Chapter 264:

Chapter 264: Hall of the Gods

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 264: Hall of the Gods

*Zeth is following Harmona through a hallway. Zeth has changed clothes and he is now wearing a white sleeveless shirt and black pants*

Zeth: Where are we going?

Harmona: A place that will one day be important to you.

*They arrive at a large double door*

Zeth: Whoa, I have never seen a door this big before!

Harmona: It signifies the importance of where we are about to enter.

*Harmona starts opening the double door and it opens slowly. As it opens, a lot of light shines through*

*Soon, the double door is all the way open and they enter a long, decorated hallway full of paintings of people. Zeth is in awe*

Zeth: What is this place?

Harmona: This is the Hall of the Gods. The place where the legacies of all the light gods and goddesses of Earth’s Heaven are preserved.

*Throughout the hall are paintings of all the light gods and goddesses to exist in Earth’s Heaven*

Zeth: Every single one!? Wow!

*They walk through the hall and Zeth looks at the various paintings*

*Eventually, they arrive at the last one which is the one for Harmona*

Harmona: This one is mine. By keeping the legacies, I mean you can access information that lists the accomplishments of each.

*Harmona applies some of her magic to the painting, causing it to vanish. Magic text appears in its place*

Harmona: Take a look at the newest addition to the list. I think you will be happy about it.

*Zeth looks down at the bottom to see “Came up with the plan to bring Neutral Souls to salvation”*

Zeth: You really did!?

Harmona: Yep. You and Zaydra really brought it to my attention.

Zeth: That’s great! What was the plan?

Harmona: It was like a trade agreement. We have set up a temporary place for them in Heaven until the time comes.

Zeth: What time is that?

Harmona: When we will need their power to fight the Dark Goddess. If they help in that, it will tip their morality scale off of neutral and into positive which will allow them to go to the paradise of Heaven where all good mortal souls go.

Zeth: But you stopped the invasion?

Harmona: We won’t be able to prevent the invasions forever. We are going to either fight in another great chaos on Earth or we will have to invade Hell and take the battle to them. However, we wouldn’t be able to win either of those scenarios until I get my full power back.

Zeth: When will you get it back?

Harmona: There is no set time for it. It’s been 162 years since I used that soul curse power. I now at least feel like I’m close to fully recovering.

Zeth: Speaking of that, how did you get to Earth to help stop the invasion 42 years ago?

Harmona: You may recall that I won’t hurt my recovery as long as I come to Earth using the Temple of the Light Goddess.

Zeth: Oh, that makes sense.

Harmona: If not for the large distance I had to travel to get from the temple to the mountains, I would have been there much sooner.

*In the country of Harmone, the temple is in the northern-east part of the country while the mountains are in the northern-west part of the country*

Zeth: I would say it worked out in the end.

Harmona: But I could have prevented the corruption that you, Zaydra, and Sasha had. In that sense, I am disappointed with myself.

Zeth: You did what you could. You shouldn’t feel bad.

Harmona: You’re right. Thank you.

Zeth: So what happens when this hall runs out of space?

*Harmona giggles a bit*

Harmona: The hall will infinitely expand until the end of time. That is because the room partially exists as its own dimension. That means that no matter how much its size increases, it won’t take up more physical space in Heaven. You can bet that it used to be much shorter that this.

Zeth: Ah, I see. I guess I didn’t think of that.

Harmona: Alright, let’s go.

*They leave the hall*

Harmona: That whole situation 42 years ago made me realize something that I should let you know about. Come with me.

*They eventually arrive at the locked door with chains (Author’s Note: The one Harmona used to meet the deities)*

Zeth: What is this door for?

Harmona: Zeth, listen to me. Never open this door. Not until you are at least many thousands of years old. Maybe even tens of thousands of years old. Do not make the same mistake I made.

*Zeth is a little nervous*

Zeth: W- What mistake?

Harmona: The mistake that cost the lives of many of my angel allies. Beyond this door is where you will enter a realm where you can meet many deities. However, they will try to take advantage of youth and inexperience to put curses on you that seem good but ultimately have very negative consequences.

Zeth: The curse that you removed from me that I inherited from you…

Harmona: Yes. The mistake I made. So don’t open this door. Got it?

*She gives Zeth a mean glare. Zeth gulps*

Zeth: Y- Yes.

*Harmona then smiles*

Harmona: Good. You know, your reaction was the same as mine when my mother gave me the same look. Anyway, You should go and see Sasha. After all, you are 61 years old and are not getting any younger, you know.

Zeth: When you say it like that… ugh. I’m still used to 61 being old because of my upbringing.

Harmona: Don’t worry about it. I mean I am nearly 300,000 years old.

Narrator: Zeth has learned the fate of the Neutral Souls and now plans to see Sasha. How will their first reunion in a long time go?

Chapter 264 END

To be Continued in Chapter 265: Our Master