Chapter 285:

Chapter 285: Team Takedown

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 285: Team Takedown

Narrator: Back with Zaydra’s team.

*Zaydra’s team is crouching in tall grass. There are 12 vampires patrolling the area up ahead*

*Zaydra looks at her allies and nods. The team then splits up while crouch walking through the tall grass. Ruby crouches in the tall grass near a big rock. In front of her are two male vampires, both with their backs to her. One is sitting on the rock*

Standing Vampire: I don’t get why we need to do so many patrols.

Sitting Vampire: Don’t complain. Think of the alternative. They could force us to clean up Snagger shit.

*Ruby quickly snatches the sitting vampire and pulls him into the grass. Ruby has her hand over his mouth and then stabs him in the heart with a dagger*

*Sapphire waits farther back in the distance with her Angel Bow ready to fire once the other one makes a movement*

Standing Vampire: Yeah, I get it but still… Hey, man. are you going to say anything else?

*As he turns around, Sapphire fires her arrow and it blows straight through his mouth and kills him. The arrow continues flying forward and pierces the heart of a female vampire farther ahead. A male vampire beside her is spooked*

Male Vampire: What the…?

*Bonetru rises from the grass behind him and slashes the vampire’s head off with his sword*

*Four vampires, two of which are male and the other two are female, are standing around talking to each other. A grenade-like device rolls into the space between them which was rolled by Kerdon. The vampires take notice of it, but before they can do anything, it goes off and orange magic releases from it. The magic starts to cause a negative effect in their eyes and their eyes start bleeding*

*They cover their eyes with their hands*

Male Vampire 1: My eyes! It burns!

Female Vampire 1: It’s so painful!

*Their screaming grabs the attention of another circle of four vampires, also made up of two males and two females*

*With the four of them turned towards the directions of their in-pain comrades, Zaydra’s team attacks. A male is pierced in the heart by Sapphire’s arrow which spooks the other three*

*A female’s head is sliced off by Zaydra’s Star Shard. The other female is grabbed and pulled down and stabbed in the heart by Ruby*

*The lone remaining vampire in the circle is scared and tries to run but is grabbed from behind by Kren and he snaps the vampire’s neck using his big hands*

*Back to the four vampires with the in-pain eyes. A male keeps his eyes close but just starts punching randomly*

Male Vampire 2: Come on out, cowards! I’ll kick your asses!

*Kerdon jumps out of the tall grass and uses his finger to open one of that vampire’s eyes. Kerdon then uses a finger on his other hand to flick some red powdery magic into the bleeding eye*

*Kerdon then repeats that with the other three vampires and starts walking away. One by one, the faces of the vampires explode and they die*

*With all of the vampires eliminated, Zaydra’s team regroups*

Ruby: Your ability to mix magic and science continues to impress, Kerdon.

Kerdon: You always have to stay ahead. I learned that mixing those two magics I used creates explosive results.

Bonetru: Let’s not get ahead of ourselves though. These were only minor vampires and they were in a favorable area for assassination. It won’t be so easy against stronger vampires.

Zaydra: At least we are getting closer to our goal. Let’s continue moving on. Hopefully, the rest of the way there will be mostly uneventful.

Narrator: Zaydra’s team worked as a team and took down 12 vampires on patrol! Will they encounter problems on their way to their destination?

Chapter 285 END

To be Continued in Chapter 286: A Difficult Roadblock