Chapter 278:

Chapter 278: Kenzo Liberated!

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 278: Kenzo Liberated!

Narrator: Joe unleashes his tornado!

*The tornado spins violently in place*

Joe: I don’t know what you had in mind for this combination attack but you better start it soon!

Zeth: Don’t worry! It will go perfectly!

*Joe sends his tornado towards the vampires and it picks them up before they can escape. The vampires begin spinning around in the tornado*

Joe: Now that they are in it, what do you plan to do!?

Zeth: Watch!

*Zeth forms two Star Shards and throws them into the tornado. He then continuously forms more and throws them into the tornado. All of the star shards also begin spinning around in the tornado and they begin cutting up the vampires into pieces*

Joe: Wow! Great thinking! It’s like the time I used that poison demon’s Shadow Sword to cut him into pieces in the tornado.

*Soon, all of the vampires in the tornado are dead*

Zeth: Let’s take this tornado across the whole town. Can you do that?

Joe: Yes, if I can keep the concentration up.

Zeth: Leave it to me to guard you!

*They begin moving to a different part of town*


Narrator: Meanwhile with Sasha and Emily.

*From a different part of town, Sasha and Emily see the tornado*

Emily: That’s Joe’s tornado!

Sasha: Let’s hurry over there!

*They start running in that direction*


Narrator: Back with Zeth and Joe.

*Zeth and Joe continue going through the town and picking up the vampires with the tornado and every vampire they pick up gets cut to shreds by the star shards*

Zeth: That’s right! Keep it up! We will have this done in no time!

*Some vampires jump down from the roofs in front of them, trying to attack Joe but Zeth punches them and then kicks them into the tornado*

Joe: Thanks for the protection, Zeth!

Zeth: You’re welcome! I won’t let anyone touch you!

*Then some vampires jump down from a roof behind them and they go after Joe*

Zeth: Oh no!

*Zeth tries to get to them before they get to Joe. Zeth isn’t going to make it on time*

Zeth: Oh shit! I spoke too soon!

*However, the vampires are stopped by Sasha and Emily who arrive and kick them into the tornado*

*Zeth and Joe are relieved*

Zeth: Sasha! Emily!

Sasha: Looks like you two could use some help.

*The heroes continue their quest through the town and kill many of the remaining vampires with the tornado*

Male Vampire: Retreat!

*The low number of remaining vampires begin escaping from the town*

Emily: Shouldn’t we go after them!?

Zeth: It’s too late. We don’t know the layout of this land or where we might run into a vampire trap. Just let them go for now.

*After driving out the remaining vampires, the heroes go to the middle of the town*

Zeth: Everyone!! It’s alright! We have killed and driven off the vampires!! You can come out now!!

*The scared civilians begin to come out of their homes*

*The heroes are approached by two men, one an older man with a white beard, and the other a younger man with short brown hair. They both have the traits of people native to the country which are gray skin and yellow eyes*

Young Man: Are you by chance the son of the Light Goddess?

Zeth: Yes. How did you know?

Young Man: I’m a member of the resistance and had gotten word through electronic communication that you were coming. My name is John.

Old Man: And my name is Kenzo XII. I’m the human leader of this town. For many generations, my family had created and led this town. We are thankful for your help.

Zeth: We’re happy to help.

Kenzo XII: However, don’t get overconfident.

John: Yes, for you have not faced the elite vampires.

Sasha: Elite vampires?

John: Yes. As vampires get stronger, their appearance starts to undergo certain changes which allows you to tell the difference.

Kenzo XII: It has most to do with their faces. First, darker shading starts appearing on the skin around their eyes. From there, black blood vessels can be seen glowing through the skin and it looks like it’s shooting out from their eyes.

Joe: And we struggled against these ones.

Emily: It is a scary thought.

Zeth: We wouldn’t be able to afford to get split in a fight against them.

Sasha: Agreed.

John: Anyway, I’m sure you’re not going to stick around here. I will let Lorenza and Corban know they can come over here now.


Narrator: Later.

*The heroes begin leaving the town and continue on their set path. In the shadows on the edge of town, a set of vampire eyes open up. The skin around the eyes has dark shading. Though most of the face can’t be seen, the vampire is female. She looks out at the heroes who are walking away from the town and with their backs turned to her. She analyzes them*

Female Vampire: (Thinking) I see. Two of them are carriers now. One is the Light Goddess’s son. The other is the blonde-haired woman.

*She grins*

Female Vampire: (Thinking) Interesting.

Narrator: The heroes have liberated Kenzo and have left town but an elite vampire watches them. What is the significance of Zeth and Emily being carriers?

Chapter 278 END

To be Continued in Chapter 279: Wolves and Crows