Chapter 289:

Chapter 289: Evasive Measures

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 289: Evasive Measures

Narrator: Zepto and Sane are proving to be too difficult of a challenge!

Zaydra: Without better knowledge of this guy, we are running out of options!

Ruby: What should we do!?

Zaydra: We might have to escape!

*Sane is about to use the magic that is flowing above him*

Sane: Kill!!!!! Kill you all!!!!!

Kerdon: Get away from his attack!!

*The three of them begin running away. In the short distance, they see the other three fighting Zepto*

*Sane gives Chases and thrusts both hands forward*

Sane: No escape!!!! Kill!!!!! Death!!!!! Avenge my pen!!!!!

*Sane’s magic combines with the red magic and they form a powerful beam of energy. The three of them won’t outrun it*

Zaydra: No!!

*Kerdon quickly jumps to his left and grabs Ruby and Zaydra to avoid the beam*

*In the short distance ahead, the other three and Zepto notice the beam. They also jump out of the way to avoid the beam and then finally, the beam crashes into one of the mountains and leaves a large hole in it*

*Zaydra, Ruby, and Kerdon continue running*

Zaydra: We have no choice but to escape!

*Zaydra then starts forming something in her hands with magic as they run. As she forms the magic in her hands, they run into the other three*

Ruby: We’re getting out of here!! Move it!!

*Bonetru, Kren, and Sapphire begin running with them*

Sapphire: You don’t have to tell me twice!

Zepto: You’re not going to get away!

*The two eyes on the sides of Zepto’s shoulders begin glowing*

Zaydra: Keep moving!

*Zaydra’s team begins jumping across the river as the glowing eyes on Zepto’s shoulders form a brown energy orb in his hands*

Zepto: Take this!

*Zepto throws the energy orb at Zaydra’s team*

Ruby: Oh shit! Here it comes!!

*Zaydra’s team has crossed the river and Zaydra has finished forming her magic attack. She has formed a red Super Nova star that looks unstable and ready to explode*

Zaydra: This will save us from Zepto’s attack!

*Zaydra throws the Super Nova star to counter Zepto’s attack. Their attacks collide and create a gigantic explosion*

Kerdon: That’s a lot of power!!

Kren: And there is a lot of force going out in all directions!!

*Zepto and Sane are blown back and Zaydra’s team is blown forward*

*A large crater was formed and almost caught the flowing river in it too*

*Zepto and Sane stand up. Sane is back to being sane*

Zepto: What an explosion. Too bad they got away though. Oh well, we can’t continue to get off task. We are here for a reason and Zaydra and her squad are not it.


Narrator: Up farther ahead with Zaydra’s team.

*Zaydra’s team continues to head towards their objective*

Zaydra: Hopefully, they don’t try to follow us.

Bonetru: They did say that they were here for a different reason. What could it be?

Zaydra: Who knows. Maybe we will find out while we are in this country.

Narrator: Zaydra’s team decided to escape from the battle due to not being prepared to fight! Will they reach their objective without any more trouble?

Chapter 289 END

To be Continued in Chapter 290: The Story of a Critical Battle Part 1 – Vampire of Origin