Chapter 272:

Chapter 272: The Resistance

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 272: The Resistance

Narrator: The heroes’ ship continues sailing towards Vandox.

(Author’s Note: For character appearances, Zeth is wearing a white shirt, black pants, and a black jacket that is unzipped. Sasha is still wearing the black clothes that she was wearing previously. Joe is wearing a red mage robe similar to the one he used to wear except this one has a more mature look to it and he has a piece of torn green cloth tied around his right arm that is otherwise sleeveless. Emily is wearing an updated version of the purple uniform she used to wear that, just like Joe, has a more mature look to it)

*On the ship, Zeth looks at Joe and looks at the piece of green cloth tied to Joe’s sleeveless right arm*

Zeth: Joe… I’ve been wondering…

Joe: Yes?

Zeth: What exactly is the purpose of that green cloth you have tied to your right arm? You had it tied to your right arm when you had your pirate uniform on too.

*Joe looks a bit sad and then puts his left hand on his right arm on top of the cloth*

Joe: This is a piece of Kurt’s adventure uniform. I still feel the pain of his death so I keep this piece of his uniform tied to me to make it feel like a part of him is still here.

*Zeth opens his eyes wide and then looks sad too*

Zeth: Does it… really help?

*Joe smiles a bit*

Joe: Yeah… I would say so…

*Joe stares up at the sky*

Joe: I will wear it wherever I go. I won’t take it off until I see him again…

*Zeth looks confused for a moment*

Zeth: But Joe… That doesn’t… Never mind…


Narrator: After a long trip over the ocean, the heroes have arrived at Vandox.

*The two ships arrive at the southwest part of Vandox, not far from the border of the country of Basiege*

*Zeth’s team and Zaydra’s team of angels meet on the beach during the night hours*

Zaydra: We will proceed together a bit north and then your team will head east.

Zeth: Got it.

*They go north walking through fields of tall grass and then soon spot a small building that appears to be designed to blend in*

Zaydra: Wait.

*They all stop and crouch in the tall grass*

Zaydra: We need to know what’s up with that building. Ruby, go check it out. Sapphire, you scan.

Ruby: On it.

*Ruby quickly but sneakily moves towards the building. Sapphire’s eyes glow as she scans for movement. Ruby stops behind a tree next to the building. She looks back at her allies* (Description reminders: Ruby has ruby-colored hair in a ponytail, she has ruby-colored eyes, she wears a very light weight dark red colored armor, her wings are ruby-colored. Sapphire has sapphire colored straight hair, she has sapphire-colored eyes, she wears lightweight dark blue colored armor and she has sapphire-colored wings)

*Sapphire does hand signs. She holds up four fingers. She then puts her hands together and then spreads them apart

Narrator: Often used when verbal communication could give away their positions, the angels will use hand signs to describe something. In this case, Sapphire’s hand signs mean there are four targets and they are spread out.

*Ruby makes the hand sign for “Okay” by putting her finger and index finger together with her right finger raised. Ruby then walks up to the entrance and carefully opens the door. She then crouch walks in*

*Ruby leans against a wall*

Narrator: Sapphire has great eyes that are capable of motion tracking, but Ruby has great ears and can even tell the direction a foe is facing by the sounds

*Ruby listens for footsteps*

Ruby: (Thinking) Someone’s moving left on the other side of this wall.

*Ruby goes through the doorway and quietly moves towards what appears to be a guard*

*She quickly grabs him and puts one hand over his mouth. She drags him outside and takes one look at his face. She looks surprised and then she uses an arm motion to tell the others to come over to her*

*After they all move towards Ruby, they all look at the guard and he appears to be human as he has normal human eyes*

Zaydra: You’re not a vampire. Ruby, lift your hand off his mouth. Let’s check his teeth.

*Ruby lifts her hand off the guard’s mouth. The guard has no fangs but he looks frightened*

Zaydra: Check for signs of bite marks.

Guard: No, please listen. Are you angels? We’re a group that resists the vampires.

Zaydra: How can you verify that to us?

???: We can confirm it.

*The two teams look to see three individuals standing at the doorway. One is another guard. The other two are more unique. One is a man and one is a woman. They both have light gray skin and yellow eyes. They are wearing casual clothes. The woman has short, curled, brown hair. The man has short, brown hair*

Zaydra: That skin color, those eyes. They are native people of this country.

Woman: We are the leaders of the resistance that was created by Zenfaro.

*Hearing that name shocks everyone*

Zaydra: Did… Did you just say Zenfaro!?

Woman: Yes. Let’s talk.


Narrator: Everyone then gathers in a meeting room.

Ruby: I apologize for what I did. We were just taking precautions.

Woman: It’s alright. My name is Lorenza. We expected that help would eventually come.

Man: My name is Corban.

Zaydra: The vampires have begun infiltrating Harmone so we finally have begun infiltrating Vandox. They have some grand scheme and we’re here to stop them for good.

Lorenza: Zenfaro spoke of such but we haven’t had a way to contact Heaven.

Zaydra: Wait! You speak as if you know him personally!

Lorenza: No, everything he has said has been documented but I have never seen him. We believe he died. As to how he died, we don’t know.

Zeth: Damn… It felt like there was hope for a moment.

Zaydra: Where are these documents?

Corban: At one of our former bases in the northwest region of the country that got overrun.

Zeth: Have you read them all?

Corban: No. For each thing he wrote about, the first few sentences were clear but he clearly put some magic seal on it making the rest of it only readable by divine eyes.

Zaydra: We have to get ahold of those documents!

Lorenza: You will be on your own for that. There are not many of us left. We can’t afford to spare more for that trip.

Zaydra: It’s alright. Zeth, our plan still stands. My team is going to get those documents. Your team will head east from here and investigate.

Lorenza: If you’re going east, can you liberate the town of Kenzo? It would allow us more breathing room and a better chance to help you out. We have scouted the area and have determined that there are not as many vampires there as many of the other areas in this country.

Zeth: Okay, will do.


Narrator: After the meeting ended.

*The two teams meet outside*

Zaydra: Good luck.

Zeth: Same to you.

*The two teams split up and head towards their objectives*

Narrator: The heroes have met the resistance and are now splitting up! What dangers lie ahead for them?

Chapter 272 END

To be Continued in Chapter 273: Battle To Liberate Kenzo