Chapter 4:

Trial 2.5♥: Close encouters!

Hopeless Romangatic

I've had my eyes on Yu for a while, even when he had a girlfriend... But that doesn't matter! For months I wanted to get his attention. And today is finally the day. The day where I ask... if he wants to eat with me at lunch! So much training has gone into this moment, like uhhh.... Well that part doesn't matter!

I gear up my mind for a plethora of scenarios. After such an intense mental training I rush to the heat of the battle field! The entrance to the classroom. Peaking in I see him at his desk working on his homework. Such a dangerous sight to view. My eyes stay glued to the target for a moment. That is until I finally break the trance and continue with my mission.

"Alright Sara, just go in and talk to him. I'm sure he wouldn't mind your company!"

I get ready to enter the strike zone. Someone else walks into the classroom.

"Ah- Excuse me..."

I back up and turn the other way.

Corporal Sara, I expected better out of you! Yea, me too... So much for the war training I did. After 40 hours of being in the love division I had to finally hang up my badge and such... Tough, that didn't mean I would give up so easily even if I'm a made up veteran!

A few days pass and I'm back to try again! This time I'll try and not try and wait on it!

Who needs stupid thoughts I'll just rush in no thoughts. I run into the classroom... I get closer and closer! To the ground. Right in front of everyone.

"Are you ok...?"

That included Yu... My brain melts from confusion and embarrassment.


I slither out of the room while everyone blankly stares at me. I return to the rest myself on a warm rock outside. Regretting that last part. 

One of my snake kin come up to me. With such beautiful and meaningful tone. They say 3 words. Such simple words and yet I never could have realized it.

"You're overthinking it"

 I thank my kin and they fade from my veiw. Thinking a bit more on it were they real or was it jut the heat stroke I had that day?

The world may never know...

I come back a day after, with no plan other than just walking up to him.

I walk into the room, everyone looks  at me as I pass through. I pay no mind to them and no mind and go right up to his desk. He's spacing out. To get his attention I slam his desk. This is it! I get a boost in confidence finally I'll be able to ask him!






"Uhhh... Is that a new language you're trying? Sounds fun, Thwahlejundpedoofertufoxanrullintothsand! How did I do, boss?"

I'm stunned how well he imitated my speech. Instead of running away I just agree with him. Maybe giving up was always how it was always supposed to be...

"Yep... I made it myself."

"Are you ok? It looks like someone just sucked the soul out of you...."

"I'll be fine hehehehehe..."

Of course it was? Why wouldn't it be coming out after I made such a fool of myself?! I would be fine if it weren't every other day!

"Maybe you just need to eat more? Hmmm... I can start eating with you to help with that?"

"Huh- How would that ever help!?"

What am I saying? This is exactly what I wanted! He takes a moment to rationalize what I just said.

"Ah- Yea you're probably right."

"Wait, I think you- I mean IT could help me out so much!"

"But didn't you just say..."

"Forget about that my soul had left me stupid! It's back now!"

"That would explain why you're so much livelier..."

Of course he would believe such a bold face lie~.

"If you want to we can eat together for a bit until you feel better!"

My eyes light up with hope. Nodding along that my plan had finally worked! Not on my own accords... But none the less, it had all fallen into place~! A few weeks pass and we eat together every day. He even started laying on my shoulder next to me! I got used to it so fast. That was cut short all by one note on my lunchbox. 

"Yo, it looks like your soul is truly hooked back to your body! So I'll stop coming for now and hopefully you have no more troubles in the future! " -Yu

 Ps. "Sorry for laying on you so much! I just wanted to make sure your soul was still trying to connect with your body!

I'm left alone on the rooftop again. Eating my food while quietly sobbing.

"I'll get you someday Yuta!"

(Hiya, Bert here! I just wanted to say I'm currently recovering from a cold~. If these next two chapters seem a bit messier than usual you can blame that! 

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