Chapter 110:

A Town Along the Coast

The Nonpareil of Resh (Act 1)

The Ali-442 hovered into Aqui. Almost instantly, the dull plains were transformed into a buzzing town on the coast as Odell navigated the vehakul down the street.

Aqueenians of different bright colors went to and fro all around the road. They wore light and airy clothes made from sleek and shiny fabrics. Many small shops were set up on either side of the street with various aquatic-looking plants for shoppers to buy for dinners.

The city's citizens paid no mind to the Ali as it gently made its way down the road. Within the vehakul, Gwyn had his face almost pressed against the window as he curiously looked at all the sights. He wanted to ask a slew of questions, but he held back, settling only for mental notes of each as they drove past.

Odell navigated the group through several streets and around many corners, all of which were alive with busy Aqueenians. After several more turns, Odell stopped the vehakul in front of a large building. A sign on the front had the simple word ‘Inn’ painted onto it.

“Well, here’s an inn. I’ll go check us in, and then I think I’ll do some maintenance on the Ali,” he said.

“Is there something wrong with it?” Gwyn asked with a hint of concern in his voice.

“Oh no, I just thought I’d tinker a bit!” Odell replied with a grin on his grey face. His motives for skipping on the beach were coming through clearly.

“Please don’t break anything… or add any weird features,” Rheba said with a sigh. She began to shimmy her long legs out of the Ali. After exiting, she took a couple of steps forward and stretched her arms to the sky. The others followed suit and made their way out. The Needaimus followed after and hopped on the shoulders of each.

“I’ll go look into the ferry times and tickets. We will need to find one that can transport the Ali.”

“Wait, why can’t the Ali just hover above the water?” Gwyn suddenly blurted out as the thought popped into his head.

Odell shook his head.

“The seafaring hover tech is more expensive; designers usually avoid it for exclusively land vehakuls,” he explained.

Gwyn nodded. He didn’t understand what made a difference, but he figured it was likely credible if it came from Odell. The Nonpareil decided to let the matter go.

“I will catch up with you later. Have fun exploring the town… but don’t get into any trouble,” Rheba said.

Odell chuckled.

“Rheba, you have a contradiction. Do you want us to have fun or not get into trouble?” he replied with a smile. Odell’s father had heard the same line many times before. Fiona chuckled off to the side.

One of the ears on Rheba’s head flicked as she frowned, but she didn’t reply. She simply waved and left to get the tickets.

“Alright, let’s go to the beach!” Fiona shouted. She grabbed Gwyn by the arm and began to pull him. “Hurry before the suns go down!” Gwyn sighed and ran to match her pace as they headed into the town.

“Guess it’s just us for now,” Odell said to the remaining two.

“I shall venture into the city myself,” Hal said quickly before turning away and leaving.

“I have matters to attend to,” Harlan said softly. She made a small, polite bow before leaving Odell as well.

Odell rubbed his grey six-fingered hands together as he looked at the Ali.

“And here I thought they would never leave! Now, let’s see what upgrades and mods we can get for you in this town!”

The Hobusian prince quickly got the team some rooms at the inn and then ran off into the city. He had high hopes for whatever he might come across.