Chapter 223:

Chapter 223: Final Round. Match Four - Kurt vs Yoru

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 223: Final Round. Match Four - Kurt vs Yoru

*The rest of both teams leave the arena*

Yoru: With my ghostly powers, you don’t stand a chance.

*Kurt confidently smiles*

Kurt: You might just be surprised.

Zonbi: I know what to do for this fight!

*Zonbi snaps her fingers. The arena begins to change. A lot of the tiles of the arena begin to lower and form a zombie pit. The tiles that are still raised make out an X shape*

Zonbi: You may begin!

*Yoru flies directly towards Kurt who then dodges by jumping to a different platform. Kurt releases a bunch of large Aura Claws at Yoru but Yoru vanishes completely*

Kurt: Is it teleportation!? Or did she become invisible!?

*Kurt is then struck across the face and then is immediately struck across his body multiple times*

Kurt: No doubt about it! She is invisible! Aura Field!

*Kurt’s aura creates a 10-foot radius of his magic around him. The next time the invisible Yoru comes in for the attack, his aura detects her and an Aura Fist punches her which knocks her down into the zombie pit. After taking the hit, Yoru is no longer invisible but has regained her balance before falling all the way to the bottom*

*Kurt jumps down after her by the time she regains her balance*

Kurt: Flame Aura Punch!

*Yoru does not have enough time to dodge and is hit by Kurt’s attack which knocks her down to the bottom of the zombie pit*

*Kurt lands in the zombie pit but most of the zombies are trying to get Yoru who is on her back, though she is still completely covered by the dark blanket. Ghostly hands come out of it and grab the zombies and throw them at Kurt*

Kurt: Oh crap!

*Kurt uses multiple Aura Fists to punch them all away. He then rushes past more zombies to get to Yoru with the intent to completely cover Yoru in his aura magic. Before he can, the dark blanket flies towards Kurt and covers the top half of his body. Kurt struggles to get it off of him as the blanket does its best to stay attached to him*

Kurt: What is this!?

*The woman underneath the blanket is now revealed. She is a 6-foot-tall woman. She has black hair with white strands in a bun. Her eyes are slanted. She is wearing a black dress*

Yoru: Your magic is a good counter to mine. How annoying. Most people I fight don’t even get past my invisibility phase.

*The ghostly hands coming off her body reform into ghostly piranhas and go after both Kurt, who still has the blanket covering him, and the zombies coming after her. The piranhas begin biting the zombies to pieces. Then the piranhas go after Kurt and start biting him*

Kurt: Aaaahh!!!

Yoru: Just let it happen. The sooner you do, the sooner you will die and the pain will end.

Kurt: No!! Aura Eruption!!

*A volcanic eruption of aura starts from Kurt’s body and it blows off the ghostly piranhas and the dark blanket covering him. A lot of zombies also burn to death. Yoru is able to dodge all of the lava rocks falling from above. She then yawns as the eruption stops. Most of the zombies in the bottom pit are now dead*

Yoru: All you did was prolong the suffering you will endure.

Kurt: No, because I’m going to win it here!

*Kurt charges up his magic to very high levels*

Kurt: Time to show you Aura Tidal Wave!

*A massive wave of aura forms and rises behind Kurt. Yoru does feel a little nervous*

Yoru: Oh? Is this your ultimate attack?

Kurt: Now go away!

*The tidal wave crashes down in the pit and eliminates all remaining zombies. Yoru is also caught in it. The aura wave continues to fill up the pit until it reaches the main arena floor. Kurt rises to the top and jumps back onto the arena floor. He looks down into the pit completely filled with aura magic*

Kurt: I hope you enjoyed that.

*Suddenly, part of the aura turns dark and Yoru jumps out of it and back onto the arena. She is clearly damaged from the attack but has no life-threatening injuries*

Yoru: I suppose it was interesting.

*Kurt is shocked*

Narrator: Yoru has survived what could be Kurt’s strongest attack? Is there any hope for him to win?

Chapter 223 END

To be Continued in Chapter 224: Haunting From the Shadows