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My real name is Eris, I 16 year old high school student desu!

I am currently the writer of worthless demon lord of KOUHAI-KUN, I made a new account because I forgot my password because of it, so I am gonna continue it with this account to make it even better for everyone to read and easier to understand.

BTW I am a boy desu so dont judge my taste of having a romance thing on me desu...
And having my waifu as pic Desu!

registered at: Mar 09, 2019

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Worthless Demon Lord!

Updated: Mar 14, 2019
Chapters: 1

Every 400 years of in an advance world magic has been found to exist. How because of a DEMON LORD who have enjoyed the world itself and approved it. Moving on every 400 years there 7 people who are selected to be the demon lord candidate, these have each of a kind, elf, succubus, goblin, d...