Chapter 109:

A Winged Aqueenian Enters Nun

The Nonpareil of Resh (Act 1)

Dia Mond, the top beauideal of Nun, had a simple mission. Infiltrate the Aqueenian capitol, Quenth, on the day of the conference. She would slip into the building and go along a simple path deliberately kept light on security. From there, she would meet up with an internal agent and get guidance to the war room, where she would kill King Whitlock, and King Fio if opportunity struck.

A timer was placed on her with her ally’s ability, which would teleport her to safety once the count hit zero. It would be difficult since she could not be too early or too late when she performed the regicide. Still, she wasn’t the top beauideal for nothing and accomplished her mission with only minimal trouble.

An unexpected trio was waiting outside and spotted her almost immediately. Not to mention her poor sense of direction almost used up all the available time.

Nevertheless, the mission was accomplished, and Dia was safely teleported out once the timer hit zero. As to where she was teleported, she could not expect.

After leaving the Aqueenian War Room, Dia immediately appeared over a large body of water. She was high up in the air and entered a freefall almost immediately. Her long white hair trailed upward, and her frilly white and black dress rustled in the fall. She spread her two large wings, the black-feathered left and the mechanical prosthetic right, and broke out of her fall. With a couple of flaps of her wings, the beauideal stabilized.

Dia let out a sigh of relief as she used her arm to wipe a cold sweat off her erinite green forehead.

“The middle of the channel; I can’t believe him,” she muttered as she looked around. Her eyes settled on the nation city rather quickly. Even the distance away she had appeared, there was no way to miss the massive glowing buildings.

She flew in view of the city's west side, referred to as Nundy, which was still under construction. The winged Aqueenian flew in low past all the heavy construction equipment and workers putting up buildings with the aid of Needaimus.

Different species made up the ranks of construction workers below her. They were hard at work constructing the city's expansion, but they still took the time to flash a smile at the celebrity as she flew past.

We will have to get back soon; they will want a report. Dia’s Needaimus, X, echoed in her head.

“What is there to report? I went to kill the king, and I did. What’s the next thing on my schedule?”

The white Needaimus on Dia’s arm made a sound like a sigh in Dia’s mind before replying.

Very well. You will need to meet with your agent soon to discuss an upcoming show. He has been trying to call you for days, which you told me to put to voicemail, and had rescheduled this meeting on multiple occasions.

“Great! Please put up the directions,” Dia responded. She stopped listening after X said, ‘meet with your agent.’

X did not reply and simply gave directions. In the beauideal’s vision, she could see a blue dotted line appear in the sky, which turned and weaved around the buildings. All she had to do was follow the line.

“Are you sure about that? I think this way is faster!” Dia said as she flew out of the west part of Nun into its center. The winged Aqueenian ignored the clearly laid out path and started weaving between Nun’s tall buildings.

Stop! Don’t go that way! Turn around! Do you know how hard it is to recalculate when you keep making turns? X began to shout in Dia’s mind, but she ignored her Needaimus.

Down below, there were crowds of all different species and ages. They were dressed in bright, gaudy clothes that might look more suitable at a circus or a masquerade ball in any other setting. As the people below noticed the winged beauideal fly over their heads, they cheered for her.

Dia happily smiled and waved to them as she flew around. She opted to make a couple of rolls and loops to give them a bit of a show.

Since the beauideal ignored giving a regicide status update, she should have arrived at the meeting with her agent with several hours to spare. Instead, she ran into the meeting room 30 minutes late, panting and out of breath.

The agent sighed as he sat at a long table with many chairs set next to it. He was a Hobusian with a light grey tone and a bony crown that resembled three mountain peaks. His hair was dyed blonde and ran down to his neck, and a large circular pair of glasses sat just above his nose.

“And where have you been these last couple of days?” he asked when he saw the panting beauideal.

Dia put up a single finger to indicate the agent would need to hold on a minute. She took several deeper breaths before replying.

“Why is it that we need to have this meeting in such a tall building without an elevator?” she asked, ignoring her agent’s question while taking a seat in one of the chairs. Her wings moved so that they were stretched outward to avoid sitting on them.

“Dia,” her agent replied.

“At least open up a window and let me fly in; I have to go all the way to the ground and then walk all the way back up! I would have been on time if I didn’t have to do all that walking.”

“That’s not true at all!” both Dia’s agent and X spoke in unison, though the former could not hear the latter.

Dia ignored his claims and began to rotate her chair back and forth impatiently.

“So, what did you want to talk about?” she asked hastily.

Her agent took off his glasses and wiped them with a forlorn look on his face. After a moment of silence, he placed them back on his face to reply.

“You’re winning every beauideal face-off, and I’ve started to receive complaints.”

Dia laughed.

“Well, I’m not the number one beauideal in Nun for nothing! Whose complaining, I’ll knock them down a peg or two!”

“Dia, please. If you win every time, the fans will begin to be bored. You could at least stick to a script,” her agent pleaded.

“You’re a funny guy; I’m glad you’re my agent. Is that all you had to say?” Dia said with a laugh. Her agent sighed as he pulled his glasses off again.

“Yes, you may go,” he said in a defeated tone as he began to clean them once again. He had had this conversation many times before and thought letting her leave was better for his blood pressure.

“Great! I think I have an autograph signing to be at in a couple of hours! I better go now, or I’ll be late.” Dia hopped up out of her chair and ran out the door. She stopped for a moment at the top of the stairs and groaned before beginning her descent.