Chapter 246:

Chapter 246: Decision of Fear

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 246: Decision of Fear

Gen: I’m so glad to see you.

*Emily and Joe charge their magic and are ready to fight*

Gen: You don’t have to die, you know. Just answer two questions. First, where is your friend, Kurt?

Korobu: And second, where is Zeth?

Joe: We’re not telling you anything!

*Gen shrugs*

Gen: Suit yourself. Korobu, let me handle these two. Don’t waste your power.

Korobu: If that’s what you want, then go ahead.

*Korobu stands back to watch*

*Gen smiles sinisterly*

Gen: Let’s get started!

*Gen charges his own magic and signals for the heroes to attack*

Gen: Come, mortals!

*Emily and Joe rush towards Gen. Emily takes out her Shadow Sword. Joe covers his arms with razor hail*

*Joe launches himself forward and tries to punch Gen with his razor hail-covered arm. Gen jumps to dodge but finds Emily right in front of him, ready to slash him*

Emily: Go back to Hell!

Gen: Just try to make me.

*Gen quickly gut punches Emily, grabs her arm that has the sword, and throws her behind him*

*As Gen lands on the ground, Joe throws powerful lightning bolts at him. Gen easily deflects them with magic that he forms in his hand*

Gen: Sorry, but today’s forecast calls for no storms.

Joe: Damn you!

*Joe tries to punch with his razor hail arm again but Gen spins around him and swipe kicks him away towards where Emily is*

*Joe and Emily get up while Gen starts running towards them. Joe looks at Emily and she nods. Joe starts infusing Emily’s Shadow Sword with his lightning. Black lightning now surrounds the sword*

Emily: Here we go!

Joe: Try to get through this unscathed!

Joe and Emily: Dark Lightning Slash!!

*Emily swings the sword and black lightning is released from it and it heads towards Gen. However, Gen is able to slide on the ground to avoid the first wave. He then immediately transitions to an air roll jump to avoid the lower second wave of lightning*

Emily: No way!

*The lightning continues until it hits a wall and causes a light show*

Gen: That was a very impressive attack. It would have done some damage… had it hit me.

*Gen continues running towards Emily and Joe. They start trying to punch and kick him when he reaches them, however, he easily dodges or blocks them all*

Gen: Hahahahahaha! I can feel your desperation!

*Gen kicks Emily in the face and she is knocked back against a wall unconscious*

Joe: You bastard!

*Joe’s eyes become Storm Lord Eyes which intrigues Gen*

Gen: Are those… Storm Lord Eyes? Interesting.

Joe: I’m going to kill you!!

*Joe rages, however, Gen grabs Joe’s left shoulder and then punches his arm. The bone in Joe’s left arm breaks*

Joe: Aaaaaahhhhhhh!!!

*Joe falls down into a sitting position full of fear and his eyes return to normal*

Gen: Interesting. It seemed as if your body was trying to achieve Blood Form but that should not be possible so perhaps it was something else. But anyway, I need answers so let’s get right to it. Where is Kurt?

Korobu: And Zeth as well.

Joe: I get why you are looking for Zeth but what do you want with Kurt!?

Gen: He still needs to pay for trying to stop me from taking all those Enigmuses that I wanted.

Korobu: I’m amazed you are capable of holding a grudge against a mortal.

Gen: I can’t allow a mortal to defy me and live to tell the tale.

*Gen leans in close to Joe’s face with a sinister grin, causing Joe’s fear to rise even more*

Gen: You better tell me where Kurt is. If you don’t, I won’t just kill you.

*Gen points at the unconscious Emily*

Gen: I will kill that girl. I will kill your family. I will kill everyone in the town you live in. I will kill everyone you care about. BUT, I will spare Kurt.

*Joe’s fear is higher than it has ever been in his life, he is starting to sweat and he has a look of extreme despair on his face*

Gen: So what will it be? Kurt’s life? Or the lives of everyone else you care about?

*Emily starts to wake from her unconsciousness. Joe looks at her for a moment and then back at Gen*

*Joe finally cracks*

Joe: Kurt is in a secret place under the ruins of New Gringe Town!!!

*He bursts out into tears and can’t stop crying*

Joe: And Zeth is somewhere else in this cave!!! I don’t know where exactly!!!

Emily: What the hell are you doing, Joe!!?

*Gen and Korobu smile*

Gen: Thank you for the info. As I promised, I won’t kill you or your friend here.

*Gen and Korobu leave the room. Joe continues to cry loudly*

*Emily walks over to Joe and tears start to roll down her face*

Emily: Why, Joe!? Why!? Why did you sell out our friends!?

Joe: I don’t know!! The fear in my mind was too great to overcome!! How do we have any hope of ever defeating those guys!? They aren’t like anyone we have ever fought up to this point!! They make Kogen look like a joke!! They are beyond us!!

Emily: Damn it! We need to hurry and activate the freezing machine and get back to them before those two do.


Narrator: Meanwhile in the secret area under New Gringe Town.

*Kurt and Keith are trying to find the freezing machine*

Keith: I hope we are actually looking in the right place.

Kurt: I’m sure that we are. We’re going to get this done and then everything will be alright. I’m feeling pretty good about how things are going.

Narrator: Little does Kurt know that Joe has signed his death warrant! Will Kurt be able to avoid Gentorious’s wrath?

Chapter 246 END

To be Continued in Chapter 247: Goma’s Tri-Heads