Chapter 215:

Chapter 215: Semifinal Victory

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 215: Semifinal Victory

*Emily and Joe continue their battle against Pound. Emily’s Ability Sword is covered with Joe’s razor hail. Emily tries to slash Pound but he is able to dodge the slashes*

Pound: (Thinking) If that sword manages to slash me, I will be easily dead!

*To Emily’s surprise, Pound steps forward and punches her in the face which knocks her into the zombie pit*

Joe: Emily!

*Emily quickly recovers and uses her sword to slash up the zombies surrounding her*

Emily: I’m fine!

*Joe engages Pound and he tries kicking Pound but Pound just grabs his leg. Pound throws Joe up a bit and then punches him into the zombie pit near Emily. Emily slashes more zombies and helps Joe get out of the pit*

Emily: I’m going to finish you!!

*Emily charges forward and Joe looks at the top half of a cut-up zombie and he starts rubbing his chin*

Joe: Hmmmm…

*Emily tries slashing Pound but with no success as he is able to dodge*

Pound: You won’t hit me!

*Suddenly, the top half of a zombie comes flying in from the side and it spooks Pound. Emily then lands a sword slash*

*The next thing Pound knows is that he has been sliced through at a diagonal angle and his body splits apart*

Pound: No… way……

*Pound quickly dies from his injuries*

Emily: You threw part of a zombie body?

Joe: Haha! Yep! It worked as a nice distraction!


Narrator: Elsewhere.

*Sasha and Kurt continue to fight Glow and Stomp. The gargoyles, as well as the dark powered aura, continue to chase after Glow and Stomp*

Stomp: We will not be defeated here!

*Stomp kicks away a few gargoyles before she is finally grabbed from behind*

Stomp: No!!

*Sasha sadistically smiles*

Sasha: They don’t like how you disrespected them. You are going to pay dearly for that.

*Stomp is unable to fight off the gargoyle before even more come to grab onto her*

Stomp: Nooo!!!

*Sasha walks up to her and continues to sadistically smile*

Sasha: So what was that about me being weak?

Stomp: You are weak! Just wait till I break out of these gargoyles!

*Sasha smirks*

Sasha: That’s not going to happen. Look up.

Stomp: What!?

*Stomp looks up. The ceiling trap is right above her*

Stomp: Oh no!!

*The ceiling trap falls on Stomp and smashes both her and the gargoyles. Sasha sadistically smiles*

Sasha: And now you’re dead. It’s too bad I didn’t get to carve out your insides and feed them to my Hellhounds…

Kurt: Sasha! Behind you!

*Sasha turns around as Glow moves in with his glowing magic rope*

Glow: Die!!!

*Glow wraps his rope around Sasha’s neck and he starts choking Sasha*

Kurt: I won’t let you!

*Kurt runs in and punches Glow hard on the face and keeps punching him until Glow loses the power to keep hold of Sasha*

Kurt: This will end you!!

*Kurt then throws Glow into the aura field powered with Sasha’s darkness. The aura field starts to get smaller. Eventually, the aura field is completely gone and Glow is still there*

Glow: Ha! Your little darkness cloud could do nothing to me!

Kurt: Think again.

Glow: What do you mean…!? Ug! Er! Ah!!!

*Glow starts to fall over*

Glow: What did you do?

Kurt: Your fatal mistake was putting those magic ropes back in your body as I threw you. They became infected with our power and will now destroy you from the inside.

Glow: No!

*Glow gets up and starts rushing towards Kurt*

Glow: I will not die!!

*Glow then falls over again and dies as blood comes out of his mouth*

Sasha: What a pitiful way to die.


Narrator: Elsewhere.

*Zeth and Keith are trying to finish their fight. Zeth uses his finger to draw the outline of a star in front of him*

Zeth: It’s time, Keith!

Keith: Got it!

*The five white spots Keith had put on the floor and walls each release energy beam towards the star outline Zeth drew. Each beam makes contact with a point on the star and then the star outline’s power increases*

Zeth: Extreme Star Rays!

*Each point of the star outline releases large energy beams that all go towards Scar*

Scar: They’re too powerful! I won’t be able to survive those beams!

*Scar starts running but soon one beam hits Scar’s right leg directly and blows it off*

Scar: Gaaah!!!

*Scar falls over*

*After one beam misses, the other three beams land direct hits and explode*

Zeth: Did it finish him?

*The smoke clears and there is not much left of Scar’s body*

Zonbi: That’s it! Team “Heaven’s Destiny” has won the round!!

*The crowd cheers as the arena returns to normal*

*The team then regroups*

Zeth: Good job, everyone! Though, we all look beat up so we are going to need to get some rest.

*Zeth’s team walks away from the arena*

Zonbi: Folks, we are just two days away from the finals! You won’t want to miss the showdown between “Heaven’s Destiny” and “Crimson Heart”!!

Narrator: Zeth’s team has made it to the finals! Just what kind of challenge will Crimson’s team bring!?

Chapter 215 END

To be Continued in Chapter 216: The Day Before the Finals