Chapter 1:


Voyage of Dreams [Improv Collab]


The sound of a blade's tip being driven through the neck of some sort of oversized grassland tiger. A fountain of blood gushes from the puncture.

The man that delivered that lethal blow wields a stick with a metal tip on the end and wears nothing but a t-shirt, shorts, and a scarf.

There's also some kind of purple disc floating to the mans side that bears a compass-like needle on it's face.

The disc was pointing to the tiger.

But now it's dead.

Now, it faces in the direction of some craggy mountains off in the distance.

A deep, metallic voice resonates from the disc.

"The direction I'm pointing is your next destination. Head over there."

"Must I? I've been wondering around wherever you tell me to go with no memories about my self for two months now. Killing monsters and saving towns is fun and all, but I want to know who I am...who I was."


The disc remains silent. The man thinks it didn't hear him properly.

"What colour is grass?"

"It's green. Are you colorblind?"

"Why dont I remember anything about myself?"


Maybe it can't answer questions it couldn't possibly know the answer to. Lets test that.

"How many blades of grass are in this entire flatland?"

"Hmm. Gimme a second....25268732300, give or take."

"Ok so you you're just avoiding questions regarding myself?"


"The direction I'm pointing is your next destination. Head over there."

This disc may be the key to discovering the truth, so he complies.

"Well, I don't have anything better to do."

The unnamed man now journeys towards the mountains, as instructed by the strange talking disc.

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