Chapter 283:

Chapter 283: Emily’s Ancestral Form Takes on Vampire Squad Delta

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 283: Emily’s Ancestral Form Takes on Vampire Squad Delta

Narrator: Emily is ready to continue fighting the vampires in her Ancestral Form!

Darmo: What is that form?

Vincent: She mentioned some ancestral form but I’m not sure either.

*Emily looks back at her friends*

Emily: I can’t use my Channeling Magic in this form so back me up.

*The others nod*

Emily: Let’s swing this in our favor!

*The heroes begin rushing forward towards their enemies*

Vincent: New form or not, it doesn’t matter! You will fall!

*Vincent prepares to attack but then Emily jumps at an arch towards him. Vincent jumps back as Emily slams her fist into the ground, just barely missing him*

Vincent: Whoa! That’s some serious physical strength!

*Emily’s punch left a small crater*

*Darmo throws his vampiric pebbles at Emily but Joe destroys them using lightning from his hand*

Joe: Sorry, pal! You won’t be doing anything to stop her!

*Emily goes after Vincent as Sath punches Joe and then Sath is blown away by Sasha’s Black Energy Ball*

Sasha: Don’t forget about me!

*Emily does a series of punches and kicks to Vincent who tries to block them with his arms. However, Emily then breaks through his blocks and punches him to stop him. She then kicks him back*

Emily: I’m glad you could get a taste of my physical strength!

*Vincent stands up and coughs*

Vincent: (Thinking) Her hits are very powerful! Even blocking them is ineffective because I still feel a lot of pain!

*Emily once again rushes towards Vincent. Vincent starts dodging Emily’s punches instead of blocking them*

Emily: What’s the matter!? Can’t handle it!?

Vincent: I acknowledge your very impressive physical strength! I would be foolish to not try to avoid your punches!

*Vincent tries to get a few of his own punches in but Emily blocks them. Vincent continues to think as he dodges more of Emily’s punches and kicks*

Vincent: (Thinking) She doesn’t try any magic attacks. She only comes at me with physical attacks. How does she maintain the form?

*Emily lands a punch to Vincent’s gut which causes him to cough up blood and it sends him flying back. Once Vincent lands on the ground, he sits up and coughs*

Vincent: (Thinking) The goal in this battle is to capture them, not kill them. But I need to use more of my attacks or we will end up dead!

*Emily rushes towards Vincent. She tries to slam her fist down into Vincent but he rolls out of the way and jumps back onto his feet. He wipes the blood off of his chin and then they thin stare at each other*

Vincent: You give off the presence of a true warrior and I really like that. Taking you down will feel all the more rewarding.

Emily: I wonder how you will feel once I have pounded your face into the ground!

*Emily rushes towards Vincent again. Vincent gathers his magic towards a point on his right hand. Emily thinks he is going to fire his attack immediately so she jumps at an arch towards him*

*Vincent smirks*

Vincent: (Thinking) Perfect!

*Vincent jumps back a bit and as soon as Emily lands, he fires a vampiric spike that pierces Emily’s abdomen*

Emily: Aaahh!!

*Emily is in pain as the spike drains magic from her*

Vincent: (Thinking) It’s draining magic? I’m surprised that a form in which she doesn’t use magic requires magic to maintain.


*Sath is fighting Sasha and Joe at the same time. Sasha’s Dark Spear clashes with Sath’s vampiric sword. Joe then releases razor hail at Sath*

*Sath waves his arm in the direction that the razor hail is coming from. His vampiric energy coming from the arm wave absorbs the razor hail. Then Sath’s whole body is covered in the energy-sucking red aura*

Sath: You’re in trouble now!

*The aura absorbs Sasha’s Dark Spear and allows Sath to kick her back*

*Sath then goes after Joe. Joe sends other various weather magic attacks but they all get absorbed*

Joe: Stop absorbing my attacks!

*Sath punches Joe, knocking him back*

Sath: Sorry, but that is what you have to deal with when you take on a vampire!


*Zeth is fighting Darmo. Zeth went into his Raging Star Mode and fires a Raging Star Blast at Darmo. The blast then dissipates before it reaches Darmo*

Zeth: What!?

*Sath had absorbed it with his energy absorbing aura*

Zeth: Not that again!

*Zeth ends his Raging Star Mode before it gets absorbed*

Sath: Not many vampires have this ability but the stronger ones like me can absorb more than just an enemy’s aura. Sure, using the draining aura is incredibly draining on the user’s body as well, but it’s so worth it.


*Vincent tries to punch Emily but she blocks it. Kuton finally returns to the battle and tries to kick her in the head but she notices just in time, allowing her to block the kick with her other arm. She then kicks them with a swipe kick which knocks them back but they still get up*

Vincent: Your form is impressively powerful. But it has flaws. And we are going to expose those flaws.

*Emily looks at him nervously*

Narrator: Emily’s Ancestral Form has helped keep Zeth’s team in the fight but is all that about to come crumbling down?

Chapter 283 END

To be Continued in Chapter 284: Ancestral Form’s Flaws