Chapter 263:

Chapter 263: A Long Time Passed

Beyond The Stars

Author's Note: We now begin BTS's second Act. This is the tenth arc overall.

Chapter 263: A Long Time Passed

*Everything is completely black but a couple of voices are being heard*

Voice 1: Lady Harmona, we’re finally getting a response from his body!

Voice 2: Oh thank goodness!

Voice 1: He might start waking up!

*Right after the voices are heard, heartbeat sounds are then heard*

*Soon, in first-person view, the person’s eyes are opening a bit. There are people being seen but they look blurry*

Voice 1: His eyes are opening!

Voice 2: Zeth, can you hear me? It’s me, your mom.

*Zeth’s eyes close again and everything is completely black again*

Voice 1: He’s falling back asleep, but he will be stable. His body will need to readjust to be awake. After all, it’s been…...

*Zeth completely falls back asleep during the sentence*


*Everything continues to be all black but voices start being heard again*

Voice 1: His body is now ready to wake.

*In first-person view, Zeth’s eyes start to open*

Voice 2: His eyes are opening. Zeth, if you can hear me, say something.

Zeth: err ah igf (Author’s Note: Basically just a bunch of groaning noises)

*In first-person view, Zeth opens his eyes all the way and he is clearly lying on a hospital bed and a male doctor angel and Harmona are standing in front of the bed*

Doctor: Now, I know it’s been a long time but please try not to get up too fast.

Harmona: Yes, take it easy.

(Still in Zeth's first-person view) Zeth: …What? Who? Long time?

*Zeth sits up in the bed*

Harmona: Yes, a very long time. Well, compared to how long you have been around anyway.

Zeth: What happened? My memory is a little fuzzy.

Harmona: You were highly corrupted by the Crow Beak Divine Killers and lost consciousness after defeating their leader.

Zeth: Oh, that’s right! How long has it been?

*Both Harmona and the doctor then have an awkward expression on their faces as if they don’t want to mention it*

Doctor: Listen, this might be a little shocking so try not to freak out about it. It won’t be good for your health.

Harmona: Zeth… You were unconscious for 42 years…

(No longer in Zeth’s first-person view) *Zeth opens his eyes wide in shock. Zeth’s appearance has not really changed. The only real differences are that he grew a couple inches taller and that he is a bit more muscular. He is now 6 feet tall*

Zeth: F- f- forty-two years!?

Harmona: Yes. It was January 2nd, Year 120 when you were last awake. It is now February 7th, Year 162.

*Many thoughts appear in Zeth’s head*

Zeth: What about Sasha!? My friends!? My step-parents!? Hell’s invasion!?

Harmona: Just stay calm. Don’t strain your body too much. I will explain it all. First, I need to explain what happened to you. During the time that you were unconscious, we went through extensive procedures to remove your corruption as well as the curse you inherited from me.

Zeth: What curse?

Harmona: A curse I once had that granted great power through the blood forms but it’s too much to control and you end up hurting those close to you in the end.

Zeth: Blood forms?

Harmona: Blood Forms are advanced stages of Blood Magic. Blood Magic is also known as a Stage 1 Blood Form. You went into Stage 2 in your battle against Goma. Blood Form can be accessed without the curse but the curse allows you to access Stage 2 a lot sooner and even rapidly advance through the stages. Hopefully, with the curse removed, you shouldn’t have to worry about it any further. Removing the curse doesn't mean that you won't ever go into Blood Form, but it will prevent you from rapidly advancing through the stages.

Zeth: I’m interested in learning more about this but for now, I don’t want to focus on it.

Harmona: That’s a good mindset. Let me get back to talking about the others. To start, Zaydra and Sasha, like you, were both unconscious and corrupted. However, neither of them were as corrupted as you were and so took less time to recover. Zaydra was unconscious for 22 years. Sasha was unconscious for 30 years.

Zeth: Where are they now?

Harmona: Neither of them are currently here. I will get back to them after I tell you about the rest. Unfortunately about your other friends, I don’t actually know where they are. I’m sorry.

*Zeth looks sad*

Zeth: I said some horrible things to them when I was corrupted and now, I may not even get to apologize. Thinking about it, now they must be like really old. I shouldn’t have dragged them into this.

Harmona: Don’t blame yourself. I did ask them to help you. As for your step-parents, I owed them a great debt so I explained to them the situation that happened to you and used powerful magic to temporarily halt their aging. They deserve to see you again.

Zeth: Thank you for giving them that chance.

Harmona: As for Hell’s invasion, we stopped it. As Hell’s Portal was opening, Heaven’s Guardian, Sonzen, descended from Heaven and destroyed the portal.

Zeth: Heaven’s Guardian? So that was the trump card you mentioned?

Harmona: Yes. Sonzen is capable of destroying portals made by Armageddon. The Dark Goddess hasn’t made any more invasion attempts since then. She must have rethought her invasion strategy but we are not sure in what way yet. We will be constantly investigating it. Now, I’m sure you want to know where Zaydra and Sasha are.

Zeth: Yes, please tell me.

Harmona: Zaydra has stationed herself in the northeast corner of Harmone as she is suspicious of a possible vampire attack, though I’m sure she will be coming back here for a bit when she learns that you are awake. As for Sasha, she stayed here for a while. She spent so much time just looking over you with a sad look. I wanted her to find some happiness. So I suggested that she return to Earth and when you wake I would send you to her. Currently, she is settled in a shelter just to the Southeast of Reign City. She has amassed quite a following I would say.

Zeth: I will definitely go and see her. But one thing is bothering me… Why is Zaydra suspicious of a possible vampire attack?

*Harmona and the doctor look at each other for a moment and then back at Zeth*

Doctor: We did an autopsy on Goma’s body to see if we could find out more about him… We found bite marks on his head behind his right ear.

*The doctor gives a stern look*

Doctor: They were definitely demon bite marks.

Harmona: Zaydra thought they were vampire bite marks and now she is on edge. However, the bite marks were smaller than vampire bite marks.

Doctor: Despite that, she declared that they must have been from a new breed of vampire. I have my doubts though, but there is no way to know for sure.

*Zeth gets out of bed and he is wearing hospital clothes*

Zeth: That sure is a scary thought, though. I guess I better get going.

Harmona: Wait, before you go, I want to show you something.

Narrator: Zeth has finally awakened after the passing of 42 years! What changes has the world undergone in that time? What does Harmona want to show Zeth?

Chapter 263 END

To be Continued in Chapter 264: Hall of the Gods