Chapter 240:

Chapter 240: Deity of the Divide

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 240: Deity of the Divide

Narrator: Hamura confronts the heroes!

Sasha: What did you say!? That’s impossible! Zeth is in Heaven right now!

Hamura: WAS in Heaven. Now in this cave. You may have forgotten but I’m a brilliant stalker.

*Sasha looks at Kurt, Emily, Joe, and Keith*

Sasha: You all go ahead. Let me handle her.

Kurt: What are you saying!?

Sasha: Just go.

Hamura: Actually, yes. You all can go ahead. I don’t care. But Sasha stays here.

*The others run past Hamura*

Emily: We will try to find Zeth while we continue.

*After the others continue through the next hall of the cave, Sasha charges her dark magic and launches herself towards Hamura. She throws a strong punch but Hamura just vanishes. The next thing Sasha knows is that Hamura is right behind and Hamura grabs Sasha’s arm and bends it to subdue her*

Hamura: Tisk tisk. You know, if it wasn’t for your Dark Divine Eyes, I would be wondering if you were actually my sister. Just remember, you may be stronger than any mortal but using their training methods will never get you to my level.

*Sasha is angry*

Sasha: What do you want!?

Hamura: Then stop resisting and let me tell you.

*Hamura lets Sasha go. Sasha turns around to face Hamura and listens*

Hamura: As I mentioned, Zeth is being corrupted. It is partially my fault.

Sasha: You are the one responsible for this green goop!?

Hamura: No. That’s all the Crow Beak Divine Killers. But I’m the reason they are making their move. I secretly passed on information to them about you and Zeth. Now they are making a strong move to take you both out.

Sasha: How dare you!

*Sasha charges her magic again and forms a Dark Energy Ball. She throws it but Hamura jumps over and behind Sasha to dodge the ball. The ball hits a wall and explodes but the cave remains intact. Sasha quickly turns around but her arm is grabbed by Hamura*

Hamura: It looks like I need to punish you, my dear sister.

*Hamura gently pokes Sasha on the shoulder and that causes the bone to start to crack and leaves Sasha with severe pain*

Sasha: Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!

*Sasha falls down holding onto her right shoulder*

Hamura: That shows the difference in our power. Trying to actually fight me is pointless. That gentle poke was enough to defeat you. I could have killed you and your friends a long time ago if I wanted to. My curiosity has made me hold off. You live because I allow it. Now to continue. I passed the information on because I wanted to lure those bastards out. It’s such a pain trying to eliminate them individually. The green substance was dubbed “Mortalment” as an abbreviation for Mortal Punishment. As for Zeth, he left Heaven to inform the governor that your friend had been found. Unfortunately for him, the Divine Killers were there and ready to kill him. I passed along that Reign City would be Zeth’s next stop.

Sasha: Why would you do that!?

Hamura: So I could have Zeth eliminate a good number of them. Though, I did not know that the Divine Killers had gotten their hands on the Mortalment… Oops… Mortalment is so little known, even among the divine. In Hell, the only ones that know about it are me, mother, Korobu, and Gentorius. Mother trusts us three the most with that secret. Mother had sent common demons to destroy the town to prevent mortals from finding out but it appears that did not matter. The demons didn’t know why they were sent to destroy the town but they just liked killing mortals. The previous king and queen of the undead had found out about it but they were then executed because they may have attempted a coup d'état with it.

Sasha: (Thinking) Kurt’s suspicions were right.

*Sasha looks curious*

Sasha: So then why hasn’t mother tried using it?

Hamura: Ha! That’s rich! Mother doesn’t need that! She is already the most powerful being around. Her fear of other divine beings having it is that one day they may find a way to use it without destroying themselves. Also, I guess I should mention that the effects are even higher against hybrid divine beings such as yourself.

Sasha: Shouldn’t having some mortal blood lesson the effects!?

Hamura: You would think but no. You see, hybrids are prone to instability. Divine blood and mortal blood are not even. Metaphorically, there is a crack between your divine DNA and your mortal DNA. The corruption seeps into this crack and completely destroys you. It’s not like cutting off a limb. Your mind and body would be destroyed until you die.

Sasha: Then Zeth and I…

Hamura: It’s not too late. It can be healed.

Sasha: Thank goodness!

Hamura: While I’m at it. I want to tell you why I spend so much time in the mortal world. Have you ever heard of the Deity of the Divide?

Sasha: No.

Hamura: The Deity of the Divide is someone even most divine beings consider to be nothing more than a myth. Legends say that millions of years ago, there was a deity that was of both light and dark blood. As such, she was on the divide between both. They say that she had shining white hair like an angel but had pointy ears and sharp teeth like a demon. They say she was the daughter of the first-ever Dark God and the first-ever Light Goddess in a time before the two sides hated each other. Remember the Earth is over 4.5 billion years old and yet she was still around just millions of years ago?

Sasha: What is your fascination with this deity?

Hamura: Let me continue. They say that millions of years ago she tried to unite both Light and Dark but her idea was deemed heresy by both sides. The legends never said anything about her dying. She failed to unite the sides and end the chaos between the two sides. She just sort of disappeared. I’m willing to bet she is still alive. She is either hiding in the mortal world somewhere or she needs to be reincarnated to appear if she actually is gone. I have been searching the mortal world for her. I have had no luck so far but I have become quite interested in mortal culture though. If it’s the latter, that’s where you and Zeth come in.

Sasha: What are you talking about?

Hamura: You are dark and Zeth is light. Don’t hide it. You are in love with him. A child between you two would be both. It could end up being the reincarnation of the Deity of the Divide!

Sasha: And which you probably would take my child! I certainly would not trust my child in your hands!

Hamura: You fail to understand, my sister, that getting the Deity of the Divide would finally allow us to end the eternal fighting between Heaven and Hell! She would not fail this time!

*Hamura then uses her magic and creates a magic barrier around where Sasha is sitting*

Sasha: What are you doing!?

Hamura: You just sit tight. I’m going to go retrieve Zeth. After all, I can’t have you two die when the Hell Invasion begins just hours from now.

*Sasha is in shock*

Sasha: Just hours…?

Narrator: Are the legends of the Deity of the Divide true? Is Hamura right in thinking that the Deity of the Divide is hiding in the mortal world? And with the Hell Invasion beginning in just hours, how can it be stopped?

Chapter 240 END

To be Continued in Chapter 241: The Cloaked Man

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