Voyage of Dreams [Improv Collab]

A heavenly battlefield where mythical beasts roar. At times, an adventure across the sands of time. At times, an enchanted wonderland beyond the realm of humanity. Endless possibilities bloom from the depths of Leo's heart, and yet, he cannot reach that colorful world.

As a young boy goes on an endless voyage across the infinite universe, will humanity ever find a place to call home once again?

Voyage of Dreams is a collaboration between ten talented authors from the Honeyfeed community. Check out their work!

Ana Fowl (
Feinerine (
Jio Kurenai (
Lieze (
Mk_Indra (
Riri R. Palette (
Run (
Stella Procella (
TrinityNovels (

UpdatedDec 03, 2018
Writing StatusOngoing