Chapter 222:

Chapter 222: Storm Lord Eyes

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 222: Storm Lord Eyes

Kudo: Those eyes… I have heard of them before. Those are Storm Lord Eyes. It increases the power and precision of storms. Oh man, this going to be even more fun!

Joe: (Thinking) Storm Lord Eyes? I remember at the Temple of the Light Goddess when I was hearing those voices in my head, one of them mentioned “Storm Lord”. I don’t know what it all means but I’ll have to figure that out later!

*Joe begins standing up and he stares at Kudo. His eyes glow and then Kudo can feel his hair start to rise and then he jumps out of the way at the last second as lightning strikes where he was standing*

Kudo: (Thinking) That was close. So his eyes glow whenever he does a precision weather attack and there is a delay before the attack hits, at least with the lightning strike.

*Joe raises his arms up and looks up. His eyes glow*

Joe: Start this hurricane!

*Heavy winds and rain start to envelop the arena*

*One of the giant pinballs starts rolling towards the flippers where Joe is. Joe makes a swoosh motion with his arms and powerful winds blow the pinball towards Kudo. Kudo jumps to avoid the pinball*

*Joe’s eyes glow*

Kudo: Damn!

*Kudo is struck by Joe’s Precision Lightning Strike (PLS) and is blown down to the ground. Joe starts running towards him. Kudo gets up and also runs towards Joe. They both attempt to punch the other but their punches collide together and end in a draw*

*Joe’s eyes glow*

*Kudo smiles and grabs Joe and pulls him back which causes Joe to get caught in the PLS instead which damages him. Kudo then proceeds to punch Joe rapidly and then head-butts Joe on the forehead. Finally, Kudo kicks Joe away towards the “front” of the pinball machine*

Kudo: Sorry about making you take a hit from your own attack. Perhaps be a little more careful when using it.

*Joe stands up*

Joe: You got a point there… But careful won’t win me this fight!

*Joe’s eyes glow and then a large release of flooding rain waters go forward from Joe’s position, sweeping across the rest of the arena. The two giant pinballs get swept up too. Kudo smiles as he sees the flooding waters head toward him*

Kudo: A flood? Interesting.

*Kudo forms two yellow transparent diamonds and throws them at the water and they break into small diamonds in the water. Kudo does get swept in the water but Joe notices the small yellow diamonds are able to flow upstream against the raging waters*

Joe: Not good!

*Kudo finally is knocked back against the “back” wall of the pinball machine*

Kudo: You won’t be able to dodge them.

*A giant pinball that was swept up comes crashing against Kudo*

*Joe lets up on the flooding waters and tries to avoid the small diamonds that are coming flying out of them but he fails and gets cut up on multiple spots*

*Though the hurricane continues, the floodwaters die down. The pinball that crashed into Kudo moves away and then Kudo pushes himself off the wall. He was heavily damaged by the ball*

*Joe and Kudo now look at each other with both being highly exhausted, having a lot of injuries, and bleeding in many places*

Kudo: *huff huff* My kudo punch is now fully charged… Just need to land one more… hit… *huff huff*

Joe: *huff huff* Don’t act overconfident… You are… in as bad of a shape… as I am… *huff huff*

*They both start slowly limping towards each other*

Joe: I got this…

Kudo: No… I do…

*They reach each other and just look at each other for a few seconds before raising their fists and doing a slow punch. Both of them punch each other’s faces with little power and they both are knocked back just a few steps as the rain continues to fall. They both look at each other and laugh a little and then Joe falls on his back. A few seconds later, Kudo also falls on his back*

*The rain washes away a lot of the blood on their exhausted bodies. At this point the pinball flippers have stopped hitting the pinballs*

Zonbi: It doesn’t look like either of them has the strength to continue fighting.

*The crowd is left confused*

Demon: So then who wins?

*The heroes are confused too*

Zeth: Neither has the strength to pull out a decisive victory. There is no other factor currently in play that could win it for one of them.

Sasha: I think I know how it will be decided.

Emily: Me too. Kudo is going to be awarded the win as much as I don’t want it to happen. Joe fell over before Kudo did.

Zonbi: Well folks, for the first time in our tournament’s history, the winner will not be decided by the opponent’s death or surrender! Kudo outlasted Joe by a few seconds so he shall be this match’s winner!

*The crowd has a mixed reaction. Some just enjoyed the fight but others wanted one of them to die*

*Joe’s hurricane ends and the arena returns to normal. The rest of both teams gather at the arena*

Emily: Joe! Speak to me! Are you alright?

*Joe opens his eyes. They have gone back to normal*

Joe: I’m sorry… I lost the match.

Zeth: Don’t worry about that!

Kurt: He needs medical attention!

*Kudo opens his eyes and gives a thumbs up to Joe*

Kudo: I’m happy. Not because I was given the win, but because I was given the challenge I so desired. I’m pretty banged up so I’m going to have to withdraw from the tournament. You have my thanks.

*Joe looks a little surprised but then gives an appreciative smile and a thumbs up*

*Medics arrive to take them both away. The rest of both teams stare at each other*

Crimson: I thought that boy said he chose strong teammates for me. Yet all three that have fought so far are either dead or too injured to keep fighting. Regardless, all that matters is that I consume you, Zeth. I just hope these last two teammates whittle down your teammates so they don’t interrupt us.

*Zeth looks really angry*

Zeth: I’m so embarrassed that you are technically a part of me!

*Zeth’s consumption desire grows. He tries to keep it under control*

Crimson: It’s more like you are a part of me.

*Crimson looks at his two remaining teammates*

Crimson: One of you go.

*Yoru floats forward* (Appearance Reminder: A female that’s features are hidden underneath a dark blanket. She is also floating so she just looks like a dark floating blanket.)

Narrator: Team “Crimson Heart” – Yoru. Magic Rank – Low A-Rank.

Yoru: I will fight next.

*Kurt steps forward*

Kurt: I will take this one on.

Narrator: The finals are now half over. Can Kurt take on the mysterious Yoru?

Chapter 222 END

To be Continued in Chapter 223: Final Round. Match Four - Kurt vs Yoru