Chapter 5:

Sometimes, the Best Blanket is the Fur of a Dog...Or, 10 Puppies...Pugs are okay -- (Fifth_Night)


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:: Dear Diary...... The city here is busy during the day, however it’s suddenly quiet when night falls. I wonder if there is a strict curfew for the citizens here. I guess that’s a good thing. The last thing anyone wanted were drunken men wandering in the streets, p*ssing over various territories as if they were wolves, and not to mention women shouldn’t be out and about at night. Not all men want to be violated by a frustrated woman. ::

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“I-I’m sorry, Nello. That I have to borrow your stomach.”Bookmark here

“It’s okay. You can sleep inside my tummy whenever you like, Big Sis.”Bookmark here

As much as a certain Half-Elf wanted to sleep within the city walls and lie down on a soft warm bed, she couldn’t. Bookmark here

First off, she didn’t have the money. Rather, it was the tourist season the hotels, inns, and taverns were ridiculously expensive. It was to the point where a King would waste half of his wealth if he stayed more than three days and two nights. Of course, there is a whole discount system but only people familiar with this field knew how to play the game and keep gold in their pockets.Bookmark here

Even if there were some places where she could afford, there really was a strict curfew. All inn managers would reject anyone entering past the 8th hour into the evening. There were even adventurers who were dragging their half-dead brethren to the gate and they were turned away. Bookmark here

Come back tomorrow at 7 in the morning. 9 if you need medical attention as the local doctor usually has to recover from a major hangover. FYI.Bookmark here

So, Half-Elf Pastrache had no choice but to sleep outside of the castle wall that night. Until she could find suitable lodging at an affordable price, and match the deadline of the curfew, she would have to camp out in the forest. Bookmark here

A lonely young and beautiful girl left in the open for wolves and other critters to play with.Bookmark here

…As much as one would start fantasizing about potential scenes and positions – it had to stop here. Because she had backup.Bookmark here

“Wow, Nello. I thought your insides were big, but it’s actually quite spacious. I mean, I could roll around three times if I wanted to!”Bookmark here

“I-I’m happy that you feel comfortable inside of my belly, Big Sis. B-but could you, t-try not to move around th-that much. I-I never noticed while I used to fight German Tanks whenever the driver and gunner step on my guts, b-but now that it’s peaceful and quiet, y-your feet tickle.”Bookmark here

“Oh. I’m sorry. I’ll take off my boots.”Bookmark here

“HEH!? Y-You didn’t take them off! N-now my stomach will be full of mud!”Bookmark here

“Don’t worry. I’m not exactly a mage, but my mother taught me the Prestidigitation Spell. It allows me to leave colored marks made from magic on any surface, create a small spark of light like a pack of fireworks, and helps me to clean things without ever having to use a towel. It’s very convenient.”Bookmark here

“…I don’t understand what magic is or how it works, b-but please always take your boots off before you come inside my stomach!”Bookmark here

“Yes. I promise.”Bookmark here

From the outside, Pastrache could be seen popping her head out from the top of the tank's turret, through the steel lid that covered the entrance. Bookmark here

With half of her body sticking out from the Soviet Tank, she was surrounded by tall trees that provided cover for the 26.5 ton tank in the middle of the forest. It kept both of them out of sight from the nearest sentry tower across the city that was in the distance.Bookmark here

The Half-Elf fidgeted across the open turret door, her hands working something under the surface with her tongue sticking out. Somehow, there was some small zipper sounds being undone.Bookmark here

She then nodded as she pulled up a pair of elegant leather boots from underneath and rested them across the outside plates of the tank. Despite the recent rain shower, the soles of her footwear were surprisingly cleaned, spotless even. Bookmark here

As if sanitized by magic. Bookmark here

As an Adventurer in a dangerous world, it would be important to keep her boots on in case of an ambush or if she were to be pursued by bandits she couldn't defeat. However, she realized she was essentially going to be staying inside a friend's home, so it was best she respected Nello's request and kept her boots outside.Bookmark here

“Guuuh!”Bookmark here

“Heh? S-something wrong, Nello?”Bookmark here

“N-no. I-it’s okay. It’s just that… Big Sister’s toes and legs are surprisingly soft.”Bookmark here


“…..No…But… you feel very warm in my belly. And you smell nice, like flowers.”Bookmark here

“O-oh…..Um…Thank you..... Wh-why is my heart beating so fast? Uwa-uwa-uwa.”Bookmark here

Pastrache turned red as she sunk into the driver's seat of the crew compartment. She wondered if those words alone truly triggered something in her lonely heart, or if it was the fact the tank had been running his engines for a while that made her feel hot all over.Bookmark here

It seemed Nello had been keeping his engine active, in order to increase the internal temperature inside of the crew quarters. It wasn't boiling hot, but it wasn't lukewarm. It was just right, like the thermostat in a winter lodge. Bookmark here

All thanks to the Soviet Tank's Model V-2-34, 38.8 L, V12 Diesel Engine, capable of producing 500 HP. Bookmark here

Due to the size being no more than 2/3 of a small bedroom, the heat from the engine quickly built up inside. As it was already turning -10 degrees Celsius outside, it balanced out the peak of the heat to give it a nice and warm sensation. Somehow, Pastrache felt like could just curl up and hibernate like a bear inside given how cozy it was.Bookmark here

"... Does this mean I have to eat tons of food to store fat in my liver and plug my @ss for the winter?"Bookmark here

"Hmm? Did you say something, Big Sis? This raven won't stop grabbing my nose! Shoo! Shoo!"Bookmark here

“Oh no, nothing I...…Thank you, Nello. I’m very happy to have met you.”Bookmark here

“Uwaaah. I-I don’t know why, but hearing Big Sis say that makes me really happy.”Bookmark here

“I’m honest. You saved me, three times. I think it’s fate that we have a chance to be together. At first, I truly thought you were a monster that wanted to eat me like the Dire Wolves in heat.”Bookmark here

“…….Uwaaah. I suddenly feel hurt but I don’t have a heart.”Bookmark here

“G-guh! I-I didn’t mean to put it like that, Ne-Nello! I-ignore what I said.”Bookmark here

“Ah…Big Sis doesn’t like me anymore... Sniff.”Bookmark here

“P-please d-don’t twist my words so suddenly! N-Nello, listen to me! I-I’m truly grateful that I met you and that’s the simple part of my gesture! Honest!”Bookmark here

Not sure whether to be mad or apologetic, the Half-Elf started to tap the insides of the tank walls with her bare toes. Somehow, it was enough to calm the young boy hidden inside of the iron beast right down.Bookmark here

-------------------- { ~Belly Scratcher~ }
__(You Discovered your Partner's  Personal 'Preferences') __
Bookmark here

"...................."Bookmark here

“Guaaaha~…B-Big Sis...Y-your feet…are starting to touch weird places again.”Bookmark here

“Ah, sorry. I-I'll reflect on my actions...Cough.”Bookmark here

Not wanting to cause any more discomfort than she had, Pastrache punched the [x] on the mystical screen projecting her new 'achievement' and tucked in her long and elegant feet under her hips. She would then try to distract herself by looking around.Bookmark here

The interior of the tank were simple, one eye could see everything. She saw several chairs that were placed in strategic locations, one that commandeered some lever-based controls, one that was attached to the rotating turret head, and two more sitting in front of a series of box-shaped instruments with dials and arrowed meters, as well as one hiding behind this large gun sticking out from the inside of the tank.Bookmark here

There was also this large structure in the back, which was vibrating and humming. That was the source of the heat, and she guessed it was the T-34’s engine, to allow him to power his tracks and move at 53 kilometers per hour.Bookmark here

Although, she wasn’t a mechanical engineer, she had seen something called steam trains. Bookmark here

It was a rare form of technology that had been recently developed in her province. They usually were connected to between capital cities or chief territories near in kingdom. She heard it could carry thousands of people inside its worm like stomach and ferry them across large tracts of land at high speed.Bookmark here

A 30 day trip on foot was cut down to a mere 3 hours, 45 minutes once the bridge crossing over Trepassey Bay Canyon was complete.Bookmark here

“…..Hey, Nello. Are you sure you should keep your body on like this? Won’t you, you know, waste fuel?”Bookmark here

“Yeah, but I could tell it’s really cold outside right now, Big Sis. I can see the frost forming on the leaves near the lake, and the grass turning white. It’s best you stay inside.”Bookmark here

“What about you? Won’t you be cold?”Bookmark here

“I’m born in Russia. It’s always cold there, even in the summer. Especially in Stalingrad………”Bookmark here

“… I-I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to bring up bad memories in you.”Bookmark here

“Please don’t apologize Big Sis…In fact, I’m super happy right now. This beautiful lady with scary eyes told me I could have a second chance and live the life I wanted. She even let me keep my body and not be turned into some animal, or even a scary monster.”Bookmark here

“…………..”Bookmark here

“Also…I was able to meet you, Big Sis…Um, just between you and me. This is the first time I saved a girl! I’m very proud!”Bookmark here

“A-are there no girls back in Stalingrad?”Bookmark here

“…Um…With the Germans Tanks invading, I think the girls in the city ran away… I only saw angry men and tanks everywhere I went…In fact, I didn’t even know a girl existed until today.”Bookmark here

“Fu-fu-fu. So…does this make me your first?”Bookmark here

“Yes. Thank you for being a girl, Big Sis.”Bookmark here

--------------------{ ~Flying Under the Radar~ }
__ (You slipped in an Innuendo and your partner didn't notice! __
Bookmark here

"................ H-heh!? (O///O)"Bookmark here

"What's the matter, Big Sis? I-is it too warm inside?Bookmark here

"N-no! Cough. I-I'm fine. J-just...I'm fine. (Stupid god-forsaken warning signs!)"Bookmark here

After saying those dangerously loaded words, the Half-Elf Girl tried to clear her throat to change the subject. She only ended up choking on her own nervous breath. Her eyes soon became heavy, the warmth inside of the tank fighting the cold already making her drowsy. Bookmark here

It was comforting, this heat. Not even the furnace back in her home was this strong during the cruel winters…alone while her mother worked the late hours…Bookmark here

“……Heh? B-Big Sis…A-are you crying?”Bookmark here

“Ah. Y-you noticed my tears. I-I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to dirty your seats.”Bookmark here

“No, no…but… do you want…to talk about it?”Bookmark here

“………I...........I’m probably just tired…I should sleep now.”Bookmark here

“Nn. Please sleep well, Big Sis. I’ll keep watch.”Bookmark here

“But. Don’t you need to rest, Nello?”Bookmark here

“No. I’m used to standing guard all night… Besides, I was always too scared to even nod off, knowing a German Tiger Tank could rip my head off with a single punch."Bookmark here

“…………..It must have been hard for you in your previous life. I’m sorry.”Bookmark here

“It’s okay. If I can protect Big Sis, then I’ll be super proud of myself!”Bookmark here

Pastrache smiled. Keeping the salty tears from staining the iron, she would tap the walls to gesture that she would go to bed. Bookmark here

Fortunately, the tank had told her of a small bag that was hiding under the seat that was in front of sensitive equipment and dials, along with a long thin antennae. When she pulled it up from its hiding place, she discovered what looked like an army duffel bag stitched with the color of a Red Star.Bookmark here

Opening it, there were a lot of items inside the bag. Due to her weariness, she didn't pay too much attention to those contents. She only focused on two large and fluffy blankets tucked neatly inside of the bag and used those instead.Bookmark here

The Half-Elf smiled as she unfurled one large blanket to coil herself up like a cocoon, while her head rest on the second roll as a pillow as she lied down across the driver and co-pilot seat.Bookmark here

Like a stranded tourist at an airport, waiting for their exchange five hours later.Bookmark here

“…Good night Nello. Thank you so much.”
Bookmark here

“Nn. Good night Big sis. Sweet dreams.”Bookmark here

“……………………………………………………………………Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.”Bookmark here

“Wow, Big Sis is fast.”Bookmark here

Either it was intentional, or Pastrache was one of those 'violent sleepers'. The second she was knocked out, her leg thrashed around to hit the tank wall with her lovely heel.Bookmark here

" don't want to go to school... they touch me in weird places...Hmm......Zzzzzzzz."
Bookmark here

“Guugh! B-Big Sis! Th-that hurts!! That really hurts!”Bookmark here

Good night sweet Half-Elf, and may your dreams be...Stop kicking poor Nello!Bookmark here

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