Chapter 288:

Chapter 288: Zepto’s Closed Eyes

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 288: Zepto’s Closed Eyes

*Sane insanely rushes towards Zaydra, Ruby, and Kerdon*

Sane: Kill you all!!! Kill you all!!!! Kill for my pen!!!!

*Sane then leaps towards them and charges a lot of magic into his hands. Landing near them, he thrusts his arms downwards*

Zaydra: Get ready!! That looks like it will be devastating!!

*When Sane’s hands smash into the ground, a wave of magic energy is released in all directions. The three of them try to resist the pressure but fail and are blown back*

*Sane goes after Zaydra*

Sane: Kill you!! Kill you!!! Kill you for killing my pen!!!!

Zaydra: You can’t kill a pen!! It’s not alive!! You really are insane!!

*Zaydra releases a Star Shine Blast but Sane dodges. She then tries a punch but he also dodges that. Sane then punches Zaydra and knocks her on her back. Sane then proceeds to rapidly punch her*

Sane: How dare you break my pen!!!

*A dagger is then thrown and it pierces Sane’s right arm*

Sane: Aaaahh!!

*Zaydra kicks Sane off of her. She is bleeding and has bruises in various areas but she stands up. Ruby and Kerdon come to her side*

Kerdon: You’re significantly injured!

Zaydra: *huff huff* I’m fine… But I am worried about this guy’s lack of sanity.

Ruby: He even switches between saying that you “killed” his pen and you “broke” his pen. This guy needs his brain examined.


*Back with the other fight. Zepto punches Kren back but is kicked in the face by Sapphire and then hit in the side by Bonetru wielding a large club, which knocks Zepto back*

*Zepto holds onto his side with his hand*

Zepto: So you can make this fight interesting. Bonetru, would you like to know something? When we fought back in the war, I did not show you my full power.

*Bonetru is getting nervous*

Zepto: Have you noticed the closed eyes on my forehead and side of each shoulder? More eyes open means more power. Let me show you.

*The eye on the side of his right shoulder starts to open. The iris is square shaped and green colored. The power in Zepto’s right arm increases*

Bonetru: Oh no…

*Sapphire readies another arrow*

Sapphire: I got your backs!

Kren: Let’s get him! Don’t let him power up!

*Bonetru and Kren rush towards Zepto. Zepto simply smiles as they approach him*

*Bonetru gets ready to swing his large club*

Zepto: Yes! Come at me!

*Bonetru swings his club and Zepto punches the club with his right hand. Bonetru is shocked as he sees Zepto’s punch destroy the club. The punch continues and hits Bonetru as well and leaves a dent in his armor*

*Sapphire fires an arrow as Kren comes from Zepto’s side. Zepto grabs the arrow in midair and crushes it in his hand which shocks Sapphire*

Sapphire: No way!

*Zepto quickly turns to his left and punches Kren with his right hand to knock him on his back. Zepto looks at Sapphire*

Zepto: You’re next, annoying arrow lady.

*Zepto starts running towards Sapphire. Sapphire opens her eyes wide with fear*

*Bonetru steps in front and tries to slash Zepto with his sword. However, Zepto grabs onto the blade with his right hand. Blood starts dripping from Zepto’s hand as he struggles to push back against the sword*

Zepto: You always wield a lot of strength. It looks like I need to go one step further.

*The eye on the side of Zepto’s left shoulder starts to open. The irises of both eyes change to a hexagon shape*

Zepto: Now then…

*Zepto then grabs on to the sword with his left hand as well and he starts to push back with more success*

Bonetru: No…!!

*Zepto succeeds and then kicks Bonetru back*

*Kren comes at Zepto from behind. Zepto realizes it and thrusts his left elbow backward and hits Kren in his abdomen. Zepto then immediately turns around and punches Kren into the ground*

Zepto: None of you stand a chance against me now.


*Back with the other fight. Sane punches Ruby back. Zaydra then kicks Sane back and Kerdon throws a device in the shape of a small bird at Sane*

Kerdon: Have fun with this!

*As the bird-shaped device gets close, it explodes and red magic energy engulfs Sane*

Zaydra: Let’s try this again!

*Zaydra releases a Star Shine Blat at Sane and it hits and explodes*

Ruby: That better have done something!

*The red magic starts to float upwards as the smoke clears and it now floats around Sane, though he is damaged*

Sane: Kill! Kill!! Kill!!!

*Zaydra, Ruby, and Kerdon are shocked*

Kerdon: What is this!?

Narrator: Zaydra’s team hasn’t gotten any closer to defeating Zepto and Sane! Do they have the ability to defeat them?

Chapter 288 END

To be Continued in Chapter 289: Evasive Measures