Chapter 233:

Chapter 233: Command of the Crow Beak Divine Killers

Beyond The Stars

Author's Note: This is the first chapter of the ninth arc. This is the Corruption Arc.

Chapter 233: Command of the Crow Beak Divine Killers

Narrator: As the Chaos Tournament was ending, a secret meeting was taking place.

*A large number of people wearing black uniforms are gathered and sitting in a theater-like room. While waiting, they talk amongst themselves*

Talking People: “I heard this was going to be an important meeting.” “It certainly is rare for so many of us to be gathered in one place.” “My guess is we are finally going to make our move.”

*Above the stage is a large front-facing Crow head with red eyes. Someone comes on stage and walks up to the podium. It is a man who looks like he is in his 20s. He has short gelled-back gray hair. He wears a black trench coat and wears military-style boots. He is just above 6 feet tall*

Narrator: Second-In-Command of the Crow Beak Divine Killers – Haunch Lowsly.

Haunch: Before I begin, let me introduce myself to those who have not seen me before. My name is Haunch Lowsly and I am the second-in-command of Crow Beak. Or if you prefer to use our organization’s other name, the Divine Killers.

*The people in attendance give applause*

Haunch: Hold your applause. You all have been summoned to this meeting because we have new intel and we need to tell you the future plans of our organization. For that, the leader of our organization shall talk to you.

*Someone else then begins walking on stage toward the podium. The man walking in front of the podium is Goma, the one that was previously known as the only A-Rank human in the country of Harmone.

Narrator: Leader of the Crow Beak Divine Killers – Goma.

*Goma is wearing a buttoned black uniform with a front-facing crow with red eyes (the official emblem of the Crow Beak Divine Killers) pin on it. He is also wearing military-style boots*

Goma: I welcome you all here. Over the past six months, I have been doing research and compiling a lot of data that we have gathered. It is with sadness that I say that humanity’s greatest threat, divine beings, have been living here on Earth right under our noses.

*The crowd gasps*

Goma: I have learned that a son of the Light Goddess and a daughter of the Dark Goddess have been living here almost their whole lives.

*The crowd gasps even more*

Goma: These two that I am referring to go by the names of Zeth and Sasha.

*A projector activates and shows a picture of both of them*

Goma: I actually met these two divine beings nearly 2 full years ago but I did not realize they were divine beings. I have a source that passed along information to me stating that they have human fathers and that while they don’t receive many traits from their human fathers, they do not give off a vibe of being divine. You could be right next to them and not get any sort of impression that they are divine. This allows them to blend in with the mortal world. Only when they use their magic does that divine vibe kick in. It’s time we do something about this. They are our top targets now and we need to take them out.

*Goma begins to raise his voice*

Goma: And we will do just that! We have the ability to take these divine scums head-on! There is another reason we must take them out quickly! My source also tells me they are quite close! What if these disgusting creatures breed!? They would produce a child that has the powers of both light and dark! It would be unstoppable! So I’m asking all of you here, and all of those that are already set to carry out the mission in other parts of Harmone, to join me in taking out this massive threat! Will you join me!?

Everyone: Yeah!!!

Goma: We will send a message to both goddesses not to mess with us by executing their children!!

*Everyone stands and cheers*

Goma: Now get back into your squads where you will receive instructions on the plan! We’re heading out!

*The audience continues to cheer and gives him a big round of applause*

Goma: Together, we will destroy this threat to humanity!!

*As the audience begins to leave the room, Goma and Haunch walk backstage where Goma finds his daughter. She looks about the same age as Zeth. She is almost 6 feet tall and has black hair in a ponytail. She is wearing casual clothing*

Narrator: Goma’s Daughter – Dayna.

Dayna: Father, be careful.

Goma: I will, Dayna.

Dayna: Even though you’re the most powerful human around these parts, you’re fighting gods. It worries me.

Goma: I will be sure not to underestimate them. I will use all of my power.

Haunch: We also have a trump card against them.

Goma: I have no intentions of dying in the battle but should I die before completing my goals, I want you to see them through.

*He smiles and continues walking. Dayna stares with wide eyes*


Narrator: One might be wondering where this meeting took place. Let’s take a look outside… Oh, but wait. Going out through the side just puts us in the dirt… Let’s go up.

*It turns out that the meeting was taking place underground beneath the A-Rank Magic Club building in Flagron Town. Goma has been using the A-Rank Magic Club as his base of operations*


Narrator: It is now a few days after the end of the Chaos Tournament and it is now January 1st, Year 120.\

*The six heroes enter the wide-open room in the Temple of the Light Goddess. Harmona comes down from the open hole in the ceiling with a lot of divine light coming out of it*

Harmona: I’m glad you are all here. Zeth, are you ready to come home for the first time since you were a baby?

Zeth: Yes, but what about my friends?

Harmona: They can come too.

Zeth: Really?

Harmona: Sasha is divine so no problems with her. Your other friends all have demon modifications to them that allow them to handle being in areas of divine energy. Now come.

*They all step into the light and start to float up into it*

*They then find themselves in Heaven. Zeth is especially wide-eyed. Heaven is filled with brightness and light clouds. The architecture for the roads and buildings has an ancient design. Angels can be seen flying around or walking or anything else*

*Harmona smiles and looks at Zeth*

Harmona: Welcome home.

*Zeth becomes teary-eyed*

Zeth: I haven’t been here since I was a baby *sniff* and yet I already feel at home. *sniff*

*The other heroes smile at Zeth as he starts rubbing his eyes*

Sasha: We’re so happy for you.

Kurt: Our hard work has been paying off.

Emily: We’ve all come so far in these almost 2 years since we met.

Joe: And with all of the momentum, there is no sign of us stopping.

Keith: I can’t even begin to imagine what you are feeling right now.

*Suddenly, the moment is ruined when two angels holding a very injured Zaydra fly in*

Male Angel: Emergency!

*The angels land land*

Harmona: Zaydra! What happened!?

*Zaydra is wounded all over and is very bloody in general*

Zaydra: Poleon... He was way stronger… than we ever could have imagined…

*Harmona and the heroes are shocked*

Narrator: With the massive revelation that Goma has been the leader of the Crow Beak Divine Killers all along, what is the fullest extent of his power and what trump card does he have up his sleeve? Also, what exactly happened in Zaydra's and Korobu’s battle against Poleon?

Chapter 233 END

To be Continued in Chapter 234: Vengeful Guardian