Chapter 9:

The Bear

My Devil Is A Beautiful Female

[Takagi POV]Bookmark here

They start to walk again after defeating the snakes.Bookmark here

"Ughh…How long do we have to be here for?" Nanao asksBookmark here

"Who knows…They didn't say anything about the time." Takahiro replies.Bookmark here

*Grrr* *Grrr*Bookmark here

"Shhh… I hear something." Takagi muttered.Bookmark here

All of them stop and start looking around.Bookmark here

"I don't see or hear anything though." Nanao says.Bookmark here

"Shhh…Be quiet." Takagi says to Nanao.Bookmark here

They see a bear walking in front of them.Bookmark here

"EEK! i-is that a bear?!" Nanao speaks softlyBookmark here

"Calm down and slowly walk backward. Don't make any sound." Takahiro whispersBookmark here

They start walking backward but Takagi steps on a broken tree branch.Bookmark here

*Creak*Bookmark here

The Bear gets alerted and looks where the sound came from.Bookmark here

All of them start panicking. Takagi and Takahiro jump on a tree branch but Nanao hides inside a bush before The Bear could see them.Bookmark here

"He looks strong!" Takagi saysBookmark here

"What the heck! He is wearing knuckle chucks!" Takahiro saysBookmark here

Hearing this Takagi looks at The Bear's hand and sees him wearing knuckle chucks.Bookmark here

"I have a plan." Takahiro saysBookmark here

"Wait. Let me get Nanao here." Takagi interrupts Takahiro and brings Nanao up to them using his Wind Magic.Bookmark here

"Thanks." Nanao saysBookmark here

"Now listen." Takahiro says.Bookmark here

Takahiro takes out a small jar and a knife from his pocket and says,Bookmark here

"Takagi take this. This is a paralyzing poison. Use it on this knife and your spear. Throw the knife at The Bear's left hand and hit The Bear on his left leg using your spear."Bookmark here

"Ok, got it." Takagi saysBookmark here

Takahiro then continues,Bookmark here

"As for you, Nanao, you just have to crystalize The Bear."Bookmark here

Nanao nods nervously and says, "Okay, I will try."Bookmark here

Takagi covers the tip of the knife and spear with poison.Bookmark here

Nanao gets ready to use her magic at any moment.Bookmark here

All of them jump down quietly to see where The Bear is currently.Bookmark here

They spot The Bear, Takahiro signals Takagi to attack The Bear.Bookmark here

Takagi runs toward The Bear and throws the knife; it hits the left hand of The Bear and The Bear screams in pain. He hurries and thrusts his spear into The Bear's left leg.Bookmark here

Takagi then pulls back his spear and retreats.Bookmark here

The bear starts to wobble.Bookmark here

Taking advantage of this, Nanao runs close to The Bear and touches The Bear.Bookmark here

"Crystal Magic: Clear Prison!"Bookmark here

The Bear gets trapped in a crystal. Takahiro then runs in with full speed and punches the crystal, the crystal breaks but the bear is unscratched from that.Bookmark here

All of them start to worry.Bookmark here

"Nanao! Use your magic on The Bear's right arm and right leg!" Takahiro shoutsBookmark here

"Okay!" Nanao saysBookmark here

Nanao jumps toward The Bear but The Bear moves to the left and dodges her attack. She lands behind The Bear, She then turns around in a swift motion and jumps toward The Bear again, this time she didn't miss, using her left hand to crystalize The Bear's leg and the right hand to crystalize The Bear's hand.Bookmark here

The Bear can't move anymore. Almost Half of The Bear's body is crystallized and the other half is poisoned.Bookmark here

"Now is my chance!" Takahiro says while running towards The BearBookmark here

"Hardening Magic: Iron Arms!"Bookmark here

Takahiro turns his hands into Iron, He then jumps and hits The Bear in the head. The Bear's head comes lower to the ground. Takahiro then punches The Bear in its jaw as hard as he can. The Bears fly's back a few feet and land on its back.Bookmark here

"YES!" Takagi saysBookmark here

"That was scary." Nanao says.Bookmark here

"Still, we managed to beat i-" While Takahiro is talking suddenly a magic circle appears beneath their feet.Bookmark here

"What the-"Bookmark here

Then they find themself in the coliseum again.Bookmark here

"Congratulations, you guys have passed the examination!" The announcer says to them.Bookmark here

They are quite shocked by this. They didn't think that the test will end this soon.Bookmark here

"Go and take some rest in the waiting room." The announcer says to them.Bookmark here

"Okay, thanks." Nanao says to the announcerBookmark here

"I can't see Roy, is he still in the illusion?" Takagi thinks out loudBookmark here

"Who is Roy? Your friend?" Takahiro asks.Bookmark here

"Yeah, I thought he would be out by now." Takagi replies.Bookmark here

"Let's go to the waiting room for now." Nanao suggestsBookmark here

Takagi and Takahiro nods in agreement.Bookmark here

To Be Continued...Bookmark here

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