Chapter 214:

Chapter 214: Momentum Shift

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 214: Momentum Shift

*Sasha is continuing her battle with Stomp*

Sasha: *huff huff* I’m sure that I am stronger than her yet she is outclassing me… Do her experience and training really give her that much of an edge? I could use Power of the Dead but its effects weaken for every use in the same area as I drain the dead power. I should save it for the final round.

*Sasha forms a dark spear and runs towards Stomp. She thrusts her spear furiously at Stomp but Stomp is able to keep moving back and avoid the stab attempts. She then jumps and stomps on Sasha’s arm with a lot of force*

Sasha: Ahh!

*Sasha falls to her knees while holding onto her left arm*

Sasha: Damn you!

Stomp: Looks like it’s over.

*Stomp is alerted to something at the last second as Kurt’s body flies right into Stomp and knocks them both back. Glow then shows up*

Glow: Oh, I appear to have knocked him into you. Sorry about that.

*Kurt gets up and backs away from Stomp. He stands next to Sasha*

Kurt: Looks like you are having a tough time as well. Our separation strategy is not working so let’s use a combination attack.

*Sasha nods*

Glow: Whatever you are planning won’t work.

Stomp: Your team may be more talented but we are more refined.

*Kurt creates an Aura Field around his body. Sasha adds her darkness to his aura which turns his aura from blue to black. Kurt then sends his Aura Field after Glow and Stomp*

*As the aura field gets closer to them, monstrous arms start coming out of the fields that try to grab Glow and Stomp but they start dodging the arms*

Stomp: We can handle this no problem!

Kurt: We’re not done yet!

*Kurt forms a handful of aura balls and Sasha adds her dark magic to them. Dark Gargoyles start to come out of them and the gargoyles have Kurt’s aura power. Sasha points her index finger forward*

Sasha: Go after them, my gargoyles! Tear them apart!

*The gargoyles launch themselves forward*

*Glow and Stomp are starting to have trouble trying to avoid the dark aura that is trying to overwhelm them*

Glow: Gargoyles!?

*A gargoyle flies in and swipes at Glow’s chest and leaves a large cut. Sasha smirks*

Sasha: You two were all so condident before. Let’s see how you hold up.


Narrator: Elsewhere.

*Zeth and Keith continue to fight Scar. Zeth is fighting in Raging Star Mode. Zeth and Scar engage in a punching and kicking battle where they each get a fair share of hits in*

*While they do that, Keith (in his demon form) starts spitting out glowing spots onto 5 different spots on the floor and walls*

Keith: It’s almost ready, Zeth!

Zeth: Good!

*Scar lands a punch on Zeth’s face and knocks him back*

Scar: You think I’m just going to sit by and let you do your attack!? Think again!

*Keith and Scar engage in a punching battle with the punches from both sides being blocked, Keith then fakes a punch and stabs Scar’s arms with the short spikes on his arms*

Scar: Gaah!

*The scars on Scar become charged with magic energy and he head-butts Keith on the face and the force releases magic which blasts Keith away. Keith lands on the floor and face is now bloody*


Narrator: Elsewhere.

*Joe and Emily continue to fight Pound. Emily has pulled out the Ball & Chain she got when she defeated Lizard Knight. Joe then infuses it with his magic, causing a thunderstorm to flow around it*

*Joe then runs toward Pound. Pound tries to punch Joe but Joe slides at his feet and then grabs his legs*

Joe: Now, Emily!

Emily: Right!

*Emily swings the Ball & Chain at Pound and gets a direct hit on his body which knocks him in the air. Emily then jumps and swings her Ball & Chain vertically downward and lands another direct hit on Pound as the blow knocks him down onto the floor. Not only was he hit by the force of the Ball & Chain but the storm on it was electrically shocking him. Pound is left heavily damaged now*

Joe: Oh yeah! I can feel it! The momentum of this battle has changed!


Narrator: Back to Zeth and Keith.

Zeth: That was a good shot but our attack will finish you, Scar!


Narrator: Back to Sasha and Kurt.

*Sasha sadistically smiles*

Sasha: It’s almost over. I will crush you both.

Narrator: The heroes have turned the tides of the battle in their favor. What will they do to finish off the other team?

Chapter 214 END

To be Continued in Chapter 215: Semifinal Victory