Chapter 218:

Chapter 218: To Outsmart a Bull

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 218: To Outsmart a Bull

Narrator: With Keith unable to beat Breakneck in a battle of physical strength, what is his strategy to win?

*Breakneck punches the air multiple times and Keith has to dodge the punched air. He dodges most of it but is hit on his left arm, causing blood to splash out*

Keith: Ahhh!!!

*Keith’s left arm starts to limp*

Breakneck: Ah, did I injure your arm that badly? Or could it even be broken? Hahahahahah!

*Keith is able to move his arm just a little bit*

Keith: (Thinking) It’s not quite broken but it is too painful to move much.

*Keith charges forward towards Breakneck*

Breakneck: You’re funny! Rushing towards a raging bull is suicide!

*As Keith gets in close, he enters into a portal. Breakneck looks around*

Breakneck: Where did he go?

*Keith’s voice echoes around the arena*

Keith: Let’s play a little game. I’m hiding inside one of these many rocks. Should you choose a rock that I’m not in, a terrible fate awaits you.

Breakneck: What is this!? I’m not interested in your games!

*The heroes that are watching the fight react*

Zeth: Wait, I didn’t know about this!?

Kurt: When we were last in my hometown, I had told Keith about Sandy and her being the Troll Queen. He was so interested that he wanted to meet her and learn her magic. So here is the result.

Zeth: Let’s see how it turns out then.

Breakneck: I’m calling out your bluff!

*Breakneck punches the rock next to him and it shatters but then a small, but powerful explosion happens and his right arm takes a lot of damage*

Breakneck: Aaahh!!

Keith: See? I told you.

*Breakneck starts to get angry. His right arm is bloody from the explosion*

Breakneck: (Thinking) I have to think about this!? Damn it! My strength is physical strength, not solving puzzles!

*Breakneck looks around*

Breakneck: (Thinking) Where would I hide if I were him? Of course, I would probably do one that is farther away so that a rock closer to my opponent would have a better chance of being hit on the way. But what if he expects me to think that and has chosen one that is close!? …Wait a minute! I don’t even have to attack directly! I can just punch the air! Of course! This game is useless against long-range fighters and I’m not a long-range fighter but I’m good enough for this game!

*Breakneck starts rapidly punching the air while turning and the punched air goes towards the rocks and shatters them. Most of the shattered rocks explode but some of them release mini Keiths which all jump onto Breakneck and start pushing him back*

*Keith races out of the rock he was in with a ton of momentum and elbows Breakneck in the gut which knocks him back even more*

*Keith jumps towards Breakneck as he starts to fall in the zombie pit. Keith has charged up a lot of magic into his right arm*

Keith: Time to end this!! Demonic Burial Cannon!!

*As Keith unleashes a one-handed Demonic Burial Cannon, he is punched in the face by Breakneck and is knocked in the air. However, The Demonic Burial Cannon knocks Breakneck into the zombie pit and even blows a hole down into it with Breakneck falling in*

*The Demonic Burial Cannon dissipates and Breakneck is now at the bottom of the hole in the zombie pit with bad wounds from the attack. The mini Keiths were destroyed*

*Back on the arena, Keith falls back down onto the arena floor unconscious*

*Breakneck slowly starts to stand up and the audience is shocked*

Demon: Whoa! How is that guy still alive!?

Zonbi: Wow, folks! Keith is lying on the arena floor unconscious while Breakneck is still kicking even after Keith’s strong attack!

Breakneck: You will not finish me off like that…

*Breakneck starts trying to climb out of the deep hole*

Zeth: Oh no! Keith needs to surrender!

Emily: And he can’t do it while unconscious!

Zeth: Then we are going to go out and do it for him! Come on!

*Zeth starts running but is stopped when the mysterious boy blocks his path*

Boy: You’re not going anywhere. You can’t surrender for him.

Zeth: I don’t care! He’s in danger!!

*The boy kicks Zeth back into a wall*

Boy: If he dies, he dies. Such is the nature of this tournament.

*Breakneck is now climbing higher and higher up the hole*

Breakneck: Damn you… This isn’t over…

*Breakneck reaches the top of the hole and tries to pull himself up*

Zonbi: Breakneck has made it to the top of the hole! And Keith is still unconscious!

*A zombie appears by Breakneck as he tries to pull himself up. The zombie bites onto his arm*

Breakneck: Gaah!!

*Other zombies start to join in*

Breakneck: No! No!! Nooo!!!

*The zombies pile up and Breakneck falls back into the hole with all the zombies on top of him. He is too injured to fight them off*

Breakneck: Noooooooo!!!!!!

*The zombies eat away at him and soon there is not much left of his natural skin. Breakneck is dead and Zonbi uses her magic to turn him into a zombie*

Zonbi: There you have it! The zombies finished off Breakneck and that makes Keith the winner, even after falling unconscious!

*The crowd has a mixed reaction because Keith is still unconscious*

*The other heroes are then allowed to run onto the arena and tend to Keith*

Emily: He’s breathing but he needs medical attention!!

*Medics arrive and take him away*

Zeth: When he came out of the shattered rock and zoomed at Breakneck with incredible speed and momentum, how did he do that?

Kurt: With me being his training partner for most of these past six months, I have a pretty good understanding. When he was hiding in the rock, he was constantly going in and out of portals and every time he did it, it increased his momentum and speed as the portals acted like a conveyor belt that continued to get faster and faster. It’s good that Breakneck used a ranged attack to destroy his rock because if he attacked with a powerful punch, he could have knocked Keith backward and into the audience. Also, if he stayed in that motion inside the rock for too long, it would have torn away at his body so it’s also good that Breakneck did not take too long to destroy his rock. Keith took a gamble and it paid off thanks to the zombies. He probably factored them in too. He outsmarted the bull.

*Zeth smiles*

Zeth: Damn, that’s impressive! I’m glad Crimson’s team was finally handed a loss! On to the next fight!

Narrator: Keith was able to pull out a win over Breakneck with the help of the zombies. However, it was a close one. Will the other heroes be able to pull out more convincing victories?

Chapter 218 END

To be Continued in Chapter 219: Final Round. Match Two - Emily vs Nasan