Chapter 247:

Chapter 247: Goma’s Tri-Heads

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 247: Goma’s Tri-Heads

Narrator: Back to Master Dom and his battle against Goma.

Dom: I can’t believe you Goma. You can’t be willing turn yourself into an Enigmus and still be able to claim to hate the divine.

Goma: You fail to understand, Dom, that I am just wiping away the genetic advantage that divine beings have.

*The monstrous eel heads coming out from Goma’s arms and upper back look at Dom with hunger*

Dom: You fool!

*Dom rushes towards Goma while charging his magic. As he gets close, the eel heads start lunging at him. Dom dodges the first eel head, uses his aura magic to block the second eel head, and then he tries to kick Goma but Goma blocks with his arm*

*The third eel head rams into Dom and knocks him back*

Goma: This is going to be much harder for you to win. You know, all of the small lakes surrounding this area would make a good grave for you.

*The eels look at Dom and open their mouths wide. Dom is shocked*

Dom: They can use your Burst Magic!?

*Dom dodges the small burst balls they shoot out at him*

Goma: As you can see, the Tri-Heads that I have obtained from becoming an Enigmus have proved to be very useful in combat.

Dom: Then I will just have to cut them off!

*Dom begins to form his aura into something in both hands. The aura takes the shape of large swords, one in each hand*

Dom: I’m going to cut you down!

*Dom lunges with his swords but Goma jumps back to dodge*

*It turns out that the Dom who lunged at Goma was just a fake made out of Dom’s aura and then the real Dom falls from above and slashes off two of the monstrous eel heads as Goma tries to dodge again*

Goma: You tricked me again! I suppose there is a reason why you are the master of Aura Magic.

*The only remaining eel head is on Goma’s right arm*

Dom: That’s what so great about Aura Magic! You can have seemingly endless tricks up your sleeve once you master it!

*Dom launches himself towards Goma. Goma backflips over Dom’s slash but his eel is still cut off. The backflip leaves Goma behind Dom and Goma follows up by using a burst on Dom’s back which creates a large wound*

*Dom does a 180-degree spin and slashes Goma, leaving a large cut on Goma’s chest*

*They both back up*

Dom: Now those monsters growing out of you won’t be a problem.

Goma: Wrong. They will grow back soon.

Dom: Then I will just have to remove one of your demon hearts!

*Goma raises an eyebrow*

Dom: Don’t take me for a fool! I know the weaknesses of an Enigmus! An Enigmus can’t be detached from the Demon Heart for a long period of time or they will die! You would have an hour at the most! You’re even more vulnerable with five hearts! All it takes is just for the removal of one for you to die!

Goma: Hmph. So I don’t have a knowledge advantage over you. Well, I would just love to see you try and remove a heart!

*Dom changes his Aura Swords into four basketball-sized red orbs of aura that circle around his body*

*Dom begins running in a circle around Goma while Goma tries to predict what Dom is going to do. Soon, one of the orbs flowing around Dom stops and floats in place. After that, Dom launches himself towards Goma from the side. Goma does a quick turn and aims to grab Dom’s neck but his hand is stopped by an orb that then vanishes. Another orb latches onto Dom’s fist as he tries to punch Goma’s gut, but Goma blocks with his arm. However, the orb increases the punch’s power and delivers a lot of damage to Goma’s arm. That orb then vanishes*

*To follow that up, the orb that was left floating around launches itself at Goma’s back and lands a direct hit that weakens Goma’s defense and allows Dom to rapidly punch him. The orb then vanishes*

*Dom finishes his attack with a punch to the face which knocks Goma back. Goma falls on the ground face flat*

Dom: I’m ripping out your demon hearts!!

*Dom launches himself towards Goma. Before he lands on Goma, the monster eel heads from Goma’s back and left arm grow back and one bites onto Dom’s neck. The other one rams itself into Dom’s gut multiple times and deals a good amount of damage*

Dom: Gah!!

*Goma stands up and has the one monster head hold Dom in front of him*

Goma: What a bad position you are in.

Dom: It’s not over…

*Goma punches Dom hard in the gut which causes him to cough up blood*

Goma: You almost had me but your downfall was not knowing when my Tri-Heads grow back. In fact, the one from my right arm is about to grow back.

*The monster eel head from his right arm grows back*

Goma: I will give you a lot of credit for what you did. Those orbs provide both a great defense and a great offense at the same time. I expected no less from the master of Aura Magic. However, now you are in my grasp with no hope of freeing yourself.

*Goma begins punching Dom all over his body, dealing a lot of damage. However, the fourth orb appears in front of Goma’s face and blasts right into him. The hit causes the monster eel head to let go of Dom and it knocks Goma back. Dom wipes some of the blood away*

Dom: Your perception must be lacking. Either you did not notice I created four orbs or you never noticed that while I was running around you, there were only three, even before I let go of one. I took away the physical appearance of one of the orbs while I was running.

*Goma spits out some blood*

Goma: Tricked again… Don’t get cocky. I’m going to win this for humanity!

*Both Goma and Dom charge their magic to high levels*


Narrator: Meanwhile, back in the cave.

*Joe and Emily successfully activate one of the freezing machines. Joe’s left arm is wrapped up after his left arm was broken by Gentorious*

Emily: Now, we need to hurry to Kurt and Keith!

Narrator: Despite his Star-Rank power, Dom is struggling to be in a position to remove one of Goma’s hearts! Can he pull it off? Can Emily and Joe get to Kurt before Gentorious does?

Chapter 247 END

To be Continued in Chapter 248: Big Explosion