Chapter 224:

Chapter 224: Haunting From the Shadows

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 224: Haunting From the Shadows

*Kurt shakes off his shock and jumps onto the platform that Yoru stands on*

Kurt: Max Flame Aura Punch!

*Kurt does a fully charged flame aura punch to Yoru’s face. The attack does not even knock Yoru back and it just leaves a burn mark on her face*

Yoru: You looked like you gave it your all for that attack to it and it barely did anything to me. If you continue to fight, I have to question whether or not you are suicidal.

Kurt: Don’t mock me!!

*Yoru stares at Kurt for a few seconds before releasing a lot of ghostly hands that lift Kurt off the ground*

Yoru: Foolish. A mortal should just stay out of this conflict.

Kurt: What?

Yoru: Do you really think that you, a mere human with demon implants, will have any effect on which side wins?

Kurt: Who are you!?

Yoru: Perhaps I have said too much.

*Kurt turns his aura sharp and cuts through the ghostly hands which frees him. He then lands on a platform*

*Kurt powers his magic up to his limits and then jumps towards Yoru, He thrusts his fist forward with the sharp powerful aura right into Yoru’s stomach. The attack cuts through and leaves a hole in Yoru’s stomach. Kurt then moves his arm from left to right and completely cuts off the lower half of Yoru’s body*

Kurt: You underestimated me!

*Kurt looks excited but then turns to shock as he sees the upper half of Yoru’s body float while the bottom half turns to goop*

Yoru: Do you feel good now?

Kurt: How can you live after just being cut in half!?

Yoru: There is an explanation but I don’t plan on telling you. I have already given away too much.

*Yoru holds out her hands and grabs Kurt’s head*

Yoru: Let me bring you to torment.

*Suddenly, Kurt finds himself in his own mind and is in a destroyed town and there is heavy rain. Yoru appears*

Yoru: My power is now continuously decreasing so I guess I will toy with you for a bit.

*Kurt stares at Yoru but suddenly she is behind him and as he turns around, she starts punching him continuously. She finishes by punching him into the ground*

Yoru: I’m haunting you now.

*Kurt gets up but Yoru just flies around the area getting in one strike after another*

Kurt: (Thinking) I’m unable to get a hit in on her but her strikes are hurting less and less after each one. I guess her power really is decreasing.

*Yoru stops and floats high up. She holds her hands out and forms a large black ball of energy*

Yoru: I guess I have to finish it now with my power now lower than yours.

*Yoru throws the black ball of energy at Kurt*

Kurt: I can do this!

*Kurt pushes his aura out in front of him. The black ball crashes into his aura and they struggle against each other. The black ball ends up being caught in Kurt’s aura and he uses his aura to throw it back at Yoru. Yoru does not even try to dodge*

*Yoru takes a direct hit and it causes an explosion of darkness to happen. After the explosion clears, Yoru starts to disintegrate*

Yoru: Ha, I will give you credit for that but don’t think this is the end of me.

*She now has completely disintegrated*

*Kurt is now freed from his mind and sees that Yoru’s entire body has turned to goop*

Zonbi: It looks like Kurt has won.

*Zonbi does not sound enthusiastic. The crowd doesn’t know what to think since they did not see what happened in Kurt’s mind*


Narrator: Somewhere at an unknown location.

*Somewhere in a dark-lit dining room with a fancy design, what appears to be Yoru is sitting at a table and drinking wine*

*Someone else walks into the room. It is Gen*

Gen: What are you doing in here alone, Sherra?

Narrator: Yoru’s true identity. Demon of Hell – Sherra.

Sherra: I had sent a Fraction of myself to go to participate in the Chaos Tournament.

Gen: Oh? Is that so?

Sherra: Yes. Also, what was the name of the human you wanted to crush?

Gen: His name is Kurt.

Sherra: Thought so. My Fraction, which I gave the undercover name of Yoru, just fought him.

Gen: How did it go?

Sherra: Kurt won but I sort of only gave a half-assed attempt at winning at the end. I know how badly you want to kill him for what he did.

Gen: How kind of you to not kill him so I can do it myself. Did you show yourself?

Sherra: I ended up having to but I don’t think anyone knew my true identity. Maybe Zonbi might have but Sasha had left Hell at a very young age so she probably doesn’t recognize me. So why are you here?

Gen: The Dark Goddess has called for a meeting with her Council of Demons. She wants all members of the council to be there. I can tell you that I will be attending. Do you have any scheduling “conflicts”? You need to be there too.

Sherra: No, I do not. I will be there. What about all the other council members?

Gen: I am in the process of checking with the others. I know that Korobu will certainly attend once he is done executing Poleon so it won’t start until he gets back. The others, I don’t know yet. However, we are among the strongest demons in Hell. There is no reason that any member should miss the meeting.

Sherra: Speaking of the council, I hear we are getting a new member.

*Gen smiles*

Gen: Oh yes, we are.

Narrator: Yoru was actually an undercover member of the Dark Goddess’s Council of Demons! Three members of the council are known: Korobu, Gentorious, and Sherra. Just how many other members are there and what are they like?

Chapter 224 END

To be Continued in Chapter 225: Final Round. Match Five - Sasha vs Izado