Chapter 281:

Chapter 281: Vampire Squad Delta

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 281: Vampire Squad Delta

Narrator: In the central area of Vandox, there is a castle. Let’s take look inside that castle.

*Inside the castle, two vampires are sitting at a table drinking blood from fancy cups. One is male and the other is female. The male has short, flat brown hair. He has some facial hair but it’s not thick. He has a scar going down through his left eye. The skin around his eyes is shaded and dark veins can be seen spreading out from his eyes beneath his skin (A sign that he is a top-class vampire). He wears a robe with fancy designs*

Narrator: Top-Class Vampire – Leonis.

*The female has blonde hair. On the sides of her head, the hair goes down to her neck and on the back is a short ponytail. Like Leonis, she has the shading and veins showing that she is a top-class vampire. She is also wearing a robe with fancy designs on it*

Narrator: Top-Class Vampire – Asina.

Narrator: They are the king and queen of the vampires.

Asina: Have you heard about the intruders?

Leonis: Indeed, I have.

Asina: I haven’t heard about who they are yet.

Leonis: Reports from our coastline scouts said that they are the children of the Light Goddess as well as some angels.

Asina: You mean Zeth is one of them?

Leonis: Yes, and that is why I did not order an immediate assault on them. Don’t worry though because I have sent Delta Squad after them since they split up. Zeth and three others are traveling east along the south while his sister and five others travel north along the west border.

*Asina finishes drinking her cup of blood and gets up. She starts walking away while smiling*

Asina: I’ll be back. I’m heading out west to get some exercise.

*Leonis smirks*

Leonis: Just be sure when you “exercise” that you don’t get too much blood on your robe. It’s a pain to wash.

Asina: I will wear something more suitable for exercising.

*Asina leaves the room*

Leonis: (Thinking) We baited them and it worked. Excellent.


Narrator: Back with Zeth’s team.

*Zeth’s team continues east through the southern part of Vandox towards their destination. They had just defeated a small group of vampires*

Zeth: When there is not a ton of them, they are manageable to take down.

Sasha: Just remember that we haven’t faced the stronger vampires.

Male Voice: You got that right. Let me take you on.

*This voice grabs the attention of Zeth’s team. They look and see four vampires that are all wearing uniforms that have a chest and abdomen area that is blue and the sleeves are silver along with the pants. All four of them have shading on the skin around their eyes so they are all of the stronger vampire variants. All four of them are male and all look fairly young*

Narrator: Vampire Squad Delta.

Male Vampire: Nice to meet ya.

Narrator: Leader of Vampire Squad Delta – Vincent.

Zeth: What’s with the matching uniforms?

Vincent: My name is Vincent and I am the leader of Vampire Squad Delta. Our uniforms signify our squad.

*Vincent has short spiky brown hair*

Narrator: Vampire Squad Delta – Darmo.

Darmo: Call me Darmo.

*Darmo has flat black hair*

Narrator: Vampire Squad Delta – Kuton.

Kuton: My name is Kuton.

*Kuton has shoulder-length light brown hair*

Narrator: Vampire Squad Delta – Sath.

Sath: And finally, my name is Sath. Don’t forget it!

*Sath has black hair in a Mohawk*

Vincent: You won’t be going any farther.

Emily: That’s what you think!

Vincent: You planned to meet up with some angels on the east coast, right? Too bad. They have already been driven away.

Zeth: We’ll go there and reestablish that point then!

Vincent: But you won’t.

Zeth: You’re not stopping us!

*Both teams prepare to fight. Zeth’s team is angry while Delta Squad is confident*

*Zeth and Vincent lead their teams. Zeth tries to punch Vincent but he ducks and strikes Zeth with an uppercut. Vincent then kicks him back*

*The other three of each team engage each other and the first attacks do not end well for Zeth’s team as they are all knocked back by Delta Squad’s punches and kicks*

*Emily pulls out her bow and she starts quickly firing arrows. Zeth releases a Star Shine Blast as the vampires try to dodge the arrows. The blast hits the ground in front of them and they are knocked back as a result of the blast*

Vincent: So you will create some challenge. It doesn’t matter though. We will prevail.

Zeth: You will end up like every opponent that has underestimated us… Defeated.

Narrator: Zeth’s team has begun a fight with the Vampire Squad Delta. Can they prevail?

Chapter 281 END

To be Continued in Chapter 282: Team Zeth vs Vampire Squad Delta

Author's Note: The Scribble Hub posting of this chapter including drawings of the faces of Leonis and Asina.