Chapter 270:

Chapter 270: The Hooded Ones

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 270: The Hooded Ones

Mike: But you’re the captain! You can’t just leave like that!

*Joe stands up and grabs the captain’s hat on his desk and walks up to Mike*

Joe: You’re right.

*Joe puts the captain’s hat on Mike’s head. Mike has a surprised look on his face*

Joe: That’s why I’m stepping down and making you the next captain.

*Mike looks speechless*

Mike: B- But… What?

Joe: I have seen how serious you take this work and I think you will make a better captain than I am.

Emily: I agree. You are great at this and we still have unfinished business to take care of.

*Mike looks down as tears start flowing down from his eyes*

Joe: We don’t want you to be upset.

Mike: I’m not upset…

*He looks up with a proud face while tears still fall from his eyes*

Mike: Thank you! I promise I won’t let you down!

*Everyone in the room smiles*

Mike: Just remember to visit when you can.

Joe and Emily: We will.

Sasha: I have a suggestion to make. Why not make this our base of operations? Well, another one after Heaven anyway?

Zaydra: That’s a good idea. Mortals without the help of divine influence can’t enter Heaven without dying. Joe, Emily, what do you think?

Joe: I think it’s a good idea.

Emily: As do I.

*The alarms in the pirate base start going off*

Zeth: What’s going on!?

Joe: These alarms mean there is an intruder!

*Everyone leaves the room*

Joe: What the hell is going on here!?

*A pirate comes running towards them*

Male Pirate: Sir, we have reports of two hooded figures infiltrating our base! They started attacking us once they were spotted!

Emily: We need to deal with them! Where are they!?

Male Pirate: On the first floor, not far from the entrance!

Joe: Thanks! We’ll handle it!

*The heroes start making their way there*


Narrator: Elsewhere in the base. Not far from the entrance.

*There are a bunch of dead or injured pirates and two people wearing hooded gray cloaks. The hoods cover their eyes. One appears to be male and the other female*

*The heroes arrive and see them*

Male Hooded Person: Shit! The divine beings are here! We need to retreat!

Female Hooded Person: Agreed!

*They start running out of the base*

Zeth: Hey! Get back here!

*The heroes chase the hooded people*

*The female forms a dark red mass of swirling magic energy in her hand and throws it at the heroes. It lands on the ground right in front of the heroes and a wave of dark red energy is expelled from the impact, going in all directions*

*The heroes are touched by it and the dark red energy starts chewing away at their skin a bit*

Joe: What is this stuff!?

*The female grins*

Female: Take that!

Male: Careful. One of them is missing.

*In the next moment, Zaydra appears in front of them which takes them by surprise. She tries to punch the male but he quickly ducks. Zaydra throws multiple punches with the male blocking them at a fast speed with his arms*

*The female keeps running*

Male: You can’t get a hit in! We have gone through intense reflex training!

Zaydra: We’ll see about that!

Female: Hurry up! We have to escape!

Male: I’m on it!

*The male attempts a strong punch but Zaydra easily dodges and punches him in the face, knocking him on his back*

*As the female continues running, she is pierced by a Dark Spear, causing her to cough up blood*

*The female falls face flat on the ground. The spear was thrown by Sasha*

Zaydra: Good job. Bring her over here.

*The heroes bring the female and lay her on her back by the male*

Zaydra: Time to find out who you are!

Joe: (Thinking) A male… and a female… Please tell me they are not Dom and Jane…

*Zaydra pulls back the hoods and she then looks shocked. They have completely red eyes. Only the pupils are not red. Their iris color is a different shade of red than the rest of their eyes. They also have fangs. However, they are not Dom and Jane as Joe fears*

Zaydra: Th- They’re vampires…

*The rest of the heroes are shocked*

Male: It looks we have finally been caught.

Female: We had a good run though.

*The male smiles*

Male: Yeah, our biggest failure was… not getting here before the divine beings.

*The heroes look even more shocked*

Zeth: What does that mean!?

Male: Hmhmhm! Well, I think we know what we have to do now.

Female: Yes. It’s the perfect timing with them being incredibly creeped out.

*The vampires stab themselves in the heart using their quick reflexes and they both die while laughing. The heroes all have horrified looks on their faces*

Emily: This… is bad…

Sasha: I don’t like this one bit…

*Zaydra kind of looks mentally unstable. She walks up to a nearby tree with a horrified look on her face and punches it so hard that the tree disintegrates*

Zaydra: Let’s hurry and use that altar! This… is a vampire conspiracy…

Narrator: The hooded people were vampires! What are their goals? What were they doing? There are a lot of questions that need to be answered.

Chapter 270 END

To be Continued in Chapter 271: Vampire Conspiracy Theory


Arc Completed: June 3rd, 2016

Author's Note: First mentioned in Chapter 107, the Vampire Kingdom Arc will finally begin in the next chapter.