Chapter 102:


The Y-files [GL]

Fien's POVBookmark here

I still sat on the ground in the corner of the stage. I could not believe what had just happened.Bookmark here

Even though Elodie had apologized, it didn't really make me feel any better. What if Mia had not been there? I could not help but think about what would have happened if that were the case.Bookmark here

The place where she hit me still stung on my chest. Bookmark here

When I noticed that Elodie was hurting inside, I wanted to help her, and be there for her. She had been always there for me, and this time I had wanted to be there for her. She had rejected me completely. I could not believe that the girl that I looked up to most, that I saw as my big sister, someone who I aspired to be like, had hurt me like that.Bookmark here

I looked around me and noticed Mia was taking Elodie away. Eline started talking to Claire, I could see she was panicking. I felt lonely. I was a little surprised that of all people it was Anna who had walked up to me and crouched in front of me. It felt a bit out of the blue, but she gave me a big hug. Almost instantly, I started crying. I had not realized I was in desperate need desperate of a hug. “There, there, my dear.”Bookmark here

She was comforting me. It felt nice to have a warm shoulder to cry on. So far that had always been Elodie for me. That realization released a second bout of tears.Bookmark here

“You shouldn't take what happened too personally. She will need you, sooner than you think.” Anna said.Bookmark here

“But I only tried to help!” I started bowling again.Bookmark here

“I know dear, I know. But Elodie is going through some really heavy stuff, and I am pretty sure you accidentally touched on something she hasn't made clear to herself. She most likely reacted unconsciously feeling cornered.” Anna explained to me.Bookmark here

“What do you mean?”Bookmark here

Anna sat next to me and started explaining to me that when somebody is going through a tough time, they repress a lot of emotions because there is no time to process them consciously and that when you touch on one of those, the person in question may react with the basic fight or flight mechanism. If the person feels cornered it would most likely be the fight reaction like we just witnessed. Rational thought does not come into it at that point. Then, Anna explained how our brain does not make a difference between physical and psychic stress.Bookmark here

I looked at Anna full of admiration. She truly was a professional psychologist, wasn't she? I had much to learn if I ever wanted to be on her and Claire's level. I would do my best for this new course and surpass both of them, I swore to myself.Bookmark here

“But didn't I just ruin things in that case? I don't want Elodie to hate me!” That would be the worst possible thing. If Elodie hated me.Bookmark here

“I am sure she is worried more about you hating her at this moment. ” Anna said.Bookmark here

I nodded, I just had to make sure I was there for her when she needed me.Bookmark here

Seeing my determination Anna nodded approvingly and said “Just, let her know you are still there for her but don't force anything on or from her. I am sure she will come to you when she's ready.”Bookmark here

Then Anna patted my head. “I'm glad you got your spirit back, and are laughing again. Things would just not be the same around here without your smile.”Bookmark here

I basked a little in Anna's pats and her compliment before it got all a little too much to me. So I got up and ran to Valerie, who was talking to Maria.Bookmark here

Oops, I hadn't noticed they were rehearsing a part of the play, and Ms. Stick was even watching... But Valerie took it in stride.Bookmark here

“Tybalt, what urgent business brings you to my chambers?”Bookmark here

Valerie looked at me with big questioning eyes, I felt my heart beat faster. Since I became Tybalt the second I entered the scene, she was my younger cousin, so why was this having such an effect on me? Bookmark here

Well, no matter, play along. Always keep acting. Ms. Stick had said that these situations should always be acted out until the end, that way we would be prepared if something like this happened on stage during a performance.Bookmark here

“Mercutio took off with Romeo again, so I thought you might be lonely with only your nurse to keep you company.” I blurted out.Bookmark here

“Ara ara, are you proposing to keep us company in my chambers, cousin dear?”Bookmark here

Maria and I instantly started blushing at her innuendo, and I said “Milady Juliet, I hope you don't speak that kind of language outside of the manor. If that ridiculous Casanova of a Mercutio or Romeo would hear you, your chastity might be in danger!” That was something an older cousin in the past would say, was it not?Bookmark here

“Mercutio and Romeo again. You get an offer from two girls, and you think of two boys. Hmph!”Bookmark here

Valerie acted like she pushed me out of the door and closed it in front of me.Bookmark here

I heard a lot of laughs coming from around me. I hoped I did not say anything stupid. I noticed Valerie was suppressing her own laughter.Bookmark here

“Note that down. We are keeping it!” Ms. Stick said. She had arrived too in the meantime.Bookmark here

“Fien, you are growing at an amazing rate as an actor. I'm really proud that my guidance is working for you. Unlike for others.” Ms. Stick said while she glared at Claire.Bookmark here

“Oh yes, Thea said to say hi, and to tell you that she would be a little late due to work!” Anna interrupted her.Bookmark here

The name of Thea put a weird smile on Ms. Stick's face. She was obviously looking forward to something.Bookmark here

“Is that so?” she took out her phone and sent someone a message. I suppose that was to Thea.Bookmark here

At that moment the doors banged open, and an out of breath Elodie entered the hall.Bookmark here

I thought she would go straight to Eline, but instead, she came straight to me, and said “Fien, Let's talk for a bit.”Bookmark here

Anna gave me a little wink and nodded at me to go along with Elodie. I was surprised how much Elodie's mood had changed in comparison to earlier. She was back to her vibrant and playful self. What on earth had Mia said or done. Whatever it was, I wanted it too. Eline looked a bit lonely, so Elodie said “I'll come to you, but I did something terrible to Fien, and I hope to fix that first.”Bookmark here

Eline nodded, she looked a little lonely but seemed to understand.Bookmark here

I followed Elodie to the communications department since nobody else was there at the moment.Bookmark here

The moment we were alone, Elodie started apologizing: “Fien, I'm sorry. I lashed my build-up frustrations out at you, and that was wrong of me. I know you were trying to help me, and I know I am supposed to be the older one. Even though I am 18, I acted like a child when I hit you. I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me.”Bookmark here

I wanted to take her hand, but we were interrupted by a shout “You did what?!” Maura popped up from behind one of the computers. She was wearing super cute pink glasses with a unicorn in the frame. I never knew she wore glasses. Let alone such cute ones. Elodie and I stood there perplexed.Bookmark here

Maura seemed to realize her mistake, flushed red, and took off her glasses.”N-nevermind the glasses. What is this that I hear about you hurting Fien? I've noticed how Fien always runs after you like a puppy and admires you like a goddess, and then in return, you hit her? You don't deserve her!”Bookmark here

Not that I would word it like that, and there might be some truth in it, but hearing it come from someone else's mouth like that, really was embarrassing.Bookmark here

Elodie answered her “I know I did something wrong, and that she might not ever forgive me, but I came to her to ask for her forgiveness. Then she turned to me, and said “I will tell you everything that has been bothering me.”Bookmark here

“But I will stay. Anything that happens to Fien concerns me too!” Maura interjected. For a strange reason, I started feeling really hot. Maura was something else when she was being forceful like this. Most of the time when she was with me she was shy and cute.Bookmark here

Elodie changed her gaze from me to Maura and back and then something seemed to click, and she got a smile on her face. “Oh, if that is the case, it's fine by me. Right Fien?”Bookmark here

Why was she asking me, wasn't this about her? I just nodded a bit shy.Bookmark here

Elodie then started explaining everything that had happened what she experienced and what she resolved to do. I was not as surprised as her by Mia's sweet side. After we became friends she became really sweet and we had lots of fun together at the amusement park. I was happy that Elodie got to see that side of Mia too.Bookmark here

“So now, you know everything. I hope you can forgive your niece.”Bookmark here

Of course, I could forgive her. Anna had been right on the money, hadn't she? I felt a bit guilty that I had projected Eline's problems on her too, but Elodie was adamant that that was her own fault.Bookmark here

“To me, you are the big sister I never had. Sisters are bound to fight from time to time, but always make up.” After all, if Claire taught me anything, it was that if you wanted real life to be like in a manga, you had to make it that way yourself.Bookmark here

Elodie looked really relieved after those words and hugged me.Bookmark here

“Ahum!” We looked at Maura who coughed loudly. “I am glad the two of you made up, but I think someone else is waiting for those hugs!”Bookmark here

Elodie looked up at her and nodded. She left the room again in a hurry leaving me alone with Maura.Bookmark here

Maura walked over to me all worried, and said “Does it still hurt?”Bookmark here

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