Chapter 279:

Chapter 279: Wolves and Crows

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 279: Wolves and Crows

Narrator: While Zeth’s team was liberating the town of Kenzo, Zaydra’s team continued on their path and they are heading north along Vandox’s west border with the country of Basiege.

*Zaydra’s team is comprised of herself and the five angels that were part of her Poleon investigation team. Those angels are Ruby, Sapphire, Kerdon, Kren, and Bonetru. As they travel in the darkness through tall grass, Zaydra steps on something and it scares her a bit so she steps back*

Kren: What’s wrong?

*Zaydra looks down in front of her. What she stepped on was a dead body that is face down*

Zaydra: I stepped on this dead body and it spooked me.

Bonetru: Is he a human or a vampire?

Zaydra: Let’s check.

*They turn the body on its back. They then open the eye lids and the eyes are vampire eyes*

Ruby: A vampire? But how?

Sapphire: Friendly fire, perhaps?

Kren: Look at his abdomen.

*On the vampire’s abdomen are deep claw marks*

Zaydra: What kind of beast could have done this? Do we know of any wildlife in this country that could do this?

Kerdon: None that I know of.

Zaydra: We have no clues so we have no choice but to continue.

*They continue to head north*


Narrator: Soon after.

*Eventually, the dead vampire bodies start to become more common*

Sapphire: The fact that these are all dead vampires is starting to creep me out.

Bonetru: I seriously doubt they would kill their own like this.

Zaydra: It’s always a possibility. None of these are elite vampires.

*They then see a cave entrance. The trail of bodies leads into it*

Kerdon: I’m sensing an ominous magic coming from that cave.

Kren: Should we check it out?

Zaydra: It’s not part of our destination… but it would be irresponsible of us to not look into it.

*They head towards the cave and then walk into it*

*Inside the cave, it is not that dark because torches are hanging on the walls*

Ruby: I got a bad feeling about this cave.

Kerdon: I’m fairly certain we all have a bad feeling…

*Not that far into the cave, they start to hear growling noises*

Ruby: (Whispering) Do you hear that growling?

Zaydra: (Whispering) Yeah.

*Just a bit ahead in a dark branch off the main path, a beast’s eyes open*

*Suddenly, a large wolf leaps out and runs on two legs towards Zaydra’s team. It tries to slash them but they jump out of the way*

Zaydra: It’s a werewolf!

*The werewolf lunges at Zaydra but she kicks it in the face and knocks it back. The werewolf gets angrier*

Sapphire: Why did you not mention that there were werewolves in this country too!?

Zaydra: Because I didn’t know!!

Bonetru: It doesn’t matter! We have to take them out!

*The werewolf charges at them again. Bonetru pulls out a large sword and slices the werewolf in half which kills it*

Zaydra: Sapphire, scan for movement ahead.

*Sapphire’s eyes glow as she scans for movement*

Sapphire: My senses have detected a lot of movement up ahead. We have riled them up. I assume they are all werewolves.

Zaydra: We shall keep moving. Prepare to fight.

*They begin running through the cave and Zaydra leads the charge. She releases a Star Shine Blast forward through the cave. Any werewolves caught in the blast are injured or killed*

*With a lot of momentum on their side, they easily fight off any werewolves that try to attack them and kill some of them while knocking others unconscious*

Kren: After the initial shock wore off, I think they aren’t as bad to handle as we feared!

Bonetru: Don’t get overconfident! Werewolves can get the jump on you easily!

*They all stop when they hear gunfire. Zaydra looks at the wall to her left to see green goop oozing out of a hole created by bullets*

Zaydra: No… That can’t be…

*They all look to their right to see a large ritual room with two Crow Beak Divine Killers soldiers standing at the entrance holding rifles. They are still wearing the black uniforms as well as the crow head helmets and masks from 42 years ago*

Soldier: (Masked Voice) Hold it right there! Identify yourselves!

Zaydra: The Crow Beak Divine Killers!? What are they doing here!?

Female Voice: I can sense it. They are divine beings. Let them in here.

Soldier: (Masked Voice) Lord Dayna! Why!? We can’t just let them in! What would your father, Goma, say!?

Dayna: It’s fine.

*The soldiers step aside and Zaydra’s team goes in*

*Dayna’s back is turned towards them. She is standing on a one-foot-tall platform in the room. She is taller than she was 42 years ago. Back then, she also had black hair in a short ponytail. Now, she simply has short black hair that only goes down to the top of her shoulders. She is wearing a dark red dress that looks like it is for a ritual*

Zaydra: You are Goma’s daughter?

Dayna: Yes, the daughter of the great man killed by Zeth. Do you know what I feel towards your brother…?

*Zaydra is shocked that Dayna already knows who she is*

*Dayna turns around. In a close-up of her face, she has Dark Divine Eyes*

Dayna: …Hatred.

*Zaydra’s team is completely shocked at Dayna having Dark Divine Eyes*

Zaydra: Dark Divine Eyes!? How!?

Narrator: Inside the cave is Goma’s daughter, Dayna! She is supposed to be mortal so how does she have Dark Divine Eyes!?

Chapter 279 END

To be Continued in Chapter 280: The Vengeful Daughter