Chapter 251:

Chapter 251: Zeth vs Goma

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 251: Zeth vs Goma

Narrator: Harmona and a small angel army arrive to help stop the invasion!

Harmona: All of you secure the area! Leave these three to me!

*The angels spread out in different directions*


Narrator: Back to Zeth and Goma.

*Zeth and Goma see Harmona and the others in the distance*

Goma: So Harmona has come down from Heaven? Fate is on my side.

Zeth: You’re such a fool!

Goma: Is that what you think? Let me ask you something. Do you know why our organization symbolizes crows?

*Zeth doesn’t say anything and just continues to angrily stare at Goma*

Goma: In the country of Harforn in the northern continent, there is an old legend that states that if you look at a crow in the face, you are doomed to die soon. The number of times that the crow caws after that determines how close you are to dying. The more caws, the closer you are to death. I was born in Harforn so I’m well aware of its culture. My family moved to this country when I was a pre-teen. Even after moving to this country, that crow legend has stuck with me and so I have modeled this organization after it. You have looked many crows in the face tonight, haven’t you? Your death is close. I hope you are dreading it.

Zeth: Shut the hell up!! I won’t die here!! You have no idea what you are saying!!

Goma: Oh I do. I’m going to kill the goddesses!

*Zeth rushes towards Goma in his anger*

*Zeth tries to punch Goma but he jumps to dodge. Zeth creates and throws a Star Shard at Goma*

Goma: All five demon hearts activate!

*The hearts in his legs activates and his legs turn to rough dark blue skin*

*Goma kicks the shard back at Zeth and it grazes Zeth’s right arm, tearing off some of the skin. Goma lands and rushes towards Zeth with quick speed. Goma kicks Zeth in the gut which knocks Zeth on his back*

*Some angels arrive to assist Zeth*

Male Angel: Prince Zeth, we are here to help you!

Goma: Go away! Dimensional Shift!

*Zeth’s and Goma’s bodies glow white for a few seconds and then return to normal*

Female Angel: He couldn’t have done that…!? Could he…?

*A different angel tries to punch Goma but ends up going right through Goma’s body*

Male Angel: A mortal was able to successfully pull off a dimensional shift!?

Goma: You shouldn’t underestimate mortals. It will bite you in the ass.

Zeth: What has happened!?

Goma: I have changed the dimensional frequencies of our bodies. We can make contact with each other but no one else can do so without changing their dimensional frequency to the same as ours which would take a lot of time to figure out.

Zeth: Something like that is possible!?

Goma: Indeed.

*Zeth gets up*

Zeth: I’m just going to have to tear you apart!!

*Zeth enters into Raging Star Mode, turning his body and aura to a dark red tint, though his corrupted parts are a glowing dark red and green mix*

*Zeth raises his left arm up (past the elbow) and a galaxy appears on his arm*

Zeth: Galaxy Blast!

*Zeth motions his arm upwards and an orange beam shoots upwards from under Goma which damages him and knocks him upwards*

Zeth: I’m going to finish you here so I can destroy Gen!!

*Zeth leaps up towards Goma*

Zeth: Galaxy Fist!!

*Zeth punches Goma in the face and more orange energy is released from the punch. The attack knocks Goma back*

Zeth: I can’t believe you, the strongest human in Harmone that we met early in our journey, is the leader of Crow Beak!!

*Zeth continues running after Goma and he does the arm-raising motion again but this time, Goma is able to dodge the orange beam by backflipping. He then launches himself towards Zeth*

Goma: What’s so hard to believe!? As the strongest human, it only makes sense that I lead humanity in a revolution against the goddesses!!

*Goma doesn’t go directly in front of Zeth but rather to Zeth’s side. As he zooms past Zeth, the monster head coming out of his right arm bites onto Zeth which pulls Zeth with Goma*

*Goma turns around as Zeth is pulled in and he punches Zeth hard in the back, dealing a decent amount of damage. Goma then points his index finger at Zeth’s back and then a point on Zeth’s back bursts. The burst destroys the monster head holding onto Zeth and blows Zeth forward where he falls face flat on the ground with a combination of blood and green goop flowing from the wound*

Male Angel: This is bad! Can any angels around here pull off a dimensional shift!?

Female Angel: I don’t think so! The Dimensional Shift technique is very rare even among divine beings! I can’t believe a mortal can do it!

Male Angel: Let’s look anyway!

*They leave the battle area*

Goma: The corruption has gotten to you good!

*Goma points his index finger at Zeth*

Goma: This will finish it!

*Zeth tries to get up but, as he does, some green goop starts bubbling up from the wound on his back. The goop starts to cover his entire body and this starts to distract Goma*

Goma: What is happening to his body? That is not the effect that corruption is supposed to have.

*Zeth stands up with his back turned to Goma. He is completely covered in green goop*

Goma: Show me your front side.

*Zeth turns around to face Goma. His eyes have become green crocodile-like eyes. Zeth looks furious*

Goma: You combined the corruption with Blood Magic!?

*Zeth leaps towards Goma. Zeth tries to punch Goma but he dodges by jumping back and points his index finger at Zeth. The burst happens at Zeth’s chest. However, the burst only blows off some of the goop which is then replaced by new goop*

*Zeth then lands a punch on Goma and knocks him back. Goma lands and then fully stands up*

Goma: It looks like I’m going to need to use much more power to deal damage with my Burst Magic. That’s fine.

Zeth: I’m going to kill you!!!

Narrator: Zeth has begun his battle with Goma! Zeth has entered Blood Magic influenced by corruption! Will this be helpful or will it end up having negative impacts on Zeth!?

Chapter 251 END

To be Continued in Chapter 252: Harmona vs Hamura, Korobu, and Gentorious