Chapter 5:

Trial 3: The encounter?!

Hopeless Romangatic

My eyes jolted open. I jump out of bed gleefully. I go over to my desk to check my notebook. Bookmark here

Days til we hang out: 5 4! 3? 2!? 1!!!!!! TODAY!
Bookmark here

2 days until left until our... outing. I'm not sure what to call it though. Well that's not the most important part! It's actually happening! After putting on my clothes and eating I head to school. I skip there humming.
Bookmark here

I get over to the school entrance to see my friends. Along with Yuta and his two friends chatting off in a corner. I...can' but... starrreeeeee! I wish I were over there with them... Just chatting away!Bookmark here

"Sara, staring at them won't change a thing!"Bookmark here

"Wha- I'm not staring?!"Bookmark here

"You clearly are!"Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Tamara comes over and drags me away. Nooooo! My fantasy... She could've been nicer about it at least! She's always looking out for me, even when I don't want her to. Bringing me back to our group. Just to scold me as usual...Bookmark here

"Why don't you just go over there already!?"Bookmark here

"You know why! I'll just make a fool of myself..."Bookmark here

I've said it so many times now that it should be burnt into their brains and they should be tired of it! But...But they just keep persisting! It's almost as if they want me to suffer... Yume joins the weekly harassment as-well
Bookmark here

"You've already talked to him plenty of times and he's never been bothered so far right? You're only holding yourself back at this point."Bookmark here

"But- But...!"Bookmark here

Tamara interjects.Bookmark here

"No buts!"Bookmark here

"..."Bookmark here

"You know what? We're going out tomorrow night to get your mind relaxed before the big day!"Bookmark here

I wanted to say no, but I knew she was probably right.
Bookmark here

"Fine..."Bookmark here

How do they all look so excited despite us going out almost every week... Though Yume's face becomes one of a puzzled look.
Bookmark here

"Did you ever pick out any clothes for the event?"Bookmark here

"Of course! I wouldn't have forgotten!"Bookmark here

Hahahahaha... I totally forgot. Tamara gives me a stare. She probably knows I'm lying.Bookmark here

"Alright... That's a step in the right direction! Knowing you would have forgotten, but I guess it's really important to you!"Bookmark here

"Yea!"Bookmark here

She believed me?! I break out into a cold sweat worried that someone might realize. Thankfully, bell rings to finally get me out of that awkward moment. I rush out of that situation and promise myself to go shopping right after school ends.
Bookmark here

My time arrives to go shopping not too long after! My friends question where I'm heading after school. I tell them I'm going to study! On a day like this pfff yeah right! I go over to the shops and begin my quest to find the perfect clothes!Bookmark here

I look and look and look! Only to have no idea which shop want to enter... Even after an hour it's like I haven't even moved! I never thought myself as a very fashion centrist person. And yet... I let out a sigh.
Bookmark here

"Sara?"Bookmark here

I turn around to see long silver hair? She looks familiar.
Bookmark here

"Eh?"Bookmark here

"It really is you!"
Bookmark here

I'm still stunned for a moment. She comes up to me inspecting me from all angles. Impressed by me.
Bookmark here

Ahhhhh. It's one of Yuta's friends?!Bookmark here

I finally realize and jump back from her out in shock she knows me. She isn't too happy about me jumping away.
Bookmark here

"Awww... I didn't get to finish inspecting you!~"Bookmark here

Like I care!
Bookmark here

"How- How do you know me?!"Bookmark here

"Huh~? It's not that hard to recognize you."Bookmark here

"It isn't...?Bookmark here

"Yeppers! You're always around Yu aren't you?"Bookmark here

She tilts her head curious of my response. She's talking too fast, my head is spinning.
Bookmark here

"I'm not always around him!"Bookmark here

"Hmmm, Well you're around him when I'm there!"
Bookmark here

"I'm-"Bookmark here

"I know you like him and all, but JEEZ is it always something when you to get together~"Bookmark here

"I don't like him!"Bookmark here

I catch myself trying to go her pace only to get my words and thoughts all scrambled.
Bookmark here

"Ohhhh?"Bookmark here

Why... Why is she so hard to understand?! I start tearing up. Not knowing how to rectify any of it.
Bookmark here

"Well...I...Meant....Uuuuuuuuuuuu"Bookmark here

"Ok, Ok I may have went a bit overboard. Do you want some help? Name's Eva by the way!"Bookmark here

A bit?!
Bookmark here

"Why would I need help?"Bookmark here

"Well let's see... You've been looking for clothes for this coming Sunday right?"Bookmark here

"Yea..."Bookmark here

"And to top that off it's for Yu, and I'm his close friend pf his meaning, I probably know exactly what he would love. Am I wrong?"Bookmark here

How does she know so much...?
Bookmark here

"No..."Bookmark here

"Oh and you-"Bookmark here

"Ok I get it you can help me!"
Bookmark here

With a glint in her eye, and a smile on her face, she latches her arm on mine and yells out!Bookmark here

"Then what are we waitin' for?! Let's get goin'!"
Bookmark here

"Waiiiiit! Do you even have a plan?"Bookmark here

"Nope!"Bookmark here

Ah. I'm going to be a mess when I come out of this aren't I?
Bookmark here

She looks around as if she was looking for one very specific store.
Bookmark here

"There we are!"
Bookmark here

We go in and begin looking around. It's a small store compared to the many I was looking at. Despite that there is rows upon rows of clothes all for different shapes and sizes. It's simply astonishing. It's Alice in clothing store! Except I'm Alice.
Bookmark here

After finally processing all of what happened, I realize the situation I am in. I could be asking so many questions right now! What was I thinking trying to deny her help?! Sara hurts herself in confusion.
Bookmark here

"You have any questions? Here's yu's contact info by way."Bookmark here

Is she reading my mind?! I guess it's pretty easy to predict what I wanted anyways... She hands me a piece of paper. I don't mind it as I have so many questions I wanted to ask! There was his favorite food, and the music he listens to, and the game he plays!
Bookmark here

Ah- I feel like I'm forgetting something... Oh right!
Bookmark here

"What type of clothes does he find nice?"Bookmark here

"Hmmm... Well if it looks like you tried that should be enough!"Bookmark here

"What?! That's so simple..."Bookmark here

"Were you expecting something difficult? I will say he has his qualities,but I wouldn't expect too much from a fool like him. Ah- There it is!~"Bookmark here

She pulls out a simple white dress from the rows of clothing. I'm still not the best about fashion, but...
Bookmark here

"Would he like something... So simple?"Bookmark here

"He doesn't know a thing about fashion. You should've seen him when him and his girlfriend broke up. The outfit he was wearing was... Depressing to say the least."Bookmark here

Ah- I should've expected for someone as high on life as he is. Wait?!
Bookmark here

"You were there?"Bookmark here

"It was when we first met actually!"Bookmark here

"I wanna hear about that!"Bookmark here

"I'm sure Yu wouldn't mind, and if he does I don't care!"
Bookmark here

♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠Bookmark here

So, Aron and I were sitting in the cafe, flirting as usual.Bookmark here

- We weren't.Bookmark here

You're not even here, Get out! Anyways...
Bookmark here

Everything happened so suddenly she had gotten up after yelling at him and walked away. Leaving him alone while everyone was looking in his direction. Aron sighs.Bookmark here

"Dating is harsh."Bookmark here

"Are we just supposed to watch this?"Bookmark here

"I mean, I was about to get up and leave."Bookmark here

I felt bad for him, ya know? I didn't want to leave him to sulk in his own misery so I did what only I could do... Laugh.Bookmark here

I laughed so hard at him. Aron began to panic.Bookmark here

"Eva did you just loose a gear or two in that head of yours?!"Bookmark here

Yu didn't seem to take it so well. Since he had been rejected and all like 5 seconds ago. He came over to us with all the fury and might one could have after losing something he cared about so dearly.Bookmark here

"What are you laughing about."Bookmark here

"Are you kidding me?! You sound like you're four!"Bookmark here

I laugh even harder.
Bookmark here

"I'm so sorry that this idiot is bothering you, we'll leave you-"Bookmark here

Yu sighs.Bookmark here

"No, No she's right. I'm acting like a child. She can laugh all she wants..."Bookmark here

"Oh great look what you did Eva now he's acting just as insane as you!"Bookmark here

I'm honestly surprised he took that so well. I was more so expecting a KABOOM of sorts. But that never occurred. He just sat there and accepted his fate. I didn't like that. Not one bit.Bookmark here

I stopped laughing.Bookmark here

"What the hell? So you're giving up just like that?"Bookmark here

"Huh, What other choice do I have...? "Bookmark here

"Anything other than giving up!?"Bookmark here

He starts to get a bit agitated.
Bookmark here

"What do you want me to do, go after her?! She clearly wants me to give up!"Bookmark here

"I don't care bout her. I meant you."Bookmark here

He is stunned for a moment confused of what I meant. To give him credit it's not easy to understand especially after what he just went through.
Bookmark here

"Your mind isn't something you can just toss away after one failure. So stop acting like it is!"Bookmark here

"What do you want me to do?"Bookmark here

"I want you to scold me!"Bookmark here

"Huh?!"Bookmark here

Both Aron and Yu are shocked at my response.Bookmark here

"Continue to have that spark, don't just let it run out here! Wasn't me laughing at you frustrating?! So let it out and onto me!"Bookmark here

Yu's eyes widened. A glint comes into his eyes.
Bookmark here

"Master, please teach me more!"Bookmark here

I get a smirk on my face and with my pride. I step on the chair pounding on my chest. My hair flowing in the wind. As everyone looked at me with such confidence.Bookmark here

- Shut up we get the point.Bookmark here

My Story, My Place!Bookmark here

- Ugh.
Bookmark here

"Follow me and we can take over the world together!"Bookmark here

"Eh?"Bookmark here

Aron sighs.Bookmark here

"Down."Bookmark here

"Ah- there I go."Bookmark here

I drop unconscious into his love, tender, soft, wonder, vampire arms!Bookmark here

- Can't you just make this normalBookmark here

Can't YOU stop inserting yourself into my story time?! Jeez.
Bookmark here

I can't see anything, but I can hear the rest of their conversation.Bookmark here

"Master, are you ok?!"Bookmark here

"She'll be fine. Her name is Eva by the way and I'm Aron."Bookmark here

"...Will we ever meet again?"Bookmark here

"I'm sure we will."
Bookmark here

He begins to walk away. Yu calls out to him.
Bookmark here

"Thanks... I really needed that."Bookmark here

"You're welcome. Just stay out of trouble or I'll have to deal with them. Unwillingly...
Bookmark here

I had a feeling he was looking down at me.
Bookmark here

And with that, history had been made!Bookmark here

♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥Bookmark here

She's insane. Smart, but insane. That's the only word that really and truly fit how I felt about her in that moment.
Bookmark here

"That doesn't even sound real..."Bookmark here

"Oh I can promise you that was 100% real! Without us the Yu, you know and love today would probably not exist."Bookmark here

"Thanks, I guess..."Bookmark here

I'm astonished how much they impacted his life. Though I may not be able to believe it or see it, I think she's telling the truth. She really is something. She's pretty cool...if you ignore how psychotic she sounds at times.Bookmark here

"Here, carry these!"Bookmark here

She hands me a pile of clothes and we head over to pay for them. She pulls out her card. While I'm stuck with the clothes.
Bookmark here

"Alright put them right here!"Bookmark here

I drop them onto the table. She pays for it all before I can even take out my card. Bookmark here

"Wait, why did you pay for it?"Bookmark here

"Think of it as a thank you."Bookmark here

What did that mean...?Bookmark here

"Anyways, I'm off I have to go pester Aron a ton more! Hopefully everything works out with you and Yu!"Bookmark here

"Ah- Goodbye!"Bookmark here

With that she had left as fast as she came. Well at least I have my clothes... And Yu's contact info??? Maybe she slipped it into my pocket or she was just too fast for me to realize what had just happened...Bookmark here

When I got back home I plopped back into my bed and stared at my phone.
Bookmark here

"Should I send something or is it too late...?"Bookmark here

I stuff my face into my pillow. Peeking over it to see if anything might pop up. The only issue is that he doesn't even has my contact info... I'm sitting there anticipating nothing. That is until a message pops up on my phone. It's from Yu?!
Bookmark here

- Hey Sara! What time do you want to meet up on Sunday? (+o+)?Bookmark here

- INisbjlbasjbsduabyifeuljaehoiejfBookmark here

- ...Is that apart of a foreign language? (x_x)
Bookmark here

- NOBookmark here

- ...What is it? (OxO)Bookmark here

- Nothing... Let's meet up at 1!Bookmark here

- Sure!
Bookmark here

I cover my face with my pillow. Excited for what sunday will bring!
Bookmark here

(Continued in part 2?!)Bookmark here

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