Chapter 10:


My Devil Is A Beautiful Female

[Roy POV]Bookmark here

The Lion jumps towards Roy but Roy can't do anything to defend himself from The Lion.Bookmark here

'NO!' Renjii screams inwardly.Bookmark here

'So, this is how it ends, huh.' Roy thinks to himselfBookmark here

When the moment is critical, the Lion gets stopped by a wall made out of sand.Bookmark here

'Huh?' Roy thinksBookmark here

"Hah, you guys can't even take care of yourselves for a single moment without me." Mio says with a shivering voice.Bookmark here

Mio rushes over to them. The both of them get their movements back.Bookmark here

"Thanks, Mio, you saved us!" Renjii saysBookmark here

"So, what should we do now? Do we fight that thing?" Mio says while looking at The LionBookmark here

"Obviously we have to fight. What other choice do we have?" Roy says with a deep voice.Bookmark here

"But, how can we fight that thing. We are no match for it." Renjii saysBookmark here

"Mio, you have the ability to control sand, right?" Roy asksBookmark here

"Yeah?" Mio saysBookmark here

"Then do something to trap The Lion in place." RoyBookmark here

"Okay, then what?" Mio asksBookmark here

"Just do what I say." Roy orders MioBookmark here

"Ughh, fine" Mio repliesBookmark here

"And Renjii, do you have any sharp objects?" Roy asks RenjiiBookmark here

"Yeah, I have some daggers." Renjii repliesBookmark here

"Nice, then distract The Lion's attention while I attack him." Roy saysBookmark here

"Okay." Renjii says to RoyBookmark here

"Mio, do it!" Roy shoutsBookmark here

"Sand Magic: Sand Hands!"Bookmark here

Multiple hands come from the ground and grip onto The Lion's legs.Bookmark here

The Lion struggles to move. But The Lion is only able to free two of his front legs.Bookmark here

"Renjii!" Roy saysBookmark here

"Got it!" Renjii replies.Bookmark here

Renjii takes out his daggers and throws them into the air. Then he casts telekinesis onto those daggers and they start to levitate in the air.Bookmark here

As he moves his hand, the daggers start to go towards The Lion and simultaneously attack The Lion as if the daggers have a mind of their own.Bookmark here

As the daggers are attacking him The Lion uses its front two legs to reflect the daggers.Bookmark here

Meanwhile, Roy starts to concentrate large amount of mana on his hand.Bookmark here

"What are you trying to do, Roy?" Mio asksBookmark here

"I am trying to create a big enough fireball to burn that bastard to ashes." Roy saysBookmark here

"How much time will it take to complete it? I can't hold him down forever." Mio says with a struggling expression.Bookmark here

"It's almost done." Roy replies and he suddenly feels his heart throbbing really fast as the pain increases.Bookmark here

Renjii says, "Hurry up, Roy. My mana is almost used up."Bookmark here

"It's done. Mio, Renjii fall back!" Roy screams.Bookmark here

Both of them start running in the opposite direction.Bookmark here

Roy gives an evil smirk and jumps up in the air. He throws the fireball towards The Lion. Then he retreats towards Mio and Renjii.Bookmark here

The Lion looks up sees a big fireball coming towards him. The Lion struggles to move out of the away but he is unable to move because of the sand hands that is holding him.Bookmark here

The fireball directly hits The Lion and a big explosion occurs. After the explosion smoke fills up the surrounding area, making it impossible to see anything.Bookmark here

"Damn, that explosion was huge!" Renjii comments after seeing what had happened in front of him.Bookmark here

"That did the job for sure, right Roy?" Mio saysBookmark here

*pant* *pant*Bookmark here

Roy isn't able to reply because of the pain and exertion.Bookmark here

At that moment, the smoke starts to disappear. Then they see The Lion is heavily wounded!Bookmark here

Before they can prepare for anything, they see a big energy blast coming their way. It is like a laser beam that is being shot out of The Lion's mouth.Bookmark here

"NO!!" Mio shoutsBookmark here

As the energy blast is only a few meters away, they think everything is over but all of a sudden the energy blast stops right in front of their faces.Bookmark here

"What! It stopped?!" Renjii says while shiveringBookmark here

"Huh?" Mio expressesBookmark here

Suddenly a magic circle appears beneath their feet. They find themselves in the coliseum again.Bookmark here

"Congratulations, you guys have passed the test." The announcer says.Bookmark here

*Thud*Bookmark here

Both Mio and Renjii fall on their knees.Bookmark here

"Hah, I thought...I was going to die…" Mio says with a relieved look.Bookmark here

Roy is lying on the ground, barely keeping his consciousness.Bookmark here

"You guys are the last one to come out." The announcer says.Bookmark here

"The last one? I thought we all had to survive a certain amount of time." Mio says to the announcer.Bookmark here

"Well, yes. But those who defeated all the monsters before the timer was over, came here first." The announcer explains.Bookmark here

"Ohh, I see." Mio replies.Bookmark here

"Now, get some rest before they announce the qualifiers." The announcer says to them.Bookmark here

Mio and Renjii stand up but Roy is still lying on the floor. Seeing Roy lying on the floor, Renjii bends down and helps Roy get up. Renjii puts one of Roy's arms and puts it over his shoulder to support him.Bookmark here

"Thanks." Roy says to Renjii.Bookmark here

-Bookmark here

-Bookmark here

Thirty minutes or so have passed.Bookmark here

Every waiting room has a television inside of it. The television is turned on. On the screen of the television, they see the announcer.Bookmark here

*Attention, please. Today we have 'five special guests' with us. Allow me to introduce them."Bookmark here

"Here we have Shinzo Abe! The thirtieth Supreme King! On his left are Fumio Kishida and Wakatsuki Reijirō. On his right side, we have Atsushi Sho and Natsumi Kiko."Bookmark here

"Gramps!?" Roy says while he is laying down on a bed, watching the Television.Bookmark here

Takagi also has the same reaction seeing his Grandpa.Bookmark here

"And Now, We will now announce the winners. If your name is called, come to the arena. First place goes to...Bookmark here

To be Continued…Bookmark here

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