Chapter 1:

Trial 1: An introduction course

Hopeless Romangatic

We sit there, peacefully. The silence is a nice change of pace for once in a while. Then she began to talk.

"Hey Yu..."

My attention is immediately brought back to her. My one and only girlfriend. I'm a bit flustered just resting here with her got my heart racing.


She gives me a soft, cold, and pitiful smile.

"Let's break up!"

My heart starts to speed up out of confusion and a violent whiplash of sadness. I try to reason not only with her, but my mind as well.


Her mixed bag of a smile changed into a look of frustration.

"Do I really need to break everything down for you?! We've barely done anything, but talk to each other for months!"

Others begin to look at us as I begin to repeat 'No, this can't be happening' in my head.

"Isn't that what normal couples do? I don't see the problem."

I raised my voice a bit only to back down after hearing myself. She is fed up with me at this point.

"I'm not in the mood to wait for it to click with you. Goodbye Yu."

I stick my hand out to her as she gets up and leaves. I drop my head onto the table and begin to sulk and question. Everyone else in the cafe is quietly whispering to about me, and I'm just left there alone.

"Hey Yu, catch."

I feel a juice box hit my head. And I jolt back up. It takes me a second, but I recognize my two upperclassmen friends Aron and Eva are staring at me.

I complain "What was that for?"

Aron sighs "You're snoring."

Eva has a smug look on her face as always.

"And you were drooling all over your manga!"

I look down to see my new romcom I bought only yesterday covered in slobber. I'm disgusted and disappointing. How will I ever recover from this?!

"My... Manga..."

My eyes water. Before I can start crying for the loss of my precious manga, Aron winds up to ask me a question. He has that look of worry on his face.

Meaning I probably did something stupid that he already knows the answer to. He proceeds anyways.

"How long did you sleep last night?"

I answer with no shame and a sort of twisted pride. I stand up from the table we're sitting at and put my hand on my chest. With glittering hope in my eyes.

"3 hours!"

Eva seems intrigued. She looks over at Aron almost looking for approval for what she's about to do. He doesn't respond too well almost begging her not to without saying a word.

"What were you reading last night?"

Aron gives her a big frown. She doesn't care. I see this as one of the rare opportunities to share what I truly like. Most people don't talk to me since I'm "super hot" or "too cool". If only that were true... I'm just an otaku who has barely any friends.

"And then they almost kiss-"

The bell cuts me off and we get up from our table. Aron seems to be overjoyed by the bell finally saving him from such a tragic fate like me. He closes his workbook with one hand and stands up.

"There goes my study time."

Eva interjects.

"Come on! It wasn't that bad. We got to hear an interesting story!"

I will never understand how those two get along with one another. It's like they're opposites through and through. We all head our separate ways.

In class, I try to focus to no avail. My mind wanders to all the heart pounding action, romance, and comedy I could be reading or have read. I hear a slam at my desk. It's one of my classmates. I look up to see her short, brown, braided hair and eyes glaring at me with intensity.

"Yuta! Did you not hear me?"

I snap out of it to find that class is already over. I nervously laugh.

"Ehehehe... Would you be mad if I said no?"

Sara is her name. She's pretty popular with the other students. Especially the ones who like to gossip. So I hear her and her friends often talking about me and my habits. They probably think I do insanely cool things outside of school. Oh how far that is from the truth! I usually hide what I do outside of school because people will probably think I'm super weird.

She lets out an overly exaggerated sigh. She point her finger right in my face.

"I need you to meet me after school."

I have a feeling that she's already pretty mad at me. I have a hard time telling why though.

"What for?"

Her cheeks begin to get red and her voice starts to go low as-well as her head.

"Because I need to ask you something important."

"Did you say something?"

She begins to get more flustered. Putting her entire hand in my face trying to silence me for such a question.

"N-No! Just come ok?!"

She storms off back to her friends who look as if they're giggling at what just occurred. Jeez, I guess she really wants me to go. I might as-well just to not make her mad.

After school I walk home with my friends. We're chatting about what we're doing over the weekend. Until I hear someone call out my name.


I look behind me and there's Sara with tears welting up in her eyes. Her arms are straight down as she stares me dead in the eyes. Eva gives out a nervous chuckle for me.

"Looks like someone is going to be scolded."

She looks abosultely furious. I know it's serious when even I can tell.

"You forgot! How could you?!"

Well this is a predicament for sure. I begin to try and swoon her with my supposed "hot looks" . I try and stick out my lips and slick back my hair with poor results.

"I'm sorry, but can't you forgive me? Please?"

She walks up to me and kicks me in the groin. I drop onto my knees. I should've seen that coming.

"You dolt! I'll never forgive you! Unless..."

As I gasp for air I once again question. Hanging on not only for dear life, but for hope.

"Yes, and what would that be?"

"Can... Can we hang out on Sunday?"

I stand up and walk over to her. Putting my arm onto her shoulder. I stare deeply into her eyes, and she stares deeply into my. She becomes flustered.


I pass out on her shoulder. She begins to panic. My friends finally step in after the entire spectacle is already over. They drag me home and hope for the best.