Chapter 239:

Chapter 239: Substance of the Cave

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 239: Substance of the Cave

Narrator: Meanwhile, the other heroes are traveling through a different part of the cave.

Keith: So what exactly are we looking for?

Emily: Anything that can tell us why the demons destroyed the town.

Joe: Look, I see a brighter room up ahead.

*They enter the room. It’s big and is lit with torches. It’s also filled with equipment and broken-off rocks just sitting on the floor. There is a metal ladder that leads to an opening somewhat high up*

Sasha: What’s with the equipment?

Kurt: And what are the rocks for?

Emily: This room has definitely been occupied recently.

*Voices are then heard from the opening*

Voice 1: (Masked Voice) Did you hear something?

Voice 2: (Masked Voice) Yeah, let’s check it out.

*The heroes hear them and prepare themselves. The two people at the opening are Crow Beak Divine Killers soldiers and like all other CBDK soldiers, they wear a crow face mask/helmet that hides their faces*

Soldier 1: (Masked Voice) We have intruders!

*They start shooting their assault rifles and jumping down into the room as more soldiers join them*

Joe: Who are these guys!?

Soldier 2: (Masked Voice) Kill them! We have no need for hostages!

*Emily takes out her X12 Shatter Shotgun. Joe forms lightning bolts in his hands. Sasha summons a bunch of Hellhounds. Kurt creates a few aura arms. Keith begins putting a bunch of magic energy blasts in portals*

*The heroes begin using their ranged attacks while taking cover behind the rocks to avoid getting shot. Emily moves in closer so she can shoot them with her shotgun. She blasts two of them with her shotgun before taking a few shots in her right arm. The wound leaves green goop*

Emily: Gross! What is this stuff!?

*More soldiers are taken out by the heroes’ ranged attacks as well as Sasha’s Hellhounds. However, most of the heroes take shots in various places which leaves green goop. Sasha is the only one who has not taken a hit yet*

*More soldiers just keep coming from the opening. So far, no heroes have any harmful effects from the goop and they keep attacking while being hit more*

*Keith has taken the most shots from trying to get around the room to set up his portals. Eventually, he falls face flat on the ground from all the damage*

Kurt: Keith!

Keith: Damn it… I just need to get the attack off…

*Sasha is closest to him and quickly grabs him and pulls him behind the large rock with her*

Sasha: Be careful, Keith! That was too risky!

Keith: Sorry…

Soldier 1: (Masked Voice) Does anyone have piercing rounds?

Soldier 2: (Masked Voice) I do.

*The soldier loads his 3-round burst rifle with piercing rounds and shoots at the rock Sasha and Keith are behind. Though the bullets go above Sasha’s head, green goop leaks out of the rock from where the bullet exited. The goop leaks onto Sasha’s head and it causes her eyes to open wide as she falls over holding onto her head*

Sasha: This burns so much!!

Keith: Are you okay, Sasha!?

*More leaks onto Sasha’s right leg and then she rolls out of the way holding onto her leg which is starting to glow green in that spot*

Sasha: What is this!?

Emily: (Thinking) She got a little bit on her and now she is in severe pain? I have a lot more on me and it’s nowhere near as bad as she has it! Why is that!?

*The heroes and the soldiers stop their fighting to notice what is happening*

Soldier 1: (Masked Voice) I recognize her face.

Soldier 2: (Masked Voice) Yeah, she is the divine being known as Sasha. It’s our lucky day. Everyone fire at her!

Keith: I won’t let you!

*Keith opens every portal set around the room and magic energy beams release from them. The beams kill the soldiers with direct hits. The explosions were small but powerful. After the smoke clears, there is still one alive but his right leg was blown off*

*Emily walks up to him and grabs the collar of his uniform*

Emily: Talk! What is this green goop!?

Soldier: (Masked Voice) *cough* It is a substance that originates… *cough* in this mountain.

Emily: What exactly is it!?

Soldier: (Masked Voice) How it’s made or what it is made of is unknown to me but what is clear… *cough* is that divine beings are weak to it.

*All the heroes open their eyes wide from that revelation*

Emily: What!?

Soldier: (Masked Voice) Yeah. Just look at your divine friend over there. She is starting to be corrupted. Then look at you. You got the stuff all over you but the only damage you have taken is from the bullets themselves. Mortals only feel slight discomfort from making contact with it. There are no other observed negative effects. So we found a way to fuse them with our bullets and now divine beings fall before our might.

*Emily is becoming increasingly angry*

Emily: And how did you know it would work. I highly doubt there were diving beings available to test on!

Soldier: *cough, then laughs a little* You would be surprised. This stuff was discovered long before we ever found it. You can check the ancient scriptures farther into this cave if you want. Of course, you will get killed by us before that happens.

Kurt: With a crow mask like that, I believe this lines up with Harmona’s description of the Crow Beak Divine Killers.

*Emily looks at the soldier*

Emily: Well!? Are you soldiers part of the Crow Beak Divine Killers!?

Soldier: (Masked Voice) Hmhmhm. Yeah, and with this power, we will end the tyranny of the goddesses!

*He laughs more and Emily’s anger has reached a boiling point. She punches the soldier so hard in the face that his crow mask shatters and he dies*

*Emily stands and looks at her friends. She is furious*

Emily: I think we may know why the demons came to destroy the town. They found out about this stuff and didn’t want anyone to have it.

*Part of Sasha’s hair is glowing green and so is part of her right leg but she seems fine right now*

Emily: Are you alright?

Sasha: For the moment.

Emily: Then let’s continue and find the ancient scriptures!

*They climb up the ladder and continue through the cave. They reach another large lit room that is even bigger than the last one. There are dead CBDK soldiers stacked in piles*

*What shocks Sasha is that standing in the middle of the room is her older sister, Hamura. Hamura is wearing what appears to be a combination of battle armor and a dress and it is red-colored*

Hamura: Hello, my dear sister.

Sasha: What are you doing here!?

Hamura: That’s no way to greet your sister. Look, I even killed all of these soldiers for you and stacked their corpses nicely.

Sasha: Go away! I don’t want—

*She is interrupted by Hamura*

Hamura: Zeth is in this cave and he is being corrupted.

*The heroes are shocked*

Hamura: Good. Now listen to what I have to say.

Narrator: The use of the substance has been revealed! Now, what does Hamura plan to say to Sasha?

Chapter 239 END

To be Continued in Chapter 240: Deity of the Divide