Chapter 280:

Chapter 280: The Vengeful Daughter

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 280: The Vengeful Daughter

Narrator: Dayna has appeared and she has… Dark Divine Eyes!?

*Zaydra’s team is in shock*

Zaydra: But you’re a mortal! How do you have Dark Divine Eyes!?

*Dayna points at her eyes*

Dayna: Oh these? I’m not sure. My eyes just became like that one day. But after that, my power grew to incredible heights!

Zaydra: It… simply happened?

Dayna: Yeah. But now I have the power to avenge my father!

Zaydra: Who is your mother!?

Dayna: I don’t know. Never met her.

Zaydra: Then explain these werewolves!

Dayna: It’s all part of my plan. The events of 42 years ago showed that Mortalment isn’t enough to take down divine beings. So we’re coming up to your level! Our forces will become the moon’s power!

Zaydra: Why come to this land of vampires!?

Dayna: Simple. We need a ritual and vampires provide a good source of power for it. We left a trail for unsuspecting vampires to come into here. Who knew it would lead to divine beings coming in as well? Our power will continue to increase and then we will crush you!

*Suddenly, a red crescent-moon stone forms on Dayna’s forehead and it shocks Zaydra’s team some more*

Zaydra: A Deity Forehead Stone!!? Just who the hell are you!!?

*Dayna smiles*

Dayna: Do I scare you? Good. After all, you divine beings have left us mortals scared for ages.

Zaydra: You clearly don’t know the difference between light and dark!

Dayna: Do I really not?

*Dayna smiles again*

Dayna: Fire.

*The two Crow Beak Divine Killers soldiers at the entrance of the room begin shooting at Zaydra’s team. Kren gets in front of the rest of the team and spins his body extremely fast. The spin is enough to force the green goop bullets into other directions*

*Bonetru then takes advantage and slashes the two soldiers, killing them*

Bonetru: I hate that I had to kill mortals but you two left me no choice.

*However, they were too distracted to notice that Dayna is starting up an attack. Magic is charged into Dayna’s fingertips and she slashes Kerdon in the back which pierces his armor and damages his body and also his wings*

Kerdon: Aaahhh!!

*Zaydra tries to kick Dayna away but Dayna blocks Zaydra’s kick with her arm. After blocking, Dayna jumps back*

Dayna: This is a warning to you. You divine beings will fall when our preparations are finished.

Zaydra: We will find out the truth!!

*Dark magic energy begins to fill the room and Dayna vanishes*

*The cave begins to rumble*

Ruby: They’re trying to cause a cave-in!

Zaydra: Move!! We’re getting out of here!!

*They begin running back through the cave from the way they came. As they run, rocks begins to fall throughout the cave so they start dodging and destroying the falling rocks*

Sapphire: There is some movement near the entrance of the cave!

Zaydra: How many!?

Sapphire: Two or three, I think! It’s hard to focus in this situation!

*They get closer to the entrance of the cave and there are two figures trying to destroy the entrance. The two figures are werewolves*

Kerdon: They are werewolves!

Zaydra: We will attack as we get out of this cave!

*Zaydra’s team makes it out just in time as they slash through the werewolves and kill them. The cave is now blocked*

*The team stands around not sure what to do*

Zaydra: Dark Divine Eyes and a Deity Forehead Stone. There’s no way that she is a mortal.

Kren: Do we know if the Dark Goddess had a third daughter?

Zaydra: I’m positive that Hamura and Sasha are her only daughters.

*Zaydra looks up at the night’s sky*

Zaydra: Mother, I hope you were watching because there is no way I can make sense of this!


Narrator: Meanwhile in Heaven.

Harmona: (Talking to herself) I was watching. This isn’t a good time for another mystery to come up. Could that bite behind Goma’s ear be a clue to this mystery mother? We will have to solve that after we deal with the vampires.

Narrator: Zaydra’s team ran into Dayna, the daughter of the previous Crow Beak Divine Killers leader, Goma. There are secrets covering their pasts but with the vampires being an immediate problem, those will have to wait.

Chapter 280 END

To be Continued in Chapter 281: Vampire Squad Delta


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