Chapter 216:

Chapter 216: The Day Before the Finals

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 216: The Day Before the Finals

Narrator: In Telecouch City of the Swamp Underworld. A rebuilding effort is underway after Korobu had previously destroyed it and killed everyone living in it.

*Zaydra walks through the construction of Telecouch City*

Zaydra: I can’t believe I’m actually trying to ask Korobu for help after what he did here.

*Zaydra sees someone familiar. It’s Commander Moss. She runs over to him*

Zaydra: Commander Moss! As I thought, you did survive Korobu’s attack.

Commander Moss: Ah, Zaydra. What brings the divine princess here?

Zaydra: Korobu is back in the Swamp Underworld. I’m trying to find him.

*Commander Moss is shocked*

Commander Moss: No, you can’t be serious?

Zaydra: I am.

Commander Moss: He can’t be coming back to kill us again, can he? We’re still rebuilding and this city’s population will be low as we try to convince other people to move here.

Zaydra: I don’t think that’s the case. I need to find him so I can learn the location of the one called Poleon.

Commander Moss: Poleon. I may have heard that name before but I don’t remember where. At any rate, I don’t think this Poleon would be in the Swamp Underworld.

Zaydra: Either way, I need Korobu to tell me.

Commander Moss: We shall keep on alert. I won’t know where he would be.

Zaydra: Okay, then I shall keep looking.

*Zaydra leaves the city and continues through the underworld*


Narrator: A little bit later.

*Zaydra climbs to the top of a mountain and looks out into the distance and manages to spot Korobu not that far from the mountain*

Zaydra: There he is!

*Korobu is walking slowly through the valley and then Zaydra reaches him. Without even looking back, Korobu stops and talks*

Korobu: Well, I certainly doubt you just happened to run into me. So what business do I owe you… Zaydra?

Zaydra: I know you know where Poleon is. Tell me.

*Korobu smiles*

Korobu: Lucky you. It so happens to be that I’m on my way to Poleon right now… to kill him.

Zaydra: His base of operations is in this underworld!?

Korobu: Not quite. He just came to this underworld in person, as rare as that is. I don’t plan to miss my chance to kill him.

Zaydra: How… how is it that you know where he is and what he is doing when even my mother, the Light Goddess, doesn’t know?

Korobu: Have you forgotten? I am the Messenger of the Dark Goddess. There is nobody on Earth, Heaven, or Hell that has a better ability to collect intelligence than myself.

Zaydra: Let me go with you then. It pains me to actually want to team up but I will do what I must.

*Korobu finally looks back and smiles*Korobu: Very well then. I suppose at the least it will be a nice way to mix things up. Just know that once Poleon is dead that all bets are off.

Zaydra: I understand.


Narrator: It’s now the day after the semifinals and the day before the finals of the Chaos Tournament.

*The heroes are sitting in their team’s room*

Zeth: Crimson’s team will be our toughest challenge yet. I can’t say we learned of their weaknesses from watching their fights.

Joe: What’s worse is that our team has taken more of a beating than theirs.

Emily: Speaking of that. Zeth, is your arm alright?

*Zeth looks at his arm which is still wrapped up*

Zeth: I’m keeping it wrapped up but I think it will be fine.

Kurt: What happened to your arm anyway?

Zeth: I injured it while trying to use a powerful attack during training but I can’t fully use it yet so it damaged me.

*Zeth’s eyes open wide as he feels the consumption desire again*

Zeth: Excuse me. I’m going to my room.

*Sasha looks at him curiously*

*Zeth goes in his room and closes the door*

Keith: Well, that was strange.

*Zeth is in his room and drinks water from a bottle. He does not look well. He then looks out a window*

Zeth: (Thinking) I need to make it through the rest of the day without losing control of my consumption desire. I can’t lose control now. But now I have to wonder, what will happen when we actually fight. Will we both lose control of our desires right away? Will everyone around us be in danger? I am very concerned about this.

*Zeth puts his hand on his forehead*

Zeth: Damn it. Why is it so hard for me?

*The door to his room opens and Sasha walks in and closes the door*

Sasha: It’s happening again, isn’t it?

*Zeth is surprised*

Zeth: You could tell?

Sasha: It was pretty obvious. The others considered your sudden leaving as strange as well.

*Zeth sits on his bed*

Zeth: Sorry. If everyone knows, they will worry about me and lose focus on their matches.

*Sasha sits next to him*

Sasha: No, they won’t.

*Sasha smiles*

Sasha: We all care about you. We’re fighting in this tournament for your sake, not just RAG’s. Tomorrow you will finally consume Crimson and become whole again.

*Zeth smiles*

Zeth: I guess you are right about that. I’m just worried that when we face each other, our consumption desires will go into overdrive and we will probably destroy the whole stadium in the fight.

Sasha: Ha! I’m more worried about how long it will take me to get used to you having blonde hair instead of black hair.

*Zeth laughs a little*

Zeth: Yeah, it would be weird at first.

*Sasha laughs and then grabs his hand and lifts him up*

Sasha: Let’s go back to the others.

*Zeth nods*


Narrator: Now it is the night before the finals.

*Maskodon is sneaking around Zonbi’s private area in the inside areas of the stadium. He peaks around a corner in a hall and does not see anyone. He then goes down the hall and turns right to enter a door. In the medium-sized room, he finds RAG in a cryo container*

Maskodon: He must be the one.

*Maskodon goes up to the container*

Maskodon: How do I shut this off?

*Suddenly, he is grabbed by the neck and is then slammed against a wall*

Zonbi: Hello, Maskodon. Fancy meeting you here, considering your team was eliminated from the tournament.

Maskodon: How did you know I was here?

Zonbi: I keep my guard up regarding this one. I can’t lose my hostage after all. You should have counted yourself lucky to lose in the tournament still alive and just go home.

Maskodon: This is wrong! You can’t force those of team “Heaven’s Destiny” to participate! Everyone else came to this tournament willingly!

Zonbi: I have my reasons. Just go to sleep now.

*Zonbi charges a lot of magic in her hand and then punches Maskodon in his masked face and he falls unconscious*

Zonbi: You’re strong, Maskodon. However, you are nowhere near as strong as me.


Narrator: It is now the day of the finals.

*Both teams meet in the arena. They stare at each other and are ready to fight*

Crimson: I’ve been waiting for this for too long.

Zeth: Right back at you.

Narrator: The finals are about to begin. Also, what will result from Zaydra’s and Korobu’s temporary alliance, and what has become of Maskodon?

Chapter 216 END

To be Continued in Chapter 217: Final Round. Match One - Keith vs Breakneck