Chapter 265:

Chapter 265: Our Master

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 265: Our Master

Narrator: Zeth is teleported to an area that is southeast of Reign City.

*Zeth is specifically teleported to a high hill. The surrounding area is covered in a lot of greenery*

Zeth: I know that Sasha is in this area but I was teleported pretty close to where she actually is.

*Zeth looks out in the distance and sees a building that is covered by a lot of plants and moss*

Zeth: Is that the shelter mom mentioned? I wish she teleported me closer to it.

*Zeth begins running down the hill*

Zeth: I’m coming, Sasha!

*When he reaches the bottom of the hill, he finds himself at a river and quickly jumps from rock to rock across it and then continues running*

Zeth: (Thinking) My movement speed is faster than it was 42 years ago. Nice! Even while unconscious for all that time, my body continued to develop!

*Zeth then jumps through some trees. He stops on top of a large branch. The shelter is in site again*

Zeth: I’m fairly close to it now. Almost there so I better keep going!

*Zeth jumps off the tree branch and continues heading towards the shelter*

*Zeth gets up close to the shelter. It almost looks like a small fortress but covered in greenery*

Zeth: This place looks abandoned. Is this really the right place?

*Zeth hears someone’s voice*

Voice: Kill the demon!

*Zeth turns his head to see a lot of angry people coming towards him from the right*

Man: That demon is trying to enter our sacred shelter! Kill him!

Zeth: Wait, I’m not a demon!

Man: That’s what all the demons try to say! Our master has been training us to kill demons like you!

*As they move forward, Zeth notices there are some people coming from behind him as well*

Zeth: I’m telling you that I’m not a demon! I’m Zeth, son of the Light Goddess!

*All the people (that are men and women of various ages) power up their magic and prepare to attack*

Man: Nobody just comes here without letting our master know ahead of time! You’re a filthy demon!

*They all hear a voice*

Voice: Enough!

*They all look up at the roof of the shelter. It’s Sasha. She is wearing a black button-up shirt. The shirt has two vertical red lines going down that are one inch wide. They are located to the left and right of the buttons. She is also wearing black pants*

*Sasha jumps off the roof and onto the ground. All of the people back up*

Zeth: Sasha?

*Sasha looks at Zeth for a moment before tears form in her eyes and she rushes to hug him as she starts crying*

Sasha: It’s been so long! These 12 years I have spent without you!

*All of her followers just look at them while having looks of shame on their faces*

Zeth: It’s okay now. I came soon after I awoke and got the rundown from my mom.

*Sasha ends the hug but tears are still flowing from her eyes*

Sasha: Come inside and we can catch up.

*They and some of the followers go inside*


Narrator: Inside the shelter.

*Zeth and Sasha are sitting at a table*

Zeth: So why have you formed this group?

Sasha: I know the world still looks at peace but that is not true in reality. Even though there has been no attempted invasion by Hell in the last 42 years, many demons have been trickling into this world through very small-scale portals that are hard to detect. It is for that reason that I am now training mortals to be capable of fighting demons. We are going to need all the help we can get. Harmona has been using her angels to hunt them down but it’s not enough.

Zeth: Is this some plan by the Dark Goddess or something else?

Sasha: We don’t know. It could be that or it could be demons that got frustrated and were done waiting after the last failed invasion attempt 42 years ago.

Zeth: That is concerning.

Sasha: It is indeed. These followers are generally people that I saved from a demon attack and then I offered to train them.

Zeth: So are you training these people all by yourself?

Sasha: No, I have some help.

Zeth: Who?

*They hear a voice*

Voice: Hello, Zeth. It’s been a long time.

*Zeth looks over to a doorway and sees Salina*

Zeth: Salina? She’s been helping you?

Salina: I guess you didn’t find out about who I truly am because of the corruption.

Narrator: Zeth has met back up with Sasha and now they are catching up. What more will be learned?

Chapter 265 END

To be Continued in Chapter 266: Family Visit