Chapter 4:

Onwards to the Kingdom of Vreadronyth

I became a healer in another world

Three days had passed after I left from the Village of Elysia.

Along the way out of the forest I deciced to stop from time to time to really appriciate the beauty of this world. The air is so fresh and it has this mystic feeling to it. I don't know what it is, but it's probably a good thing.

When I finally got out of the forest, I saw a wooden road sign which read that Elysia is located there. Another sign showed a way to Kingdom of Vreadronyth. It will probably take a while for me to get there though if I'm going to make a few stops.

Hm? What's that giant tower in the far off distance? It could be a dangerous place so I shouldn't go there.

When I was closer to the tower I saw another road sign.

"Tower of Strenght. For adventurers who are confident in their fighting power."

Thought so. It's for strong adventurers and I'm not a fighter anyway so it's not a place for me to go.

But I wonder if I should go there anyway to sell the adventurers a few potions? Hmm, yes. I definitely should so they might have a better chance to survive even if my potion making isn't that advanced yet. Right let's go then.

When I arrived to the tower I noticed how tall it really is. It almost made me feel dizzy, but I had to get over it. As I walked to the enterance, I noticed a person sleeping next to the enterance.

"Um, excuse?"

"Huh? What? Oh, another adventurer who thinks they can conquer the tower. Many adventurers have come here and have almost lost their lives from the challening monsters. If you find your life precious kiddo you should leave." The guys said. He had black and spiky hair and red eyes. He seems to be wearing a full metal armor.

"I'm not here to challenge anything."

"Then you should leave. This tower isn't really made for mages kiddo."

"I came to sell some potions that could help the adventurers that want to take on this tower."

"Oh, then bring them here. Or do you want my help?"

"Yes please, if it doesn't bother you."

We then went to unload my wagon. I had made alot of potions before I had gone to sleep so I had a perfect amount of boxes with healing potions.

After we brought four boxes to the tower, the man gave me Quills, which are this worlds currency.

"Thank you for this young one."

"I'm glad they'll be in use here."

"*Ahem* I haven't introduced myself. I am Yuudai, a hero who saved this world hundreds of years ago from an evil monster that caused harm for humans and demons alike."

Wha? He's hundreds of years old? How old do people live in this world anyway? Should I ask him? I think I should.

"Um, how old are you?"

"I'm over 500."

"You're….. pretty old. How old do we usually live up to anyway?"

"I'm not really sure myself kiddo, I haven't really thought about it before.

I guess that's a good enough answer I can get. I should probably leave for now.

"Well I have to go now. I have to get over to Kingdom of Vreadronyth some day at least, you know."

I then turned around and started walking towards my wagon.

"Hold up kiddo!"

"Um, what's wrong?"

"You should aquire some party members to fight alongside with you."

"I have my two familiars with me for now."

"Yes, but they can't do that much with you. Yes they're loyal to you, but a good pair of friends with you is a good choice to have during any kind of hardships you may face during the way.?

"I'll keep that in mind."

I then bow down and continue walking to my wagon. I then wave towards Yuudai for a good bye.

"That kid. I hope he stays safe out there.

Right then, back on track. I need to head over to Kingdom of Vreadronyth. I wonder how long it will take if I don't stop untill it's night time. Hmm, but I have to let my horse to rest up from time to time.

A few hours later and it seems that I have found some kind beehive tree path. I really the bees aren't aggressive here. But to be sure, I should probably cast my Shield spell.

"Come worth the Goddess of Life and and grant me the power of protection. SHIELD!"

Now I should feel safe if any bees try to sting me. I really want to try some of that honey, but I'm sure that will just anger them.

"Greetings human traveler.''

"Wyaah! W-Who said that?"

"Do not be alarmed young one. We mean no harm."

I then saw a small bee fly on my nose. Oh, I guess they're harmless as long as I mean no harm to them.

"Ah, how rude of me not to intoduce myself. I am Buzzy and you have entered the BuzzerBee tree path. How can I be assistance to you?"

Weird, why didn't I see a sign that tells about this? Is it new?

"Um, I'm heading towards the Kingdom of Kingdom of Vreadronyth."

"Ah, then you just have to go straight this path. But before you go, could you give us some Medical herbs? If that isn't much of a problem for you."

"Sure, I can give you some."

I then walk to the back of my carriage, where Snow and Silva were sleeping. I took three bottles and opened them.

"Here you go Buzzy."

"Thank you. Guys! A kind traveler gives us some of his Medical herbs!"

After Buzzy shouted his announcement, multiple other BuzzerBee's come out of the Beehive's and take the herbs and some of them take the empty glass bottles. The bee's then come back with the jars filled with honey.

"Take some of our honey. I'm sure it will make your food tasty if you use it."

"Thank you, I thought you guys would be aggressive type of bee's."

"Oh no, we're not here to do any harm, but if anyone does something mean to us, he would regret it."

Buzzer then turns into a larger bee. Ok, th-that is really frightening.

"If anyone were to attack us, we'd show them we're not just some small insects."

"G-Got it."

"Hm? Oh, sorry. I didn't mean to frighten you."

Buzzer then turns back to normal size and leaves. I should probably leave too, before I cause any damage here.

I then enter my wagon and place the honey jars in one of the boxes and then leave.

An hour passes and I was starting to get hungry so I decide to stop and beging making a soup out of Potatoes. Snow and Silva seem to watch while I fill the cauldron with water, chop the potatoes, some spices, cheese, onions, some butter and garlic.

While the soup was getting ready, I began to hear people fighting and sure enough, there was a group of adventurers fighting some bird looking monsters. Are they Harpies? Or could they be completely different kind of monster species. Well, not like I would fight against strong looking monsters or anything. I should probably focus on making my food.

I take three bowls and pour some of my soup to Snow and Silva. They seem happy with it. I then beging eating my own too. Delicious, it's so delicious! Why weren't I able to taste anything at all when I was ill? Was it a side effect from it? …..No, I should probably stop thinking about my previous life. I have a new chance after all and I shouldn't make myself worry about things from the past.

"Man, I'm so hungry."

Hm? Is it the adventurers group that I saw earlier? I'm glad they were able to defeat those monsters. Hmm, I have quite alot of soup left, so I'll give them some, if they come here.

"Uh, guys? Should we ask whoever owns that wagon to share some food with us?"

"That would be rude Noru. We can't just ask a stranger to give us food."

"Ha ha, you actually want food too Lily."

"Sh-Shut up! I'm not hungry. *growl*

"You may decline it, but your stomach sure doens't deny it."

"F-Fine! Do what ever you want Touya!"

"Tee hee."

Haha, despite their bickeing, I can tell that they're good friends that care about each other deeply. I then hear their foot steps getting closer to my wagon.

"Excuse me, but me and my friends are really hungry and we were wondering if you could share some of your food with us?"

"Gladly, I accidently made too much Potato soup and I'm already full after eating two bowls."

"Thank you."

Hmm, a pair of female mages, a male bow user and a male swordsman. Good old classic party formation from any RPG game.

Oh, they seem to be wounded. I should heal them up.

"Hm? What are you doing?"

"Come worth the Goddess of Life and and grant me the power of healing the wounded! HEAL!"

The group of friends are then immediately healed. They must've really gotten hurt from that battle earlier.

"Ah! Thank you sir. Lily here used too much of her mana earlier so she couldn't heal us."


"I actually saw you guys fighting those birds earlier while I was cooking. I'm glad you're all okay."

"You did?"

"Y-Yeah, I'm not a fighter though so I couldn't have helped you much with those…. Harpies?"

"It's fine really. Ah, I'm terribly sorry. We haven't introduced ourselves, I'm the leader Touya." Touya has green long hair and violet eyes. He is wearing a leather armor and jeans. He has a long sword along with a shield.

"*Hmph* I'm Lily." Lily has light blong hair and orange eyes. She's wearing a dress with a red ribbon behind it.

"I'm Noru. This soup is really good." Noru seems to be the gourmet of the group since he seems to enjoy my soup. He has dark blonde long hair which is in a ponytail, probably so it won't get in his way and his eyes are blue eyes. On his head he seems to be wearing leather goggles. He has leather gloves and he is wearing a black sleeveless shirt, from the edges they are white. He wears brown pants. Behind him is the carrying case for his arrows.

"Greetings, Koharu. Tee hee." Koharu has pink hair and violet eyes. She is wearing almost identical clothes just like Lily, expect she has alot more ribbon's attached to it.

"Nice to meet all of you. I'm Ayumu and I'm a mage with mostly healing powers so I rely on my two familiars, Snow the Rabbit and Silva the Silver Wolf."


"Woof! Arf!"

"Ah! They're so cute!"

Koharu then immediately went to pet them. I guess she loves cute things? And Lily too but she seems too much of a tsundere to pet them.

"Lily come here! Come pet these cuties. They're so soft!"


"Hey, Ayumu."

"Hm? What's wrong Touya?"

"Here's 3000 Quills for letting us eat."

"Ah, um thank you. But you really didn't have to."

"Oh no, I insist."

Well, I guess I should accept the money. I'm going to need it after all. Hmm, I should also give them some of my potions I've made. I then go back to my carriage and hand over some potions to Touya. In exchange he gives me more Quills and some items that I can use on my potions.

After an hour or so, they continue their way and I decide to wash my cauldron so I can make more potions. Let's see now, I should try making these fire resistance potions today. I'm sure there are monsters that can breathe fire and it would be horrible to catch on fire.

After finishing today's patch of potions, I notice that the sun is setting so I decide to go back inside the wagon to get ready to sleep. Another beautiful day has gone by without me even realizing it.

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