Chapter 217:

Chapter 217: Final Round. Match One - Keith vs Breakneck

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 217: Final Round. Match One - Keith vs Breakneck

Narrator: The final round of the Chaos Tournament is about to begin!

Crimson: Finally, Zeth. We will be able to finish this once and for all!

Zeth: I hope you enjoy your final moments of being your own person!

Crimson: Now, now. No need to be in a hurry. Breakneck, you can go first.

Narrator: Team “Crimson Heart” – Breakneck. Magic Rank – Low A-Rank.

*Breakneck steps forward (Appearance Reminder: A 6-foot-tall man that is muscular, wears no shirt, looks drunk, has black hair that isn’t long down the back of his head but strands go down to his nose on the front of his head.)*

Breakneck: Which of you chumps wants to face me?

*Keith steps forward while cracking his knuckles*

Keith: I got this one.

Zonbi: One moment before we start.

*The mysterious boy walks down the stands in the audience pushing someone who is tied up. It is Maskodon*

Zeth: Maskodon!?

Zonbi: I caught this rat trying to free your friend last night. I’m very tempted to execute him.

Zeth: Let him go!

Boy: Why should we? We don’t take kindly to those that try to free our hostages.

Zonbi: Maybe I will release him if your team wins this tournament. Now time for the stage change!

*She snaps her fingers. The arena becomes littered with large rocks*

*The rest of both teams go back to their waiting sides which leaves only Keith and Breakneck in the arena*

Zonbi: You may now begin!

*Breakneck smiles and then punches the air in front of him. Keith looks shocked as he lunges to his right. The punched air collides with a large rock and it shatters to pieces. The attack was still able to rip Keith’s undershirt*

Breakneck: Dang. I wanted to finish you in one hit.

Keith: That was close!

*Keith stands up and creates a portal in his right hand. He throws it at Breakneck and then sends a large rock next to him into a portal*

*The large rock comes flying out of the portal headed towards Breakneck. It surprises Breakneck but he punches the rock hard and it shatters*

Breakneck: That was surprising but destroying these rocks is easy.

*The rock was a distraction as Keith comes in from the side and rapidly punches Breakneck. Keith finishes his attack by swipe kicking Breakneck into a rock which cracks the rock*

Keith: How did you like that?

*Breakneck stands up*

Breakneck: Hehe, you are going to need to hit harder than that to damage me.

Keith: That did no damage!?

Breakneck: Do you want to know why I’m so tough? I spent years in that dreaded Brushoken Underworld prison. In that prison, physicality was the only thing that mattered to the prisoners as we would fight each other all the time. That time has allowed me to be physically strong and has allowed me to resist physical attacks more than almost anybody.

Keith: Then I will be the first to outmatch you!

*Keith enters his demon form and runs towards Breakneck. Ss he gets close, a bunch of portals open, releasing energy balls at Breakneck*

*Breakneck dodges some but gets hit by the last two as Keith gets close and does a strong punch to Breakneck’s face. The face Breakneck makes shows he actually did take damage. However, Breakneck quickly strikes back by punching Keith in the gut. The knockback drags Keith across the floor and into a rock that breaks in half and then continues until he hits another rock that cracks*

*Keith coughs up blood. Some blood is dripping from his mouth and off his chin*

Keith: That hurt…! Badly…!

Breakneck: You survived? Usually when I punch people, it is so strong that their heads pop off, even if I just punch them in the gut. I admit you are impressing me.

*Breakneck starts walking towards Keith. Keith stands up*

*Keith charges his arms with magic and rushes towards Breakneck and jumps*

Keith: I will overpower you!

*Keith lands and punches various parts of Breakneck’s body*

*Breakneck then grabs the back of Keith’s head and slams his face into a rock. Immediately after that, Breakneck slams Keith’s face into the arena floor. Breakneck lets go of Keith and stomps down on his head*

Breakneck: Your punches are starting to deal me damage but you certainly won’t outlast me. It is hopeless for you.

*Suddenly, a portal opens in front of Breakneck and a magic energy beam comes out of it and blasts Breakneck in the face, knocking him off of Keith. Keith slowly stands up and looks at Breakneck*

Keith: If I can’t overpower you in strength, then I will overpower you some other way! I will win this fight!

Breakneck: Come then and show me just how you plan to do that! You will fall flat on your face!

Narrator: Keith is outclassed by Breakneck in physical strength. If Breakneck has weaknesses, what are they?

Chapter 217 END

To be Continued in Chapter 218: To Outsmart a Bull