Chapter 284:

Chapter 284: Ancestral Form’s Flaws

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 284: Ancestral Form’s Flaws

Vincent: You were too careless in this form and now you will pay the price.

*Emily angrily rushes towards Vincent and Kuton, Vincent prepares his vampiric spike attack again and expects her to jump at an arch but she doesn’t. Instead, Emily sidesteps to avoid the spike and then punches Kuton, knocking him back. She grabs Vincent’s neck, trying to strangle him*

Emily: You can be confident and downplay my capabilities in this form all you want, but I’m still going to crush you!

*Emily is on the verge of crushing Vincent’s neck and he barely gets one word out*

Vincent: Sath!!

*A few moments later, Emily feels magic draining from her body, and her eyes open wide*

*Sath is now behind her, using his Draining Aura which is draining her Ancestral Form*

Sath: That’s right! Drain up all that magic!

*Emily turns her head, trying to see Sath while being nervous*

Sath: Your form will now run out!

*Emily’s grip weakens enough for Vincent to grab her arm and then he thrusts his knee into her gut, causing her to lose her grip entirely*

*Kuton comes rushing in and kicks Emily in the face which knocks her back*

Zeth: Emily!

*Zeth, Sasha, and Joe try to rush to her aid but Darmo is keeping them at bay by continuously releasing a barrage of vampiric pebbles that they must keep dodging*

Joe: Damn it!!

*Vincent walks up to Emily who is lying on the ground and back in her regular form since her Ancestral Form was drained. Her face is a little bit bloody*

Vincent: You are now defeated. Now go to sleep.

*Vincent punches Emily in the face and knocks her unconscious*

Joe: No!!

*Zeth, Sasha, and Joe continue to dodge the vampiric pebbles*

Joe: Someone cover me while I use Blitzkrieg!

Sasha: I’ll do it!

*Sasha is closest and barely gets in front of Joe. She is hit by a bunch of vampiric pebbles*

*The pebbles burst, taking away a chunk of Sasha’s energy but it was enough time for Joe to cover himself until he is completely white with electricity*

Zeth: Sasha!!

*Sasha’s falls face flat on the ground with all the energy that was sucked away*

Joe: You bastard!!

*Joe runs towards Darmo at a super-fast speed, blasting through the pebbles. He lands a punch to Darmo’s body which causes him to fall on his back and stop moving. Joe then continues towards Vincent*

*Just as Joe is about to punch Vincent, the electricity covering his arm is absorbed away by Sath which leaves the punch much weaker and doesn’t do much damage*

Joe: Seriously!?

*Zeth starts running towards Sath*

Zeth: You are the biggest pain for us!!

*Zeth tries to punch Sath but Sath strikes first and punches Zeth, knocking him on his back*

*Joe runs away from Vincent and then heads back towards Vincent with all but his right arm still covered in electricity. Joe goes in for the punch with his left hand*

*However, Joe’s speed is lowering considerably and he gets stabbed by Vincent’s vampiric spike before he can get the punch to land. Joe’s Blitzkrieg ends and he falls unconscious*

*Zeth is now the only one still conscious. The Squad Delta members, except Darmo who is still lying on his back and unable to move, walk closer to Zeth*

Vincent: Your friend’s flaws were exposed. A form that you can’t use magic but still needs magic to maintain is a bad idea against vampires.

*Zeth looks around to see his unconscious friends*

Vincent: Don’t worry. They are only unconscious. We have no intentions of killing you.

Zeth: I doubt you’re just doing that out of the kindness of your heart.

*Vincent smiles*

Vincent: Maybe.

Zeth: I won’t go down!! I will take you guys down!!

*The three vampires all try to attack Zeth. Zeth blocks Kuton’s punch but is grabbed from behind by Sath and then punched in the face by Vincent to knock him unconscious*

Vincent: What a hopeless fool. Backed into a corner and still acting tough. Anyway, we have now captured our targets. Let’s take them back to the castle.

Darmo: Help me out here! That chump’s attack paralyzed me!

*The three Delta members carry Darmo and the four unconscious heroes and walk away from the scene*

Narrator: While that battle was ongoing, they had a spectator…

*From a distance, someone was watching. It’s the succubus Council of Demons member (Appearance Reminder: She looks human-like. She has medium length light brown hair. She has pointy ears and a thin black tail with a sharp point on the end of it. She is wearing a blue casual outfit)*

Narrator: Council of Demons member – Misha.

Misha: (Talking to herself) Why aren’t you killing them?

Narrator: Vampire Squad Delta has defeated and captured Zeth’s team while a Council of Demons member watched! With Misha questioning why the vampires did not kill Zeth and his friends, is there a difference of goals between the Council of Demons and the Vampires?

Chapter 284 END

To be Continued in Chapter 285: Team Takedown