Chapter 271:

Chapter 271: Vampire Conspiracy Theory

Beyond The Stars

Author's Note: This is the first chapter of the 11th arc. The Vampire Kingdom Arc.

Chapter 271: Vampire Conspiracy Theory

Narrator: In Heaven, following the revelation that the vampires have started making their move.

*The five heroes have returned to Heaven and are meeting with Harmona*

Harmona: Those two bodies you brought back. We can confirm that they are vampires. This is very troubling to me. To think that vampires have successfully infiltrated Harmone.

Zeth: Do their fangs match the size of the bite on Goma’s head?

Harmona: No. Their fangs were larger.

Zaydra: Regarding the disappearances of certain people, I don’t think there is any reason to doubt that the vampires had something to do with it.

Harmona: That is most likely, based on what you told me that they said, but we can’t confirm it.

Zaydra: Mom, I would recommend using your “Divine Meteor of the Gods”.

*Harmona has flashbacks to all the innocent Zorens she killed with that meteor attack*

Harmona: No. There are still many innocent humans there and, in my recovering state, I don’t have the power to even use it.

Zaydra: Then we’re going to have to infiltrate Vandox!

*The suggestion shocks Harmona*

Harmona: Absolutely not!

Zaydra: We have to! We can’t just be at the mercy of the vampires!

Harmona: Think about how powerful your older brother was! Even he wasn’t capable of doing it!

Zaydra: Zenfaro’s infiltration was a solo mission! You will be sending all of us! Don’t you even want to find out how he died!? What about the humans that have been suffering at the mercy of the vampires for these last 162 plus years? We are the protectors of the mortal world! You as the Light Goddess should know that! If not us, then who!? This is a Vampire Conspiracy Theory. From now on, I will be operating under the assumption that today’s problems all have to do with them!

*Tears flow down Harmona’s face*

Harmona: You’re right. We have to do this. But, I fear losing both you and Zeth in the process.

*Zaydra has a look of guilt on her face*

Zaydra: I’m sorry. I just want to do what I think is right.

*Harmona’s face changes to one of determination*

Harmona: No, I needed that! We need to do what’s right! It’s time to come up with a plan!

*The other heroes smile*

*Harmona pulls out a map of Vandox and they all look at it*

Harmona: Let’s talk about the terrain first. Vandox is the right-most country on the upper continent. It is surrounded by ocean waters on its north, east, and south sides but its west side is connected to the country of Basiege. Similar to Harmone, the capital is in the middle of the country and that’s probably where the vampires’ main lair is. To the capital’s southeast is a few small mountains. Not far to the north of the capital is a large volcano. Other than those, there is not much notable terrain but the country is mostly dark and cold which are two conditions that vampires like so it’s no surprise why they decided to invade that country during the Great Chaos.

*Harmona looks determined as she looks at the others and then she points at the map*

Harmona: Here’s the plan. You will break up into two teams and traverse different areas of the country. Zaydra, I’m having you regroup with your team that investigated Poleon. Your team will start at the southwest edge of Vandox and go north and then eventually curve into the center to where the capital is.

*Harmona looks at Zeth and then points at the map*

Harmona: Zeth, I’m sending you, Sasha, Joe, and Emily to go east from the same starting point along the south side of the country. I want you to make your way to the east coast and meet up with another squad of angels who will then provide updates from me. Your next move will depend on the progress that Zaydra’s team is making. I can watch over both you and Zaydra so I will be able to tell the progress you are making. It would be too risky to send you there directly so you will be going by ship from the Angel Sanctuary.

Joe: I want to ask something.

Harmona: Ask away.

Joe: Two of the people that disappeared… They were getting up in age but one day they went somewhere and came back… and… started to get younger. Do you know what that could be?

*Harmona takes a minute to think*

Harmona: It sounds like a Regeneration Curse. But how? How would mortals gain access to such a curse?

Emily: A curse… That doesn’t sound good.

Harmona: It certainly doesn’t.

Zaydra: That mystery will have to wait. Let’s get going.


Narrator: Later. Outside the Angel Sanctuary on the northeast coast of Harmone.

*The heroes are on the shore getting ready to board their ship. It’s starting to get dark and they are looking out to sea*

Zeth: Well, this is it.

Sasha: This will most certainly be the most dangerous mission we have set upon so far.

Joe: But the one we must do the most.

Emily: A lot is at stake so we can’t fail.


Narrator: Soon after.

*The two teams each board a different ship but they will sail side by side*

Zaydra: Is everyone ready? Then let’s set sail!

*The ships set sail under the night’s sky*

Zeth: Everyone, if you’re out there, we are coming for you.

Narrator: The heroes are now on their way to Vandox, the country now ruled by vampires where Zeth’s older brother mysteriously met his end. What will happen?

Chapter 271 END

To be Continued in Chapter 272: The Resistance