towards Scar and they engage in a punching battle that most of the punches are blocked. The Star Shards go upwards from underground. Scar senses them and grabs Zeth and puts him on the spot where the shards will come up. Zeth gets cut on the back and front by his own shards*

Zeth: Ahhh!


Narrator: Elsewhere.

*Sasha is still trying to avoid being crushed by the ceiling trap, Stomp is still on top of the trap trying to push it down on Sasha*

Stomp: How does it feel knowing you are going to be crushed?

Sasha: Maybe… you don’t… know who… I am!

Stomp: Oh I can tell. Just looking at your eyes shows that you have Dark Divine blood. You must be the Dark Goddess’s lost daughter. Why are you so weak? You bring shame to your bloodline.

*Sasha’s anger grows. She uses a lot of magic and lifts the ceiling trap just enough so that she can roll out of it*

Sasha: You have made me angry. You don’t want to make me angry.

Stomp: Aah, did I hurt your feelings?

*Sasha rushes towards Stomp in anger and starts trying to rapidly punch Stomp but Stomp dodges them all and kicks Sasha again. Sasha is once again in pain and then Stomp spin kicks rapidly. After multiple blows, Sasha is knocked on the ground in bad shape*

Stomp: See? You are weak.


Narrator: Elsewhere.

*Kurt continues to fight Glow. Kurt forms a lot of basketball-sized aura balls that float above him and he sends them after Glow. Glow starts running but the balls track him as they fly through the air*

Glow: Tracking, eh?

*A glowing magic rope comes out of Glow’s skin. He grabs the glowing magic rope and swings it at one of Kurt’s Aura Balls. The magic rope wraps around the ball*

*Glow starts swinging the ball into other balls which destroys them. However, one comes from behind and hits Glow in the back and blows him towards Kurt*

Kurt: I got you now!

*The last ball is flying towards Glow. Just before Glow reaches Kurt, he lands his foot on the floor and then jumps, causing Kurt to be hit by his own ball*

Glow: How pitiful.


Narrator: Elsewhere.

*Joe and Emily are fighting Pound but are getting nowhere in terms of defeating him*

Pound: Really now, how did your team make it this far into the tournament? Let alone get here without losing any members. Your teammates are not having better luck.

*Pound walks over to a button and pushes it*

*A bunch of doors near them open and a horde of zombies come running out with the intentions of killing them*

Joe: Wonderful…

Emily: This is getting annoying!

*Joe and Emily start fighting the zombies off*

*As Joe and Emily are distracted by the zombies, Pound comes in and punches them both which knocks them both into a wall and they take out a few zombies along the way. Pound then has to fight off zombies too*

Joe: Emily…

Emily: Yeah?

Joe: There is a way for us to beat him. Remember how we trained to combine our attacks? You weren’t there but during the whole Kogen incident, Zeth, Kurt, and I combined our powers to take down Goro.

Emily: Don’t forget that we also did it during our battle against Daykona! Let’s do it!

*Emily takes out her X12 Shatter Shotgun and Joe starts fusing it with his magic. Wind starts to flow around it*

Emily: Let’s go!

*Emily rushes towards Pound. She shoots the Shotgun at the zombies and the power of her magic plus the winds that it shoots out absolutely blows the zombies away. She gets close to Pound and jumps over and behind him as he throws a punch at her*

*Emily shoots her shotgun point-blank at Pound and the powerful winds tear at him and blow him towards Joe. Joe prepares to punch and has razor hail covering his fist*

Joe: Take this!

*Joe punches Pound hard in the face and Pound gets knocked to the floor*

Joe: That’s right! It’s time for a comeback!

*Pound slowly stands up. His body is damaged and his face is bloody from the razor hail punch*

Pound: I see. So you can make this fight more of a challenge.

Narrator: To defeat the well-trained Team Curbstomp, the heroes will have to combine their powers!

Chapter 213 END

To be Continued in Chapter 214: Momentum Shift